Temper Tantrum

We heard through a reliable and informed source that somebody mentioned “Magazzu Watch” in front of Lou recently, and he began ranting and raving about how “they do not respect me”.

Lou, a word of advice. Respect is something that you have to earn. When you publicly attack and berate people simply because they disagree with you, you haven’t earned respect. Remember, you are an elected official, chosen to represent the PEOPLE, not your own special interests.

With your intelligence and drive, I imagine you could earn a lot of respect if you simply stopped playing insider politics and started representing the people that elected you.


11 Responses to Temper Tantrum

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    Indeed. Show some respect and people will respond in kind. I learned that from my parents

  2. Carl says:

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    My sister in law dated Lou. He was running for office. I cannot say for sure when or what, I was living in Gloucester County at the time and not paying attention to Cumberland County politics. Lou was a nobody at the time, a loser lawyer that his father (a good man still alive) had to clean up his cases for.

    Lou was running for office, according to my sis in law. He lost, and she says he went in the back room, slammed the door, and began kicking things and throwing a temper tantrum. She may have even said that he started crying, but don’t quote me on that.

    I will not discuss the misogynistic things she talked about. Unlike Lou, I do not use a person’s family matters as political fodder.

  3. knotu says:

    Oh no, is it President Carl from “I ain’t paying no more stinking child support”? You have the audacity to call somebody a “nobody”? No mirrors in your house? More rumors, lies, half truths and innuendos from someone called the “outlaw”? Your membership in the Millville Sore Losers and Liars Club makes a mockery of this forum as it did the Millville Republicans. Such an outstanding representative. Give us all a break and move back to Gloucester. Maybe then the Republicans can win. You do not use a person’s family matters but you use your sister in law? Such a great family man you are. Maybe we should check that out with your ex-wife?

  4. Carl says:

    knotu, you are treading on libelous ground. Be careful that you have ALL the facts before making slanderous remarks.

    Oh, but you are hiding behind a fake name, coward that you are, and casting aspersions about a situation that you know absolutely nothing about.

  5. knotu says:

    Almost funny you talk about treading on libelous ground with your record of your nasty website and your contributions to this pathetic site. Not to mention that rag you put out every now and then. Surprised the judge or some prominent attornnies haven’t already sued you. My apologies if I offended you. Only know what I read in the papers and there at least seemed to be a report that you were behind in your child support last year. True? Truth is not libelous last I knew.

  6. millvillemagnus says:

    Very interesting knotu uses the term “we” above. As suspected, his incessant personal attacks must be a team effort. Now if he’s Lou’s brother, could another part of the “we” be his mother? I hear she is just as fierce as her boys.

  7. knotu says:

    Any other family members you might want to drag in this pathetic forum? And this is the forum so critical of Magazzu and his “personal” attacks, how pathetic you all are!!!! Guess there are some real double standards among your “proud” membership!! This forum is one of the ugliest personal attacks ever witnessed in history of Cumberland politics! Have a Blessed Easter, your mothers would be proud of you!

  8. millvillemagnus says:

    Wow! Can you believe knotu is charging others with “ugliest personal attacks”? By any measure, knotu sets the benchmark on personal attacks.

  9. knotu says:

    I believe Carl sets the benchmark so high that no one can ever achieve his plateau of personal insults. Inferno? No personal attacks there? How funny. Plus the ‘Outlaw Artist” website. Maybe the word “Outlaw” says it all!

  10. allen993 says:

    I Always Lose My Temper Because I Have Been Angry So Easily
    Since I First Get Aggressive And Misbehave And With No Respe
    ct To People Around Me And I Feel What Others Feel About Me
    And Of Course I Always Try To Earn Respect From Other Peopl
    e And I Feel Good About It!

    PS I Always Count On God To Never Leave Me Or Forsake Me
    Because I Feel His Love For Me! Thank You, Lord!!!

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