How much is Lou costing us?

“Tryagain” keeps mentioning Jennifer (Lookabaugh) Swift’s AC trips, as if there was some nefarious purpose. We felt that we had to set the record straight in light of his persistent lies on this subject.

Jennifer was selected by her fellow freeholders as the delegate to the New Jersey Association of Counties, and as a result of her position, she was required to attend the annual conference in AC.  This troll is acting as if the county picking up a tab to send a delegate on a 45-mile road trip is somehow improper.

Let us take a look at Louis Magazzu. In his bid for National Association of Counties president, Louis has billed the county for round trip airfare to Kansas City for $660.00 in 2008 and housing there for $633.74. Lou’s bid for NACo has nothing at all to do with his duties as freeholder, yet he feels that the county taxpayers should pick up his tab in his search for a new job.

In additon to that, there are other airfares and conference registrations in his quest for this office that we paid totaling about $3,000 in 2008.  Is it possible that county employees may have attended conferences and been asked to help him campaign?

While he was president of the New Jersey Assoc. of Counties, our county contributed $1,000 for an ad in the brochure at that conference.  We  the taxpayers, have also paid $1,000 for “Cumberland County Freeholder Lapel pins”.    Give me a break !

Is Lou also accepting funds that will not be reported in this bid for NACO president? We understand from one of our sources that this is possibly happening. We will keep you informed.


4 Responses to How much is Lou costing us?

  1. tryagain says:

    Once again more half truths and lies fron the Dumb One! Seems to me there was A LOT MORE to the story than just attending a convention in AC. Wasn’t there some movies involved and other questionable spending? Can’t wait to see those old TV ads resurrected again. Meantime Brucey Pooh and Mean Jane still have come forward and been honest about their Norcross Machine connection. When or even can we expect them to be truthful for once? One running out of not getting her way all the time and the other out of anger for not receiving a high paying job from the county. Certainly not the type of people I or others want representing me. Certainly running for ALL the WRONG reasons!!

  2. slappythedoorman says:

    Dude what are you talking about. Spell out your charges and not be so vague. Prove it!!

  3. Oystercracker1 says:

    Slappy – try and try and try again, he can’t and so, ignore him.

  4. tryagain says:

    Sure it will ALL come out in due time my friend Slappy! Remember there is an election in November. Timing as they say is EVERYTHING!! Your favorite independents may not be quite so pure as you think they are!!! All in due time. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and these 3 independent ganders will be on the receiving end of some very verifiable and embarassing information. They are not sqeeky clean in ALL their dealings!! The TRUTH shall set us free good Rev.

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