Magazzu breaks traffic laws in Millville

First we hear that Assemblyman Matt Milam parks illegally in a handicapped spot. Now we find this blog mentioning Lou Magazzu driving the wrong way out of a one-way parking lot:

Magazzu came out of the building and headed to the public lot by the memorial. I finished my telephone call and prepared to leave. That is when I saw a white car coming out of the lot. I had never seen a car exit from the lot to the front of the police station. The car stopped, waited for another to pass, and then pulled out. While it was stopped, I spotted that Freeholder Magazzu was the driver. He tore out and headed down Smith Street.

I caught this shot of Magazzu in front of the police station.

Is this just another example of the arrogance of believing the rules are for everybody else? We would imagine that if anyone else had decided to leave the municipal parking lot opposing oncoming traffic, completely disregarding the bold one-way arrows painted throughout the lot, we would have received a summons from our local law enforcement.

Lou Magazzu, man of privilege!


4 Responses to Magazzu breaks traffic laws in Millville

  1. Safe Driver says:

    Seems like a trend. Milam parks in handicapped spots. Corzine refuses to wear a seat belt and forces his drivers to speed. Lou drives the wrong way on a one way street.

  2. tryagain says:

    Oh my!!! Did you know Magazzu stepped on a crack in the sidewalks of Millville? Big time crime in that neighborhood!!

  3. Once again the apologist has to jump in and defend his hero, right or wrong. In knotu’s eyes, Lou can do no wrong.

    Wrong way down a one way street, since it is Louis, everything is okay.

  4. tryagain says:

    And certainly you Blind Woman have NEVER broken a motor vehichle law. Never ever once drove faster than the speed limit? Yeah sure. People who live in glass houses (or at least BIG lake houses) should NEVER cast stones! But then again you don’t have any, do you?

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