BREAKING NEWS: NACo says “NO” to Lou

Louis is packing his bags as I write this, leaving the NACo conference two days early. He was rejected by EVERY state for the position.

Two states, Texas and possibly California objected to his nomination. I wonder if his early return is going to cost Cumberland County taxpayers even more money on the airline tickets?


13 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: NACo says “NO” to Lou

  1. Oystercracker1 says:

    As goes NACo, so goes Cumberland County. Louie is REJECTED.

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Just a warn up for November. See you at the polls.

  3. fisherman says:

    Hey knothead – why so quiet lately? is it because you are at the NACo conference with Losin’ Louie on the taxpayer dime this week?

    How did you fit your fat ass into one airplane seat?

  4. tryagain says:

    Been here all the time. Check the posts. Where did a fisherman come from?

  5. tryagain says:

    Looks like my posts have been deleted again. Some real freedom of speech issues on this website unless of course you are attacking Magazzu then you can say whatever whenever and even ust the most vulgar of words.

  6. Curious says:

    50 States can’t all be wrong.
    Do they know something that we don’t?

  7. tryagain/knotu – stop lying. nNone of your posts have been deleted or altered in any way since you began sort of playing by the rules and posting in accordance with the agreement you made by posting here.

  8. fisherman says:

    knothead – I have been lurking – never posted before. But then it came to me – you made a comment, and being a fisherman myself I figured out who you are.

    Are you still cheating on your wife?

  9. WuLi says:

    I think everybody should call Lou and congratulate him for NACo. Lou’s cell phone number is 609-367-4074.

  10. tryagain says:

    Yeah sure, with your wife. What a bunch of crap!! Hope your fishing is better than your figuring!

  11. Please DO NOT call Louis on his cell phone – we do not condone harassment or prank calls.

    The rumors we hear are that his nomination was never even seconded. Can anyone confirm that story?

  12. quequeg says:

    Hey fisherman-what’s up your hind end? Nasty, foul-mouthed, possibly sladerous spewing of bile is no way to make your point-unless the point is that your personality is nasty, foul and prone to slander.

    Lighten up or stay home.

  13. quequeg says:

    And mr. Fisherman-to my knowledge, Lou is at the naco conference on his own dime. Easy enough to find out- Fill out a Open Public Records Act for his expenses, give it to county Administrator Ken Mecouch and Mecounch WILL give it to you. None of this “they keep all that secret.” Ken doesn’t have a dime in thisand has a reputation of integrity with both parties. He’s also required BY LAW to give you all pertinent documents within 10 days. And he will.

    Put up or shut up, as some would say.

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