True to his style – Lou’s minion knotu, or is it tryagain, or possibly harry truman  – he changes his name whenever it is convenient – we have the IP logs – and obfuscates the facts with misdirection. He recently accused us of bigotry. Of course, as always, he has no basis of facts to back up his inflammatory statement.

As was pointed out, there was nothing at all in the post that could possibly be construed as bigoted or racist. But Loser Louie never allowed facts to get in his way. And make no mistake, knotu is the voice of Lou. Knotu writes what Lou tells him to write.

The only statement in the referenced post that could be even remotely construed to be bigoted would be our pointing out that Reverence Dunkins failed to pay back a taxpayer funded loan. (click on the image to the left for a larger view).

Louis did his best to try to have the taxpayers eat the entire loan by having it declared a grant. In the end, we ate the amount of the loan anyway.

Lou Magazzu and his cronies almost daily make reference to Carl Johnson’s financial difficulties. They have no scruples about dragging a person’s family business into a political public fray.

However, don’t dare utter one word about one of their political hacks that has literally stolen from the public; betrayed the public trust by taking a huge loan and then failing to repay it. If you bring this fact to light, that a Freeholder cannot handle his own finances and yet is to be entrusted handling the finances of the entire county, then you are a racist.

We frankly do not care whether the good reverend is black, white, green or purple. Our point is that he is totally incompetent and should in no way be allowed to handle the taxpayers’ monies.

Lou Magazzu cannot address the real issues. He never has. He handles criticism of fiscal mismanagement with personal attacks.  He will belittle those that question him rather than offer a straight-forward answer.

The question we demand an answer to is why did Louis allow Dunkins to borrow money that he never repaid to run as a Freeholder. Why did Louis try to have the loan changed into a grant to shelter one of his cronies rather than demand accountability?

14 Responses to Bigotry

  1. tryagain says:

    Actually BlindWoman you need to re-read my post under the “ethics” subject. It was actually Geoturn who made the comment about racial bias ,not I!!, Go back and check the comments again! At NO time did I say ANYTHING about your’s or anyone elses racial bias! I DID however say that this site is bigoted. By definition the word bigot is a “person who obstinately or intolerantly is devoted to his or her opinions and prejudice, ie. his or her own religion or political party. That definiton would certainly apply to this website that has literally turned from a Magazzu Watch to a Maggazu Bash and now seemingly morphed into a political website with the sole purpose of destroying Magazzu and anyone who is associated with him. That former “ethics” topic took the opportunity to bash each and every Freehoder in our County!! Now it seems you are bashing each and every person who has voluntarily served on the Empowerment Zone Board since they are the ones responsible for “forgiving” the loan. This site has degenerated into a full fledged politcal website manned and womaned by angry and mean Republicans and renegade Democrats. Again I did NOT make any claims or comments about racial bias (although certainly Geoturn did) but “if the shoe fits” ?

  2. The fact is the loan should have never been forgiven. The loan should have never had to be presented to the freeholder board. it should have been paid off.

    If an elected official cannot make good on a PROMISE to repay borrowed money, they are in no way fit to manage the taxpayers money.

    But you will never admit that. You will still try games with smoke and mirrors. This could be considered to be outright theft of taxpayers money. It is certainly NOT wise use or management.

  3. DEEP THROAT says:

    The fact is that Lou was originally adamently opposed to forgiveing the loan. Rev. Dunkins asked that it be converted to a grant.
    Magazzu demanded it stay a loan.
    He had the Empowerment Zone Board convert it when Dunkins became a freeholder candidate.
    Dunkins is an honorable man.
    The loan was for his church to start a transportation system for the rural poor.
    He has a difficult position on the board.
    As the only African American on the board,Lou has treated Dunkins to his famous verbal attacks.
    He expects Dunkins to keep all African Americans from opposeing Lou.
    He has been seen berateing him for not doing so.
    Does that smack of a racial bias?
    Think if the roles were reversed.

  4. DEEP THROAT says:

    We made a factual error thae timeing of the loan forgiveness was well before Dunkins became a freeholder candidate.

  5. Deparego says:

    “Renegade democrat.” Another slap in the faces of those who do not agree with Lou and his minions. I am a democrat who is not a renegade but who does not agree with having the chair of the Democratic County Party be the same person as the Freeholder Director…that is too much power in the hands of one person. It wouldn’t matter if it was someone other than Lou, it would be the same…too much power. Power seduces and corrupts and leads to favors and appointments and making departments give jobs to people who do not even begin to qualify and are totally incompetent and hurting those who make a concerted effort to do their jobs well and in a capable manner and to ignore or twist civil service rules and to treat people disrespectfully especially those who disagree. I have no reason to attack Lou-I don’t personally know him. However, I do know that there is too much power in the hands of one person and that power also seduces and corrupts. Voters in this county need to pay attention and not believe all the “spin.” Lou is a master spinner. The loan described above was never repaid and that is unethical and stealing not bigotry. How many loans have been forgiven in the past? That money could have been used for other desperately needed projects in this County. All of the people who got these loans should have liens not forgiveness.

  6. tryagain says:

    Dear BlindWoman please try and get your facts straight just once. The FREEHOLDER BOARD DID NOT FORGIVE ANY LOAN!! The volunteer Empowerment Zone Board forgave the loan. Just look at the resolution. It is NOT a FREEHOLDER resolution Know that may disappoint you in your rush to blame Magazzu and the Freeholder Board for every ill in the world! Guess you forgot your apology to me for falsely accusing you of being racially biased? Or did you? Maybe the shoe does fit? As for DeParego, renegade means a deserter who rejects lawful or conventional behavior. Since Magazzu has won numerous lawful elections for both offices on numerous occassions one would think that is exactly what you are. Nothing to be ashamed of just what it is. Certainly the independents are ALL renegades because they chose the course they did without working within the system. They all know they have little chance of winning but then again that isn’t their real reason for running is it? They simply want to destroy Magazzu for personal reasons. If they truly wanted to serve Christy would have decided to seek re-election particularly in a Presidential year when Democrats were practically guaranteed a win after Bush’s fiasco. And certainly Peterson would not have resigned likewise even before finishing his term. Then he returns to Deerfield Township only to now be resigning from there if he wins as Freeholder. He too stepped down in a year from the Freeholder Board when he was virtually guaranteed re-election. Both are only running to unseat Magazzu not running to serve the citizens of Cumberland County.

  7. CURIOUS says:

    Unseating Lou is the best service anyone can do for the citizens of Cumberland County.
    They are willing to sacrifice any future they could have had in their party for the public good.
    They are real heros.

  8. tryagain says:

    Heros like Benedict Arnold?

  9. CURIOUS says:

    Lou is no George Washington.
    Now there is a Benedict Arnold.
    Secretly cutting deals with Barse, Fran Reilly,
    and even Larry Pepper.
    Then claims to be the great Democrat.
    The Democrat party is only a tool fstrictly for his own benefit and sick,sick ego.
    Napoleon complex maybe.

  10. biggassbass says:

    I agree that all this power can and does corrupt. You can read your history. Speaking of transportation for the poor, what is the county doing?

  11. tryagain says:

    Dear Blind One , hope you are FINALLY getting to understand the difference between the Freeholder Board and the Empowerment Zone Board! They are 2 completely different Boards. Seems you not only still owe me an apology for your false accusations but also ALL the members of the volunteer Empowerment Zone Board who first approved the loan and then eventually forgave the loan! Also noticed Dunkins was NOT the ONLY person or business to have loans forgiven by the Empowerment Zones. No different than how banks at some points write off loans. Hope those you so carelessly accused of various “crimes” don’t hold their breath waiting for you to apologize or at least concede your blame was AGAIN misplaced. In your zeal to destroy Magazzu and Co. seems as if collateral damage is just fine with you.

  12. SalarySam says:

    The analogy to banks is not relevant. Banks don’t just write off loans. They write them off on their books (value them at zero) but then proceed to obtain judgments against the debtors and realize what they can. They are required by law to proceed against the defaulting debtor within a given period of time.

    The Empowerment Zone is an independent board. However the prevailing belief of the posters here is that Lord Lou is exerting controlling influence behind the scenes. Even a blind man would now that Knot Head.

  13. Our point is that the board of the CEZC has been comprised of Lou’s appointees. He decides behind the scenes who get what appointment, and the majority go along with him, due entirely to the sorts of politics he plays with people’s lives.

    The other point is that a loan was given to a person, and we never said he was dishonorable, merely incompetent in business; and that loan was never repaid, and he is now a freeholder with the responsibility of managing the county taxpayers’ money.

  14. tryagain says:

    Blind One, are you really that thick? OnceAGAIN the Empowerment Zone Board as even Salary Sam says IS an independent board. Many of which are NOT even appointed by the Freeholders but are representatives of the affected communities including the Republican Mayors of the 3 cities!!! They are the ones who forgave the loan. the EZ Board NOT the Board of Freeholders!!!!!! Guess you are not going to apologize to those volunteer members for your unwarranted criticisms? And I’m sure you won’t apologize to me for your false accusations about me claiming you have a racial bias? How’s that shoe fitting? One other thing what business was Rev. Dunkins in? Most businesses are run for profit, don’t think that a church trying to help people in need would qualify as a business?

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