Why the independents are running

We received a flier today, and it explains why three of the independents are running for Freeholder.

Independent Leaders

“Why We Are Running”

Many friends and supporters have asked why we are running to Freeholder in this November’s election. They are also wondering why, as lifelong Democrats, we have chosen to run as Independents this time.

We are Running to Restore a Sense of Openness, Dignity and Responsiveness to County Government. Over the past few years, the current Freeholder Director has molded the Freeholder Board to satisfy his personal agenda and political aspirations. Alternative voices and points of view do unnoticed, ignored or criticized.

We have Tried in Good Faith to Work Within the Democratic Organization to Bring About Change. Unfortunately, the same singular concentration of authority we see on the Freeholder Board has turned an openly-elected group into the personal machine of one individual. Democratic Committee seats remain unfilled, already determined positions and candidates are simply presented tot he group by the Chairman and, once again, alternative voices and points of view are silenced or ignored.

As hardworking,loyal members of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization, we have become disheartened bythe path it is now taking; a path that is being directed by its current Chairman; one that will ultimately bring about its failure. We were left with having to choose between trying to change the organization from within or to reform it from outside.

Unfortunately as party members, we could not overcome the exclusionary tactics, the false rhetoric, the bullying, and the selling of our county to outside interests. So now, we will run as Independents to fight from the outside for the rights of county employees to be respected and the citizenry to be informed and included in the process.

Over the next few months we will be addressing issues such as:

  • Implementing a full time vocational school
  • Creating a viable open space plan
  • Reestablishing good working relationships among county departments to promote economic growthxposing the unethical behavior and actions of some elected officials
  • Bringing respect, dignity and civility back to county government

With your help on November 3rd, we hope to restore the Freeholder Board to its rightful position as the truly representative government to all the people of Cumberland County.

Jane Christy, Jennifer (Lookabaugh) Swift, Bruce Peterson

Independent Leaders – For Freeholder


One Response to Why the independents are running

  1. tryagain says:

    And this is NOT a political website? Sure that’s why they are running! Translation : We are NOT running to serve the Citizens of Cumberland County; BUT we are running to get the Big Bad Wolf aka Magazzu (who by the way along with Nelson Thompson helped us get elected a few times). We’ll show him not to give us jobs and positions!!

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