Lou Magazzu one-step closer to ousting Wymbs

As reported in the Press of Atlantic City this morning:

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority voted Tuesday to void his contract, removing any contractual protections and paving the way for a prolonged legal fight and Wymbs’ potential ouster.

This website has reported on numerous occasions Louis Magazzu’s tactic of appointing his own people onto different boards of directors in order to sneak in his own agenda. It is no secret that Steve Wymbs, the very capable director of The CCIA has rejected Lou’s moves to syphon CCIA funds for Lou’s own pet county projects. The county has doubled spending under Lou’s tenure, and he is always looking for other ways to increase the kitty. Dan Walsh reports on this theory.

Veight, Miller and Nedohon are viewed by their critics as aligned to Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu, who orchestrated their appointments, beginning in 2007, a year after he failed to take over the CCIA’s operations, a move Wymbs opposed. Some believe Magazzu now is trying to take Wymbs out as payback.

This was echoed by Independent candidate for freeholder, Bruce Peterson:

“You do as he wishes, or he will destroy you,” said Upper Deerfield Mayor Bruce Peterson, a former freeholder deputy director and liaison to the CCIA who is running for freeholder as an independent. “I don’t think they’re going to stop until they get (Wymbs) out of there.”

Lou lies and claims that Steve Wymbs contract is unique. It is certainly not unique, and Wymbs can certainly be replaced if he at some point does not fulfil his duties. This is unlike Lou Magazzu, with which we are stuck with for the entire term of his election even though he has allowed Cumberland County to slip into first place with unemployment, teen pregnancy and a plethora of other dishonorable mentions.

The appointments to the CCIA board are just one more example of the quid-pro-quo that occurs in Cumberland County under Lou Magazzu. Bruce Peterson goes further, claiming that Veight should resign from the board for ethics reasons:

Peterson said Veight should resign because the CCIA is an autonomous board and Veight is “beholden to the freeholders” by virtue of a county government job he obtained after his CCIA appointment. He said the Wymbs contract dispute is another Magazzu play for control of the CCIA.


10 Responses to Lou Magazzu one-step closer to ousting Wymbs

  1. mango says:

    While we long ago reported Lou’s strategy of loading the CCIA Board with his own people in order to oust Wymbs (and to get his paws on the CCIA money), seeing this strategy come to fruition is nauseating. With power over the CCIA, one of the few non-tax revenue-producing public institutions in the county, Lou will have significant resources that will solidify his control of the county. King Lou will reign, and anyone opposing him will do so at their peril, and I do mean peril. This man truly has to go.

  2. SalarySam says:

    This is the story that is going to have the most long range impact in the County. Unfortunately if Lord Lou gets his way the impact is going to be negative. They’re going to kill the goose to get the golden egg.

  3. biggassbass says:

    This is vintage Lou. Lets see how Mr. Tryagain justifies this bogus action.

  4. tryagain says:

    Have to laugh at Peterson’s comments. He of all people should be careful in defending his old buddy Wymbs, especially since the only reason he is running for Freeholder is because he is angry Magazzu didn’t help him get a job with the other county authority, the CCUA at a SIX figure salary. He actively solicited the position but was rejected by the Utilites Authority Board. How many jobs or positions does this guy want? Freeholder, Mayor, Executive Director of Utilities Authority, Pizza shop owner. Car wash owner, how about dog catcher? Certainly anything he says has to be taken in the context of an angry politco who wasn’t rewarded with a “plum job” and is now running because of his personal anger. What a joke!!

  5. givemeabreak says:

    Tryagain, you are the biggest crybaby. How many times have you pouted and cried when you didn’t get your way? Where have you been? In Tennessee celebrating? Oh, no you had nothing to celebrate about — you would have been there to hold loser Lou’s hand.

  6. tryagain says:

    Been right here my old friend just trying to answer the questions that are on everbody’s minds, What are the REAL reasons Peterson, Christy, and Swift are running as Independents? Could it be Peterson is just angry he didn’t get a 6 figure salary job from the CCUA or an Executive Public Works job from the County? Would he be running as an Independent candidate if he did? Is he really going to be abandoning the good people of Deerfield Township after saying how glad he was to be back on Township Committee? Why did Christy not run a mere 6 months ago for re-election when she was virtually guaranteed a win in the Obama sweep? Why does she suddenly want to run now? Certainly didn’t care about the people of Cumberland County 6 months ago when she served with Magazzu? Now suddenly shw has “another” burning desire to serve? NO NO NO!! She merely has apersonal vendetta against Magazzu. Obviously she could care less about the citizens of Cumberland County or she would have stayed on the Board!! Finally Jen Swift, step mother of Millville City Republican Chair Jim Swift, running as an Independent. Could she just be there to help the Republicans chance of winning a seat? Plus it’s no secret she just doesn’t like Magazzu. Seems none of them really care about the citizens of Cumberland County, now does it?

  7. Curious says:

    let us understand cryagain. Under his logic half the the former dems he ever served with are all filed with vendetta.
    Cryagain always blames everything on everyone else.
    Maggot must really piss everyone off.
    Everyone else can’t be wrong.

  8. tryagain says:

    Half the Dems? Really should consider taking a math course? Maybe half of one percent! Magazzu has won election after election by comfortable margins because the citizens know he works hard for them!! These 3 so called Independents work hard for themselves. Still waiting for someone to explain Peterson and his seeking of high paying jobs at the taxpayers expense. The County and Deerfield Township have for too long payed his bills. He has forever been on the County dime!! Hopefully he will figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! Pizza Baker, Car Wash Owner, Mayor, CCUA employee, County Freeholder what else does he want to add to his resume? He already has done all of these things and he also wanted to be the County Public Works Director? Is there no end to his greed?

  9. tryagain says:

    Almost forgot Green Olive parking attendant?

  10. DEEPTHROAT says:

    I guess what we really need is highly skilled freeholders.
    The kind the public have rejected twice.
    The kind who can only get there by being appointed.
    Like the kind whose only ability is slinging a paint brush.

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