Louis Magazzu closer to ousting Wymbs

It has been evident for several years that Lou Magazzu has been looking for a way to oust Steve Wymbs, Director of the CCIA. Today, Lou got his wish.

A lawyer that has contributed to Lou’s campaign is now “representing” the CCIA, and of course we believe that Lou has no influence on this move, to oust Wymbs.

Attesting to Lou’s ambivilence in this new move, we have to quote him in reference to his “voluntary” withdrawal from the NACo campign. ” …I believe very strongly in this organization, so I withdrew my name in order to avoid a protracted and potentially divisive contest.”

In the same manner, Lou is – oh wait, he is NOT withdrawing from this fight. Okay, FUGHEDDABOUDIT.

This is clearly retribution from King Lou. The half truths pronounced about the actual contract and the terms thereof are mere fodder for Lou’s long time antagonism towards Wymbs for not kissing Lou’s butt.


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