More bad news on poverty, teen pregnancy

Child Poverty in NJ - 2009 Kids Count

Child Poverty in NJ - 2009 Kids Count

According to the 2009 Kids Count report released yesterday, there is bad news for New Jersey under Corzine, and even more bad news for Cumberland County under Lou Magazzu.

After dropping steadily since 2000, the teen pregnancy rate inched upward in New Jersey in 2006, according to the 2009 Kids Count report released Tuesday.

The percent of children living in poverty also increased from 10 to 12 percent since 2000, and child advocates warned that the data was collected in 2007 before the worst of the recession, so the number is likely higher. Cumberland, Passaic, Essex and Hudson counties had poverty rates above 18 percent.

Once again, Cumberland County tops the wrong lists. Corzine and Magazzu will be quick to point their fingers at the national economy. Certainly that is a factor. However, raising taxes again and again, increasing spending substantially, and refusing to cut waste in government are not the way to tackle a bad economy.

New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes affect not only homeowners, but renters. Magazzu’s doubling of the county tax rate over the past decade has decreased usable income for all families in the county.

Just remember, a vote for Magazzu is a vote for Corzine. For 33 out of the past 34 years the Democrats have had majority rule in Cumberland County. In the past decade under Lou Magazzu, this control has become a stronghold of one person’s agenda.


6 Responses to More bad news on poverty, teen pregnancy

  1. SalarySam says:

    What can be said?

    If you like being number 1 on all the wrong lists (teen pregnancy, poverty, unemployment) keep on doing what you’ve been doing — electing Democrats.

    If the horse you keep betting on race after race after race (repeat 30 times or so)keeps coming in last, or near last, do you keep betting on that horse or do you bet on another horse?

    If you want things to change you have to reach over and pull the lever on the column labeled Republican.

    (Disclosure: Working from memory on the #1 list. If it’s loss of jobs and not unemployment we’re number 1 in, or if we’re only the second poorest county I don’t want to hear about it (this is for you Knot Head.) The meaning of this posting is clear even if the statistics are not.

  2. mango says:

    Well, Sam, wanting to see Lou go has not made me a Republican! I have no doubt these problems are systemic and would exist whether Republicans or Democrats are in office. My personal preference is that this site sticks to county politics and does not become a sounding board for preferences in the gubernatorial election, lest it lose some contributors, such as myself.

  3. SalarySam says:

    I would have to agree with you. A 7-0 Republican Freeholder Board would probably succumb to hubris as well. Problem is we have a 7-0 Democratic Board and they already have.

    I didn’t think I was bringing state politics into this but it is going to be hard as the election approaches. To the extent that Lord Lou touts himself as being connected with the Democratic powers that be in Trenton what happens in Trenton does become relevant but only indirectly.

  4. biggassbass says:

    I agree with Mango. I am a Democrat and wish focus our efforts to exposing Mr. Magazzu for what he really is. Lets leave the Corzine/Christie race out as much as possible. Remember we have a systemic problem with legislators having multiple offices such as Sen Sweeney….

  5. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    By voting for Swift/Christy/Peterson,I feel we have the best of both worlds. They were Democrats, but are now listed as Independents, so they believe as we dems do, but are no longer beholden to the party bosses.


  6. tryagain says:

    Seems to be real conflicting reports with the teenage pregnancy issue especially in Cumberland. Seems another National group has reported a decrease over the last report. The reality however is we have a long way to go. Really can’t be blamed on ANY political party with any fairness. EVERYTHING begins at home! Education at school plays a part BUT education at home plays an even BIGGER role. Does anyone think for oe moment that if Republicans had been in control for 50 years that these numbers would be any different? If so, I know a guy who is selling a bridge.

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