A call for Accounting…

We received the following this afternoon:

Recent reports in the papers concerning the attendance of Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu at the national convention of the National Association of Counties (NACo)  raises serious questions that need answers.  We are not concerned about whether or not Mr. Magazzu won or lost the election for the Second Vice President’s seat he coveted, that is really not at all important and is Mr. Magazzu’s personal business.  At issue is what, if any, public money was spent to advance Mr. Magazzu’s personal agenda.

Reports have it that not only Freeholder Magazzu attended the Nashville, Tennessee meeting but that newly elected Democrat Sheriff Austino and newly elected Democrat Surrogate Rainear also attended.  Why wasn’t long serving Republican County Clerk Noto invited?  Who attended the convention?  Who paid for the trip down and back?  Who paid for hotels?  Who paid for meals?  Who paid the fees to attend?  How much did all of that cost?  Was it Mr. Magazzu, Austino and Rainear who paid or was it the County taxpayers?  We do not know the answer but think the citizens of Cumberland County deserve one.  If Mr. Magazzu, Austino and Rainear paid for themselves we have no dispute.  However, if the County taxpayers footed the bill the County taxpayers are entitled to an explanation of what benefit they received from advancing Mr. Magazzu’s personal agenda.

We call on Mr. Magazzu to provide an accounting of all of the costs for him, the Sheriff and the Surrogate to attend the NACo convention.


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