Republican Challengers defend Steve Wymbs

This, too, was emailed to us this afternoon:

Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candidates Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard, and Sam Fiocchi have taken issue with Freeholder-Director Lou Magazzu’s apparent power grab at the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (the “CCIA.)”

Of all the assets of Cumberland County, the CCIA is one of the crown jewels.  It runs the County Landfill providing a needed service to the county with the lowest cost to its users (us) in the State.  It has returned millions of dollars to county redevelopment and economic development projects.  It has even turned over millions of dollars to the county to help bail out the county when the Board of Freeholders were desperate for money.

Steve Wymbs, the Director of the CCIA, has done a fine job in running the day to day operations.  No one seems to dispute that.  No specific criticisms of his performance have been raised.  Yet despite the apparently universal agreement that he is doing a good job running the CCIA Steve Wymbs is being treated in an unbelievable rude and disrespectful manner.  He has apparently expressed his willingness to renegotiate the portions of his employment contract that the current Board is concerned with but he has been ignored.  Instead of working with him CCIA Board is setting him up to be forced out.   The way he has been treated is just wrong.

Candidate Tom Sheppard said, “It seems apparent to everyone concerned that the action of the CCIA Board, spearheaded by the three newest members (one of whom, Joe Veight, is actually a new county hire as well) are doing the bidding of Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu.  Magazzu’s political scheme is to stack the CCIA Board with members who will do his bidding.  Mr. Wymbs has had the audacity to defy Lou Magazzu in the past so he has to go.”

Candidate Rick Tonetta added that, “ In his rush to remove Steve Wymbs, Freeholder Magazzu has actually managed to produce a CCIA Board with NO members from Vineland and only one from Millville.  While no particular representation from the various county communities is required, since Vineland alone contributes over 40% of the taxes paid to the county and Vineland and Millville represent the majority of the county population, it is only common sense to include board members from those cities.  It seems that in the rush to take control of the board Lou Magazzu has thrown caution to the wind. As a Vineland resident, I am appalled. As a county resident, I recognize the total inequity.”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” says candidate Sam Fiocchi.   “The CCIA is not broken.  It is working just fine, is fiscally sound and presents great benefits to our County. We should be figuring out ways to keep Mr. Wymbs rather than chasing him away.”

The Republican Candidates all agree that it is only because the current Freeholder Board of SEVEN Democrats and ZERO Republicans goes along, without protest, that Lou Magazzu’s take over plan for the CCIA is working.  A 7-0 Board is not good for Cumberland County. A 7-0 Board being directed by Lou Magazzu is worse.  Say no to Lou Magazzu.  Say no to the Democrat candidates for Freeholder.   Say no to 7-0.


14 Responses to Republican Challengers defend Steve Wymbs

  1. tryagain says:

    Getting harder to tell the Independents from the Republicans? Or are the one and the same? Wake up loyal Democrats!

  2. Wake up party loyalists – Lou is NOT on your side!

  3. tryagain says:

    Wake up REAL Democrats, this site is a Republican ploy using renegades from the Democratic party to try and win in the November election! Look beyond the surface to find the REAL reasons these “so called Independents are running!! Certainly not because they want to represent the citizens of Cumberland. They had that chance and chose to do other things!! Now they are running out of anger, self interests, and personal vendettas. They could care less about representing YOU as long as they can have “revenge” on Magazzu they will say or do anything. Shame on these Benedict Arnolds!!!!

  4. Curious says:

    Can you hear the panic ?
    Knotu/Tryagain we can see you sweat.
    It is the fear that people of both parties are letting the light shine in.
    Now Lou has no where to hide.
    Scurry away scurry away.
    The people of this great county will take their county back.

  5. Oystercracker1 says:


  6. tryagain says:

    Can hardly wait for Nov. but will enjoy the coming months when the so called Independent candidates will FINALLY be exposed for what they REALLY are!!! Disgrutled, angry, self serving renegades who ARE running ONLY because they have been refused various positions and high paying jobs. They are just acting as spoilers to perhaps help the Republicans win. All 3 have been around long enough to know they have NO real shot at winning but will be satisfied just to hurt the Democrats that they personally dislike. Really party loyalists huh? Too bad there isn’t a way to excommunicate them as the majority of REAL Democrats would love to do!

  7. Oystercracker1 says:

    Try Again, tryagain – NO chance? Time will tell, Maggot Lover

  8. vineland voter says:

    it is going to be a sad day for this county if lou gets a hold of the ccia coffers. just watch all our money get poured into the norcross political machine and leave this county.

    this isn’t about republicans and democrats, it’s about a selfish little man who wants all the power at any expense. this election is about getting the crooks out of office regardless of their party. i would vote for a monkey before i voted for lou.

    knotu, how does it feel to be on a sinking ship?

  9. Deparego says:

    Excommunicate the renegades from the church of lou. That goes to show how god-like lou and his archangels are. All young talent is leaving this county and now we may possibly lose not only the talented and competent Steve Wymbs who is part of the brain trust in this county. So, now we have no young talent and no brain trust. That will certainly make fertile ground for the appointments of the incompetent,the inexperienced and those without a sense of history and knowledge.

  10. Route408 says:

    I agree with Vinland Voter. Its NOT about being a Republic or a Democrat. We must send him home and have real leadership

  11. Oystercracker1 says:

    Route408 is 100% CORRECT – Who cares what “party” – I think the “party” is over – Turn Out the Lights, the PARTY’s OVER.

  12. tryagain says:

    Just pointing out that this WEBSITE is POLITICALLY motivated and although it claims to be Magazzu Watch it has become nothing more than an anti incumbent site that the Republican candidates and the Independents are ONLY using to benefit their political aspirations. Guess the R’s must be laughing and thanking those D’s that started/contribute to this website. They are playing right into the R’s hand so much that they now get the R’s press releases and post them as news. Could it be Independent candidate Jen Swift whose step son is a former freeholder candidate and NOW the Millville City Republican Chair is up to her eyesballs in helping the Republicans in their campaign. EVERYONE of the Independents know they CAN’T possibly win but are OK helping the Republicans in Nov. just so they can defeat Dems. becuase of their personal hatred and intertests. Guess they must feel the HELL with their former party or have somehow reconciled they are helping the party by helping them lose seats in Nov. Some really warped thinking on their part.

  13. Curious says:

    Nelson just calm down. You were never going to win anyway. You were a throw away candidate .
    So chill out. Next year the democrats can get a labor candidate that can actually win.
    Are you really so delusional (look it up) that you think you ever had a chance? Fiocchi is highly respected and will kill you here in Vineland. Millville knows you, so will lose your old hometown. Bridgeton vote is going to be very low.
    The townships will support an Ag. candidate over a thug like you.
    So where do you yhink your votes are going to come from?
    So stop crying over those Independent candidates.
    Should start watching whose going to fill your seat before the year is out.
    Sam Fiocchi is businessman with integrity .
    He is what this county deperately needs.
    Looks like 1999 all over again with better Republican cadidates.

  14. highest paying jobs 2011…

    […]Republican Challengers defend Steve Wymbs « Louis N. Magazzu Watch[…]…

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