Arnold Robinson not interested in Prosecutor’s Position

Lou Magazzu’s beef with the current county prosecutor, Ron Casella began with the Bigley ruling. Magazzu, trying to protect his crony Doug Rainear, former Freeholder that had as many as three different health care policies at one time while many county residents were doing without health care, refused to allow the prosecutor’s office to hire two employees so that they could perform their legal duties. Louis, as always, put politics ahead of the good of the county. The courts agreed.

Casella did his best to negotiate, but was forced to go to court. Casella would have been negligent not to go to court to obtain the staff he needed to ensure the prosecutors office was functioning according to law. Casella got more than he asked for; the courts found the freeholders negligent in funding and supporting the prosecutor’s office and demanded more than just two new employees.

The courts demanded adequate space, ata cost to county taxpayers of $12 million. this was entirely avoidable had Louis Magazzu listened to reason and negotiated. Lou has a long memory, and he never, ever forgets a disagreement. The mere fact that a person would disagree with Lou on anything is basis enough for him to launch a full scale attack on your livelihood. He launched that attack on Steve Wymbs for refusing to give Louis the keys to the CCIA store so that he could raid the pantry whenever he wished. That saga is playing out in other current news stories. It is entirely part of a vendetta, clear and simple.

Another vendetta is Lou’s hatred of Ron Casella and the ppower games around Lou’s refusal to renew Casella’s contract. Lou wanted Tina Kell as prosecutor but rational minds prevailed. Another one of Lou’s choices was Arnie Robinson. Robinson, according to a story in The News does not want the position. Once again Matt Dunn is first with a story.

Many of us on MW think that Robinson would do a superb job as prosecutor. We doubt that he would want to take the cut in salary. We have to wonder along with Jane Christy, considering the scandals in the state encompassing mostly Democrats just why Lou is scrambling to oust the current prosecutor.


2 Responses to Arnold Robinson not interested in Prosecutor’s Position

  1. tryagain says:

    Just more and more outright LIES!!! Doesn’t your WILD imagination ever get tired? Will simply use your phony tactics by asking for proof. What meetings with Casella? Documentation please. What 2 employess did he ask for? Again documentation. Magazzu doesn’t renew Casella’s contract, the Governor does DumbOne! What negotiations with Casella? Documentation again. You JUST CONTNUALLY make up false and toatlly untrue stories!! Just ask Kenneth Mecouch for the records BUT then again you have NO desire for truth if it doesn’t tarnish Magazzu!!

  2. Deep Throat says:

    Review the budget work at the time. Initially had $100,000 increase fer the prosecutor office. Later draft reduced this to $50,000. When budget was annuunced by Rainear the added funds were gone. No one informed the prosecutor the money had been eliminated.
    Special note: Ken McCouch was not the administeaer at the time this took place. It was Dave Gray. Ken McCouch was the purchasing agent. Was not privy to what was going on with the budget.
    The rest of the article is partially correct.

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