Is Veight Entitled to Sit on CCIA Board?

Cumberland County Freeholder candidates Tonetta, Sheppard, and Fiocchi and County Clerk Candidate Noto have issued the following press release.

Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candidates Tom Sheppard, Rick Tonetta and Sam Fiocchi and County Clerk Candidate Gloria Noto are concerned that conflicts of interest may prevent county employee Joseph Veight from continuing to serve on the Board of the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (the “CCIA.)”

Candidate Fiocchi summarized the situation: “Veight was appointed to the CCIA Board to the surprise of many in February of 2008.  The recommendation of the Deerfield Township Committee had been that George Olivio be appointed.  Much later, on January 24, 2009,  Veight was appointed as Shared Services Coordinator by the Freeholder Board at salary of  $50,000 per year.   Just five days later, on January 29, 2009, at a meeting of the CCIA Board, the issue of dissatisfaction with the employment contract of CCIA Director Steven Wymbs was raised for the first time – by Veight.  Veight later was one of the affirmative votes in the recent 3-2 vote to “void” Wymbs salary.  The question arises as to whether or not Veight’s subordinate position to the Freeholders prevents him from exercising the type of independent judgment that a director of the CCIA should be exercising.  The independence of the CCIA is critical in light of recent attempts by the Freeholder Board to “raid” the CCIA’s funds.”

All three Republican candidates are calling on both the Freeholder Board and the CCIA to separately examine the ethical and conflict of interest positions of Joseph Veight.  The fact that Veight began to attack Wymbs’ contract only five days after getting a $50,000 job from the county may only be a coincidence but it needs to be looked into.  The CCIA needs to also examine its By-laws and foundational documents and statutory authorization to determine if Veight is, in fact, still qualified to sit on its board.  “You can’t serve two masters.” candidate Tom Sheppard added, “You never could and you never will.”


11 Responses to Is Veight Entitled to Sit on CCIA Board?

  1. Curious says:

    Claire Miller had the same conflict the first time he was on the CCIA board. Clesrk to the Freeholders & CCIA board member.
    Always the same kind of problems when the seperation of responsibilites is not maintained.
    Now it is Miller & Veight who are out of control.

  2. tryagain says:

    Not sure, but exactly who put Miller on CCIA Board and made hime Clerk to the Freeholders? Was it Jen Swift whenShe was Lookabaugh? Just a question?

  3. Curious says:

    Past mistakes do not make present mistakes right.
    Compounding it with 2 people who have been owned by the freeholder board does not improve the problem.
    2 Vineland freeholders and no representation for Vineland?
    Vineland is 40% of the population aand this board throws off both of it’s representatives?
    You are screwing us.

  4. tryagain says:

    Just pointing out that your “so called Independents have made SEVERAL mistakes in the past. The closer it gets to Nov. the more you will hear!! Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a long rough ride!! Oh and by the way you didn’t answer the question who originally gave Miller a political job? Lokkabaugh Swift perhaps? After all that is EXACTLY why Peterson is running because Magazzu didn’t “take care of him” woth a 6 figure political appointment!!

  5. Salary Sam says:

    If Wymbs contract, which was written by former Democratic County Chairman Frank Basile, is being examined after 10 years, why not re-examine the conflicts of interest of CCIA Directors employed by the Freeholders or any other governmental body in the county for that matter. What’s good for the goose is . . .

  6. Salary Sam says:

    Oh yes, Knot Head. I thought your position was that the board is a board and we can’t hold Lou responsible for what the board does. But you’re going to hold Lookaugh responsible for the appointment of Miller to the CCIA Board AND as the Clerk to the Freeholders? If you want to talk out of both sides of you mouth that’s okay but you have to understand that it muffles what you say. And by the way, you didn’t answer your own question. You never say that Lookabaugh did anything. Only pose the question in a snide manner. If you are saying she did some dates and facts would be helpful. Innuendo doesn’t cut it.

  7. Curious says:

    Documentation show us the documentation
    You exaggerate and twist facts for your own satisfaction.
    Then cryagain Thompson twists the facts on others to try to destroy their integruity.
    Thompson never had any . Foe him and Magazzu it is about winning at any cost.
    Destroy anyone who geats inyour way.
    Problem is that it will not save Thompson.He never was going to win.

  8. tryagain says:

    Sorry Sam but thought I only pointed ZTo Jen SWift(step mother of Millville REPUBLICAN chair) appointing Miller to the created Clerk to the Freeholder Board. Point is Jen and Miller AND especially Wymbs were once all GOOD friends! Going to leave now on a short vacation. See all of you in about a weeks’s time. Play nice.

  9. tryagain says:

    Only can remeber some of the old politcal ads from years ago about Jen Swift Lookabaugh and a trip to AC. Don’t remeber who ran those ads but fairly certain is was the Republican opposition. Think she may have lost that election along with Peterson but not really sure.

  10. Curious says:

    As usual you have your facts wrong. Actually Jennifer Lookabaugh( Swift), Chuck Griffiths & Bruce Peterson swept that year. Magazzu was not even a afterthought in those days. Hmmmmm 3 of the 4 former freeholders involved in the effort to save their party from Magazzu. These three saw Magazzu in action close up and must understand how destuctive he really is.

  11. ThompsonIA says:

    I’m Tom and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I found you guys. I think it was from a PC Mag, but then it might not…..

    Although UK born and bred (N. Yorkshire Dales), I enjoy following the US politics and comparing the similarities with our UK mob of politicians.

    My political views and tendencies are mostly sceptical tending to unclassifiable. Some things I’m conservative about, other things, I agree with ‘The Left’. The rest, I’m either sorta Centrist’ about, or I disagree with all of ’em… Whatever way I see it, I treat politicians with the deepest distrust, until they prove otherwise I’m new.

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