Jane Christy on Party Bosses

Jane Christy speaks out on the corruption that has made New Jersey the brunt of even more jokes than usual:

To the Editor:

New Jersey’s motto, “Perfect Together” should become “IMperfect Together,” with the recent news of international money laundering and state political corruption that led federal authorities to arrest 44 officials and prominent people.

It is reported that several hundred IRS and FBI agents raided locations throughout New Jersey resulting in the roundup of mayors and Assembly people. In a news article, “Ed Koher, head of the FBI’s white-collar and public corruption division, claims New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation.”

This is another black eye for New Jersey. When will it stop? When will the people in this state holding public offices learn that they cannot continue to break the law? Out of the 44 in question, 43 are Democrats.

Those of us living in Cumberland County should ask if the tentacles of corruption could reach our county? Some of us think this is a real possibility, since in the last 10 years the Cumberland County Democratic Party received nearly $100,000 from Camden County, one of the two biggest New Jersey Democrat power counties. The other power county is Hudson County, represented by most of the alleged corrupted officials.

I’ll ask the question: Who among us is tightly connected to Camden? Earlier this year, our Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu, together with his Democrat- controlled Board of Chosen Freeholders, hired Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. to work as Cumberland’s planning board solicitor. Mr. Cappelli also is a member of the Camden County law firm, Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt and Foder.

While this latest embarrassment to the world is fresh in our minds, we need to ask our local politicians more hard questions:

1. What is behind the continued rumors that Prosecutor Ron Casella will be replaced? Casella’s reappointment is long over due. A couple of weeks ago, two senators, Sen. Sweeney and Sen. Van Drew, said they were looking to name a new prosecutor for Cumberland County. Could this be a direct result of Freeholder Director Magazzu blaming Prosecutor Casella for bringing the lawsuit, often referred to as the Bigley, against us?

In actuality, it was Mr. Magazzu’s unsuccessful meddling in the prosecutor’s office and the debacle that has followed that caused the Bigley. Mr. Magazzu placed politics above professional and independent law enforcement. The irony is Magazzu continues to point the finger of blame at Casella for something that could have been avoided.

The truth of the matter is Casella needed to hire two people to effectively manage his office. Former Freeholder Director Douglas Rainear was running for re-election that year and wanted to show taxpayers a “zero” budget. He and Magazzu dug in their heels to block Casella from hiring his two employees. After many meetings and long hours behind closed doors where a lot of yelling and berating of our prosecutor took place, Casella had no choice: he filed the Bigley and he won. The law is clear: the prosecutor’s office has to be properly funded. Magazzu and Rainear both refused to abide by the law.

The courts ruled, not Ron Casella, that funding for the prosecutor be doubled. The courts also ruled that the prosecutor’s office be allocated sufficient space to operate efficiently.

Instead of the minimal cost of two employees, Cumberland County taxpayers now have to pay upwards of $12 million to renovate a building to house the prosecutor’s offices. Casella never asked for that, but Magazzu’s stubbornness cost us at least $12 million. The courts ruled not only for two more employees, but several.

Today, Casella is considered a “holdover” for re-appointment. His job is still in jeopardy. That brings us to the next question:

2. Is this the right time for our freeholder director to ask state legislators and our governor to replace Cumberland County’s prosecutor when people around the world are watching New Jersey’s ethical behavior? What is the motivation behind replacing Casella?

3. Can our county leadership continue to do whatever it wants no matter how its actions affect people? We have a little fiefdom here in Cumberland County where our leaders believe they can do what they feel like. One newspaper called New Jersey a “Culture of Corruption.” Mr. Magazzu is a master at governing by cronyism, surprise agendas and secrecy. He represents old-style politics: the boss/political machine model that has tarnished this state so badly. His kind of leadership is a model for failed government.

4. Why is Cumberland County still at the top of all the wrong lists? Magazzu will try to tell you we are all to blame. That’s not true. We, the Independent Leaders, Jennifer Swift, Bruce Peterson and myself, tried to solve the issues, but Magazzu created roadblocks all along the way, because it’s his way or no way. We know his way doesn’t work. We’re still in the same place we were 20 years ago.

5. We also need to ask ourselves why Magazzu has loaded the CCIA board with his minions. The CCIA, under the capable leadership of Steve Wymbs, is the most efficiently and effectively run authority in New Jersey. We can only assume that the freeholder director wants control of the money. I’ll need to write a sequel to this letter as a result of the CCIA board’s action Tuesday, July 28, 2009.

6. Mr. Magazzu is symptomatic of the party bosses and politicians who have made this state into the mess it’s become. We’ve been there to observe his control techniques to try to gain as much power as he can. He stifles any opposition and thumbs his nose at checks and balances. The three of us, Swift, Peterson, and I, want to make a change in county government on Nov. 3.

There have been more than 130 prosecuted New Jersey politicians. You can read about them in Bob Ingle’s and Sandy McClure’s “The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption.” The Web site “thesopranostate.com” presents updates to the book and includes this latest alleged corrupted roundup.

Ingles claims that he warned Governor Corzine against appointing Joe Doria as commissioner to the Department of Community Affairs. Now Doria has resigned and Governor Corzine didn’t waste any time accepting his resignation.

I, for one, hope our law enforcement authorities do not stop until they look throughout this entire state to “drain the swamp,” as one reporter urged. I hope the authorities make the guilty with low values and corrupt intentions know they are being watched both day and night.

Jane Y. Christy
Candidate for Freeholder
Running as an Independent Leader Millville


12 Responses to Jane Christy on Party Bosses

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    WAY to GO JANE!!!!!

  2. tryagain says:

    Seems to me Janey served on the Freeholder Board for 6 years and had NO PROBLEM accepting money from sources outside Cumberland including the so called Norcross Machine. And PLEASE Jane don’t say “I didn’t know where the money or the Union workers were coming from.” Be honest if you can. Seems like she wants it both way. It’s Ok when she and Peterson were the beneficiaries of outside money and workers but now since they are running as Independents they have gotten religion and are saying how awful and bad it is for political parties to take this money. Please give us a break or maybe return all the money you took that got you elected for your former terms!!!

  3. tryagain says:

    Let’s see if either Peterson or Christy claim it didn’t happen or their usual BULL that they didn’t know were the money was coming from and that it was ALL Magazzu’s fault. “The devil made them do it” excuse won’t fly on this one, Independents? Pictures of Peterson, Christy, and Norcross together? Hmmm, maybe?

  4. Excuse me knotu – you have stopped making sense. Freeholders do not accept campaign money on behalf of the freeholder board, and you know that. The Party Boss – ie. Louis Magazzu, head of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization is the one that accepts the money!

    Why is it so difficult for you to tell the truth even one time? I wouldn’t expect you to tell the truth – you claimed that you only used two names to post, knotu and tryagain. However, it seems it is impossible for you to tell the truth or you would have admitted that you also posted under the name Harry Truman.

    I am glad that you stopped using that name, Truman was an honorable man. Did you know he refused to take a pension upon leaving the White House, and died pretty much in poverty? He had scruples, unlike politicians today such as Rainear with three different medical plan when many in the county have no health coverage.

    Chris Christy just returned contributions made by some of the scum caught in the recent scandal in North Jersey. Lou Magazzu accepted lots of money from corrupt groups in Cherry Hill, and it never occurred to him to return blood money.

  5. tryagain says:

    Does that mean Christy and Peterson should return the money they received from the so called “Norcross Machine” too? Don’t give me that crap that they didn’t receive and benefit from the thousands of dollars that were donated and the hundreds of union workers who helped them win at least two different elections!!! Just ask them if they knew about the money and /or the workers? Let’s see if they can be honest for once! What I said AGAIN Ms. Density is that both Christy and Peterson were well aware that they both received monies on behalf of their campaigns from Norcross and the Unions and now they want to act as if they had no knowledge of the fact. Seems like you don’t want to face THAT FACT!!! Sure when forced they will have to acknowledge they knew that Norcross was involved in their campaigns. Pictures? Accepting money or having someone accept on their behalf BOTH of your favored Independents certainly had full knowledge. Pictures worth a thousand words! Can hardly wait to hear them say, “oh yeah, now I remember Mr. Norcross”

  6. millvillemagnus says:

    What I find most interesting about Knotu/Tryagain’s rant is his open acknowledgement that Norcross money is controlling the Democratic party in Cumberland County. Knotu, man in the know, doesn’t even bother to protest that Lou is is own man, independent of the Camden-controlled machine. Knotu clearly acknowledges that Lou is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Norcross. He is just trying to pull Lou’s opponents into the same stinkhole.

  7. Uniion Man says:

    That is because tryagain is Nelson Thompson one of the least respected union brothers we ever had.
    Few of us can stand him.He only promotes himself and lives off our sweat..

  8. tryagain says:

    Just pointing out that your “fair haired” Independents are NOT so Independent!!! Kind of brings to mind the phrase of “the pot calling the kettle black”. Christy, Peterson, and Swift have ALL done the EXACT same thing that they and their merry band of supporters CONTINUALLY rail against with Magazzu!! They took the money and workers willingly and thanked each and everyone of them for their support ONLY to use their dollars and work to benefit their OWN self interests. They are guilty as charged!

  9. Deparego says:

    Uniion Man says it all. Does anyone realize that Local 19 Sheetmetal union is out of PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA and they have jurisdiction over Southeastern PA, CAMDEN, SALEM, and GLOUCESTER COUNTIES. They are also getting all the government jobs in Cumberland County when they should be out of the local halls – dontcha think? Sheetmetal union members and other union trades in Cumberland County have been out of work for months and months. Please do not give me the song and dance about competitive bidding, you are either a liar or an idiot if you think that can’t be controlled. Check into the other local union halls; many union members have lost their health coverage because they did not get the required hours of work in to keep their coverage. The only union members who are working locally are the ironworkers thanks to their boss, Sen. Sweeney. Uniion Man says it very well except he forgot to add that Nelson Thompson was appointed by Lou, never elected and most union members have nothing but disdain and no respect for him whatsoever. He is described as a fat tick. November is coming. Let the winds of change sweep through Cumberland County whether it be Independents or Republicans.

  10. Salary Sam says:

    MillvilleMagnus has hit the nail on the Knot Head. Seems like Knot Head’s gripe with the Independent D’s is, “You took the money like the rest of us but you didn’t stay bought.” Knot Head also misses the moral behind the pot calls kettle black saying. It means that BOTH are the same. In his attempt to bring the Independent D’s down he is tarring Lord Lou and his Louettes. How sad that the best he has is to say his side and his Independent opponents were both bought.

  11. tryagain says:

    Didn’t say they were bought ANYMORE than your Republican candidates in the present and past were, are and will be bought now or in the future. BOTH sides take money, unfortunately it’s our system. Elections have almost become who can raise the most money. Both sides do the same. Just think it is pathetic that the former Dems have acted like they were or are above the fray. All one has to do is look at the PAC campaigns of the candidates and the parties to see that BOTH sides play the game. And as always the party in power has more of an ability to raise money, nothing new there. Still this has become NOTHING MORE than a political website. Not what it supposedly started out as! Was originally just a Magazzu Bash now the R’s are using it to their benefit.

  12. Byelou says:

    I think the voters need to re-read this before they decide which candidate is serving Cumberland county, and which candidate is a bag boy for outside interests. Any union member who is out of work because Lou Magazzu is giving contracts to outsiders, and anyone who is suffering financially due to Magazzu’s lies and pandering should be pushing to the front of the line on election day.

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