More on Wymbs and NACOgate

In today’s BEN column, Lou says he supports Steve Wymbs. Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese. Let’s look at how Lou stacked the CCIA Board. First we have Bob Nedohon, Freeholder Nelson Thompson’s union underling who asks how high to jump; Clair Miller, who reportedly was denied his request for a no-show job by Wymbs; and Joe Veight, given the county Shared Services Coordinator job by Lou (A conflict of interest? So what else is new?), Marching orders for these guys: find a way to get rid of Wymbs. Why? The obvious motive is that Lou wants to put his hands on the CCIA’s money. Less known, a birdie tells us, is that Wymbs was not willing to ask CCIA contractors and others on the payroll for contributions for Lou. As we reported earlier, Wymbs’ contract was declared null and void thanks to the Camden County firm Archer & Greiner, a firm that contributed to Lou’s campaign last year and is George Norcross’ personal attorney.

But an even bigger story may be NACOgate – Lou claims he paid his own way to the NACO convention. Did the other county employees he took along to promote his vice presidential candidacy pay their own ways as well? And what about last year? Keep your ears open, you will no doubt be hearing more about this one.

2 Responses to More on Wymbs and NACOgate

  1. Oystercracker1 says:

    If Louie supports Steve Wymbs, I wonder how King Louie explains the kangaroo courts (Freeholder meetings) in which Wymbs was the subject of the Great Inquisition/Persecution.

    I sure hope Louie never wants to support me.

  2. Route408 says:

    If I were Lauren VanEbden, I would be very carful about getting too close to Lou. She is a good candidate but she needs to be independent and show it.

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