More scandal at the County Jail

The County Freeholder Board yanked the county jail from the control of the Sheriff’s Department many years ago. They reasoned that the jail was not being run in a competent manner.

We fail to see how the change of management has helped. The county is sued for illegal strip searches of non-violent, non-criminal inmates. And now we hear of five indictments handed down on corrections officers for unprofessional conduct.

Fazzolari, Ford, Minguela, Still and Pratts were indicted for assaulting Ewing “by causing serious injury or causing such injury purposely or knowingly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life,” according to the charging document.

The official misconduct refers to three separate allegations:

* First, that the officers knowingly assaulted, participated, aided or abetted the assault or mistreatment on Ewing.

* Second, that they created reports on the incident containing false or misleading information.

* Third, that they failed to take action to stop the assault or mistreatment of Ewing.

Before Lou’s apologist makes some stupid comment condoning violence and blatant criminal activity by our law enforcement, we acknowledge that Ewing seems to be a miscreant and a creep. He is certainly not a person of upstanding character, according to police reports and the charges filed against him.

However, the point that tryagain and Louis Magazzu continually fail to understand is that we are a nation of laws. We have laws, and they apply equally to everybody.

Police, corrections officers, law enforcement are not allowed to beat up citizens simply because the person is in their opinion a scumbag. And our elected officials are not allowed to ignore the rule of law simply because they disagree with the law.

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