Reporting Expenses

The Republican challengers for Freeholder have questioned who is paying for the trip to Tennessee for Lou Magazzu’s run for 2nd Vice President of NACo. Lou claimed that he is paying for the entire trip, for everybody that he invited.

We still question where this money came from. He claims it is from his PAC. Is this the PAC he created after the Freeholders unanimously changed the code of ethics to allow him to solicit money for offices other than his campaign for freeholder?

We feel that there are shenanigans; at the very least, Lou is not forthcoming. Lou said:

“Even though there is no legal responsibility to report the amounts, I will within the next 30 days report all expenditures and contributions related to the NACo campaign,” Magazzu said. “I’m still waiting for some outstanding bills.

I have engaged in many business trips while in private employment. Many of our contributors have taken business trips for public employment. Everyone agrees that Lou’s explanation is shady.

Accounting for expenses is quite simple. You pay, whether for the flight, the hotel, or food. It does not matter whether you pay by credit card or cash, you get a receipt. It does not take 30 days to get a receipt. Credit card invoices are rarely accepted as a primary receipt, as they are never itemized. Only itemized receipts are acceptable in an audit.

Most employers require that expense sheets be turned in within 30 days of returning from a business trip. Most people are happy to comply, as the faster you turn in the expense reports, the faster you get reimbursed.

The following is an excerpt of a standard corporate  policy regarding expense reports. It is from They provide guidelines to human resource departments with generic employee handbooks of generally accepted business practices.

Employees must file expense reports no later than 30 days following the completion of the trip or of incurring the expense. All expense reports submitted by the 10th of the month will be reimbursed in their mid-month paycheck. Expenses reports submitted by the 25th of the month will be reimbursed in their end of the month paycheck. Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 3 months of being incurred, or they will not be reimbursed.

Documentation Requirements

Employees must provide the following information in order to be reimbursed for any business related meals or entertainment expenditures:

  • Names of individuals present, their titles and company name
  • Name and location of where the meal or event took place
  • Exact amount and date of the expense
  • Receipts for all expenditures in excess of $25.00.
  • Receipts for meals, in excess of $5.00.

There is only one reason we can imagine to falsely claim that it is going to take 30-days to get outstanding bills. Cover-up. Just what numbers does Lou have to finagle before coming out in the public? And once again we ask, have the county taxpayers been asked to pick up any of the tabs for Lou’s numerous trips politicking for NACo?


10 Responses to Reporting Expenses

  1. Curious says:

    It takes 30 days to to show his PAC info?
    Should not take more than 30 minutes.
    What does he need to hide in that time?

  2. millvillemagnus says:

    NACogate! There’s more to be uncovered, I’m certain.

  3. tryagain says:

    Just more political CRAP from this website and the Republicans. Even when it’s reported taxpayer money was not used you clowns still aren’t satisfied. AND you know that all that is necessary is to ask Kenneth Mecouch to provide the rcords. Just doesn’t serve your SOLE political purpose of bashing Magazzu!!! Get a Life!!

  4. Salary Sam says:

    Wow Knot Head. Maybe you’re right. A politician told us he didn’t do anything wrong and that wasn’t good enough? What could be wrong with these people here. Who would ever imagine a politician, of all people, might lie about what he did. And of all people to question it a website that has undertaken to keep an eye on the guy. How outrageous.

    He didn’t even give the name of his PAC so that things could be checked out.

  5. tryagain says:

    Sure time will tell the true answer Salary but once again let me point out to you that this site is NOT Magazzwatch but Magazzu Bash. No disagreement with FACTS but the point is most of the claims on this site seem to be more innuendo and sometimes just outright LIES!! It definitely has morphed into a political website with even the Republican candidates sending press releases to it. Don’t think that was the ORIGINAL purpose of this site but it now is what it is! Seems more like campaign literature and campaign ads than pure information!

  6. Salary Sam says:

    I agree that there is more than a little Lou bashing in with the watching — more than I like to see BUT, it is their website. I try to calm things down but you too often try to egg them on. Your trying to forward you agenda and they theirs.

  7. DEEP THROAT says:

    The question still not answered is what is a county department head doing campaigning for a freeholder?
    If any of this was on taxpayer time it is most likely illegal. Sources say this is exactly what has been going on.
    This is the most serious fact to be uncovered so far.
    This really calls for a US Attorney investigation.
    This type of activity cannot be allowed to continue.

  8. Oystercracker1 says:

    Tryagain, a.k.a. Sherwin Williams – If this site bothers you so much, why are you always posting to it?

  9. […] 1, 2009, we reported the discrepancies about Lou’s NACo trips. Lou wads campaigning for the position of 2nd Vice […]

  10. Byelou says:

    Lou doesn’t have a PAC.
    Just a pack of lies.

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