Childish behavior at Casa PRAC Festival

Jon Corzine made a rare appearance to Cumberland County Saturday, visiting the Casa PRAC festival. Other than the obvious connection between Corzine politics and Lou Magazzu (a vote for Lou is a vote for Corzine) there were more interesting things going on according to our sources.

Jannarone was accompanied by her boyfriend. Around at 7:00pm Bob Greco came and was handing out Christie’s campaign literature. Jannarone’s boyfriend was following Greco and snatching the literature from the public and turning it into pieces, her boyfriend was the designated photographer for the democrats.

Wow, if this account is factual, the actions of the Cumberland County Democrats is certainly not something to be proud of. we doubt the newspaper accounts will mention this absurd episode. Apparently sheriff officers at the event had to get involved when Greco confronted Jannarone’s boyfriend. The press interviewed the people that had literature snatched from their hands.

The rest of the night Jannarone was babysitting her boyfriend so that he didn’t commit any more childish embarrassing acts.

This really makes me wish that I had attended the event, sounds like good clean fun!


One Response to Childish behavior at Casa PRAC Festival

  1. Deparego says:

    “Louie and his Bobbleheads.” I certainly hope the democratic leaders or their friends didn’t supress free speech.

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