Democrats resort to slander in an attempt to discredit Peterson

In the News of Cumberland County this morning Lou Magazzu’s democrats desperately begin a whisper campaign of hearsay in an attempt to discredit Bruce Peterson, former Democrat freeholder that split with his party over concerns of integrity.

Members of the Cumberland County Democratic Party are questioning the motives behind former freeholder Bruce Peterson’s decision to run against the Democrat-endorsed slate of freeholder candidates this year as an independent.

Freeholder Jane Jannarone, whose boyfriend angrily tore Republican campaign literature out of the hands of people that were attending a non-partisan Casa PRAC festival last weekend,jumped into the fray:

Freeholder Jane Jannarone says that she “understood Peterson was angry at Magazzu for not getting the CCUA job and angry at Freeholder Nelson Thompson for not getting the public works job.”

Peterson, who left the freeholder board in part to medical issues said:

“I did not feel I could commit myself to the time to run last year,” he said. “I’ve come back from my medical issues dramatically since then and believe there are serious problems on the freeholder board that can’t seem to get fixed from the inside. It’s a pretty tough time to go up against your own party, and I didn’t enter into this lightly.”


3 Responses to Democrats resort to slander in an attempt to discredit Peterson

  1. rt408 says:

    While I agree with this post, this person need to remember that LOU is THE Democratic Party. I as a Democrat want to keep this site non-partison as much as possible. Lets get Lou out FIRST!!

  2. justthefacts says:

    I love how they force Jane Jannarone to connect the dots with this whole Peterson thing, and how her quote makes it sound like she’s all unsure of herself and just reporting a rumor. What a f’ing sycophant.

  3. Gitarope says:

    Interesting how Lou sends his chief henchman and blind follower Nelson Thompson and newbie Jane Jannarone (who has never spoken with Peterson about this or any other subject) to do his dirty work. Lou is trying to lay low and pretend to be Mr. Niceguy until after November. What a slime ball. It will be interesting to see if Nelson ever gets an original thought in his brain. My guess is that since Lou no longer has Rainear on the Board, he had to find some other mindless “yes man” to carry on.

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