Jane Jannarone does Lou’s Bidding

In today’s News of Cumberland County, Jane Jannarone makes a statement questioning Bruce Peterson’s motives for running as an independent for Freeholder.

Freeholder Jane Jannarone says that she “understood Peterson was angry at Magazzu for not getting the CCUA job and angry at Freeholder Nelson Thompson for not getting the public works job.”

This lack of independence from Ms. Jennarone is the reason why we need independent candidates who care about Cumberland County residents rather then the Freeholder Director. What has Ms. Jennarone done for the taxpayers??


5 Responses to Jane Jannarone does Lou’s Bidding

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    The ONLY reason Jane Jennarone ran was BECAUSE Lou asked her. Yep, a real independent thinker. I agree with this post that she IS doing Lou’s bidding

  2. rt408 says:

    I agree!! The only reason she ran was BECAUSE Lou asked her. Real leadership…yeh..right

  3. Gitarope says:

    Ask Jane when and where she EVER spoke to Peterson before on this or any other subject.

  4. Watcher#1 says:

    Jannarone was reading a script written by the king – Lou. Wonder if he had a county worker type it up for Jannarone.

  5. Curious says:

    Are the Vineland police really being called to Jannarones house on a regular basis? Is there domestic disputes? Is the language really that profane?

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