Lou lied about NACo

We have questioned who paid for Lou’s trips for his campaigning for NACo. We questioned not only his trip for the national conference in Tennessee where he failed to get enough support to even be nominated, but his frequent other trips. It turns out that Lou was less than forthcoming.

He adamantly claimed that he had paid for the trips himself, out of his mysterious PAC. We don’t even know if this PAC exists. It tunrs out he used county money to pay for these trips, which he claims was reimbursed.

Many questions remain. At one NACo conference, he is using the pretense of bringing back the county prescription card program as reason for not reimbursing the county for his trip and lodging. Exactly what portion of that trip was official county business, and what portion was campaigning for his own interest? He is refusing to reimburse the county for that trip, even though he used it to campaign for his failed position in NACo.


5 Responses to Lou lied about NACo

  1. justthefacts says:

    Lou claims that taking these trips across the nation resulted in bringing the NACo prescription drug card program to Cumberland County.

    But the drug card idea was mentioned by Lou at a freeholder meeting in *2006*, two years before his trip to Kansas City. How necessary was the 2008 trip in order to get the program up and running here? The drug card program was already in place at that point. You figure it out.

    The truth is, there is no requirement to attend any NACo conference in order to be a part of the drug card program. The county pays $6,000 in dues every year to NACo and that entitles us to participate in any of their programs.

    So, if the NACo prescription card program was not a *direct* result of the Kansas City trip, what did Lou take home from it?

    The idea to erect a billboard advertising the program and mass mail the cards – both of which occured in 2008? Good ideas, but worth the price of the trip? Our great minds in county government should have thought to do both of those things on their own when the program was first launched in 2007.

    Maybe Lou got hit with a tornado while he was in Kansas and wound up in Oz. Maybe that’s why he has such a hard time justifying spending county tax dollars to attend the conference … because no one would have believed him if he told them he had just spent a week hanging out with munchkins and flying monkeys.

  2. justthefacts says:

    Just a though: If Lou is the Wizard of Oz, who’s the man behind the curtain?



  3. SalarySam says:

    Lord Lou’s comments seem to indicate that he started talking about the perscription cards in 2006 and then claims he got the idea by attending a NACo meeting in 2008. Cause and effect seem reversed. May we’re dealing with Quantum Lou who can defy the laws of space and time.

  4. PAC is short for Political Action Committee if you google this you can read all about PAC.PAC are organizations dedicated to raising and spending money to either elect or defeat political candidates.This money dosen’t go or come from county funds.The money probally went to the Cumberland County Democrat Organation.Now if it did, was it legal for Lou to spend it on his own personal agenda tring to be elected to the NACO second vice president.So who dose Lou pay back.The County, The Cumberland County Democrat Organation,or the organations that gave him the money.

  5. millvillemagnus says:

    Yes, I was wondering how PAC money could be used to fund an election for office in a non-governmental organization. That just didn’t seem kosher.

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