NACogate, Hypocrisy, and Quantum Lou

Looks as if NACogate is really heating up! The best question, I think, was posed by RD Owens in the comments section: Where is Lou’s PAC registered? Owens’ search of public records can find no Lou PAC. So where did the money come from to transport everyone to the NACo convention and what were the results for the county?

Jane Jannarone’s hypocrisy is both breathtaking and laughable. I sat at the swearing-in ceremony for the new freeholders at the county college and listened as she made her memorable contribution. Rather than using the opportunity to tell how she would serve the county, or what she saw as its major issues, or how she envisioned a better future for Cumberland, she gushed over how she really didn’t want to run, but that, sweet little lamb that she is, she gave in to Lou’s entreaties. And she has the nerve to question Peterson’s motives for running? When her motive, as she clearly stated, was to make King Lou happy? Just like, I am certain, her motive for the remarks she made about Peterson.

The funniest contribution to the current brouhaha: Salary’s Sam’s “Quantum Lou”. Yes, indeed, Lou must go back and forth in time , or something like that. While Lou may be lying about the timing of his prescription card proposal, I still think the bigger issue here is the real value of these cards, given the cost to the taxpayer of printing, mailing, etc. Supposedly the county deal is matched by discount pharmacies. But the bigger concern, I think was discussed in a March 19 mango blog entry titled “Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth”. The cards are issued by Caremark Rx, Inc., a bulk pharmaceutical buyer associated with CVS Pharmacies, which negotiates with pharmacies to obtain discounts in return for a small surcharge from every purchase. The problem is Caremark has been charged with non-disclosure of its agreements, including any with pharmaceutical companies and, more seriously, with sale of private information on patients and their prescription purchases.

And so it goes.


4 Responses to NACogate, Hypocrisy, and Quantum Lou

  1. PoliticsSJ says:

    The prescription cards are pretty much worthless. Anyone can go online and obtain a discount prescription card, there was no need for the county to incur costs. I would love to see the contract, because chances are, the discounts aren’t much better than what can be obtained online. The bonus for CVS/Caremark is every time a person uses the discount card to purchase drugs, CVS/Caremark can then submit the claims to the pharmaceutical manufactuters for rebate credits.

  2. SalarySam says:

    Thanks for the kudos. Now we have to get Higgs Boson to comment and we can turn this from a political blog to a physics one.

  3. slappythedoorman says:

    Nice way this entty ties all the misdirection and B.S that Mr. Magazzu uses to control and confuse persons who have the timarity to question LOU!

  4. Watcher#1 says:

    Lou always has a cover story. Seems he invents them before he even opens his mouth.

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