A Palace for the King

That space is very tight for county workers is no secret. This is why the county needs to find space for its prosecutors, and why other offices have been moved into older properties. One of the most crowded facilities is the County Administration Building, where county staff are practically sitting on top of one another.

One effort underway to expand space was the renovation of an area at Cumberland Manor Nursing Home abandoned by an Office on Aging program. Workers have been out there renovating the facility. Until, that is….

….until King Lou decided he needed a new palace in the Administration Building. An office on the ground floor is not enough for Louie. The workers were pulled off the Cumberland Manor job and are now fixing up a two-room office suite for Lou on the top floor of the Administration Building.

Well, you have to hand it to Lou. He knows how to take care of himself. But his care for his county employees — well, that’s another matter.

2 Responses to A Palace for the King

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    Wow. There is nothing Lou won’t do to show off his power.

  2. Watcher#1 says:

    Wow! What a coincidence! Lou gets a new office and Nelson Thompson gets to paint it. A match made in heaven.

    Lou needs a new office and I hope the doorways are wide enough for his big head.

    Don’t get comfortable Lou, soon enough the real county workers will be occupying your new digs.

    I know, why not get a job in Trenton – Oh, sorry, you tried that once, but you couldn’t get an interview, right?

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