Democrats begin hearsay campaign against Peterson

In today’s Daily Journal:

Cumberland County Democrats are depicting former colleague Bruce Peterson’s run for freeholder as an act of revenge from a disappointed job seeker.

The Democratic campaign organization on Monday released a statement claiming Peterson had sought two high-paying patronage jobs and was denied.

Typical of Lou Magazzu, if a person doesn’t agree with him 100%, then there must be some nefarious underlying reason. In this case, Lou apparently is admitting that he buys people’s loyalties, and alleging that since he wasn’t able to buy Peterson’s loyalty with a patronage job, Peterson switched camps.

In Lou’s mind, none of this could have anything to do with Lou’s overbearing nature, his aggressive belittling of any opposing voice including any freeholder that would dare disagree with the king.

Why doesn’t anyone in the press ask Lou about the ISSUES? We doubt there will be any focus on the issues during this campaign – for instance how to solve Cumberland County’s highest in the state teen pregnancy rate? How about reducing our highest in the state jobs loss? How do we reduce the highest in the state children in the welfare system?

We know that Lou and his Democrat cohorts have had a chance to tackle these issues, and have failed miserably. I suppose attack campaigns are the only option they have this year!

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