Independents ask embarrasing questions about NACo

In February, the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders amended the ethics code specifically to allow Director Lou Magazzu to raise funds for his failed NACo (National Association of Counties) bid. He promises to make a full accounting of his contributors, which is as it should be. Did people who do business with the county contribute to this campaign? Did he use his position as freeholder director to collect money for this campaign?

This is Magazzu’s election year, so he is being very careful. Not so last year when he thought you wouldn’t notice.

Expenditure reports for 2008 show registrations for NACo of $985 (two conferences), registration for NJAC (the state affiliate of NACo) for $475, $633.74 for housing at the Kansas City Marriott, and three separate round trip airfares totaling about $1,500. Most likely the other freeholders are not aware of these expenditures, since they were not voted on. It’s not clear whether there are other expenditures for like costs in other department budgets. This is your tax dollars at work?

As if this weren’t enough, a $1,000 advertisement was purchased to be placed in the NJAC brochure. One thousand dollars of your taxpayer money to advertise Lou Magazzu.

So the phrase goes, follow the money.

Jennifer Swift (formerlyJennifer Lookabaugh)
Jane Y. Christy
Bruce Peterson
Candidates for freeholder

Independent Leaders


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