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R D Owens is questioning Lou’s PAC in his blog, eCache.

He discusses Matt Dunn’s article alluding to Lou’s PAC.Lou claimed that his trips for NACo were all paid fro from his PAC.

So, what the hell was Magazzu talking about? Then it dawned on me; Magazzu can’t have a PAC, he’s an elected official. PACs lobby politicians.

Yet, Dunn quoted Magazzu as having paid for the trip from “my PAC”.

Since we know it’s not a real PAC, it must be something else. Magazzu is a lawyer by trade. Why would he use a word that has a legal definition that requires registration with the state since he can’t have his own PAC?

Could it be a secret slush fund? In New Jersey, it could be. But he would be accountable to letting us know who contributed or else he surely would lose November’s election. That can’t be it. He must be talking about the Cumberland County Democratic Party’s PAC. He is the chairman of the county party. It’s queer, however, that he would call it “my PAC”. Such arrogance lends itself to solidifying the impression that Magazzu rules the county.

Some good questions that demand an answer. And the independent candidates asked some good questions too, about last year’s trips for NACo where Lou billed county taxpayers for the entire deal.

It is time to have an accounting; possibly time for Ann Milgram to do her job as attorney general and stop coddling Democrats that flaunt the law.


4 Responses to In the Blogs

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    Can we write an email to Millgram’s office??

  2. smallrrepublican says:

    Milgram is too busy looking for concern ticket scalpers. She hasn’t found political corruption in Jersey since….. since….. since….. Gee, since when? Besides, she’s in Corzine’s pocket who’s beholden to other Democratic power brokers. Remember the Catz Corzine emails that were argued as confidential? Go bigger if you want to shine the light on corruption in Jersey.

  3. Curious says:

    There is no reason not to name the PAC now.
    What is the name of the PAC?
    What is the registration number?
    There is no reason not to give financials now.
    There is even less reason not to reveal the name and reg. #

  4. Curious says:

    Was the county freeholder director & democrat chairman soliciting money from county vendors for personal expenses? A PAC is for political purposes. NACO is not political. Would this money than be contributions or was it bribe money?

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