Tim Shannon supports Steve Wymbs

Millville Mayor Tim Shannon had a letter published in both the Daily Journal and the New today, fully supporting Steve Wymbs in light of the recent attack orchestrated by Lou Magazzu using outside interests to interfere with county business.

In light of the recent articles in the local newspapers regarding Steve Wymbs and his contract with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority, I personally feel the need to respond. Again, this is strictly personal and as a resident of Cumberland County.

Although I have no dealings with his contract or negotiations, I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Wymbs on both a professional and personal level. A few things come to mind when referring to Steve.

Under the direction of Mr. Wymbs, the Cumberland County Improvement Authority has achieved one of the highest rates of recycling in the state of New Jersey and, because of his leadership, the landfill in Cumberland is one of the best in the state. He has been able to keep the tipping fees low and operate with a budget surplus. He is well known and respected by his colleagues, and his practices are utilized by others in this field. He also has been very involved in the various communities of Cumberland County and always has been willing to help, either by volunteering or supplying financial assistance from the authority, county and municipal entities in very difficult economic times.

I would hope that everyone involved on both sides could reach a level of cooperation,fairness, and understanding that this issue can be resolved to benefit all the residents of Cumberland County. Please keep successful leadership in place.

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke ….”

Tim Shannon
Mayor of Millville


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