News of Cumberland County Poll

We at MagazzuWatch are always on the lookout for new information. The News of Cumberland County
has a poll on Facebook. So far its not looking good for King Lou.

Is Lou Magazzu doing a good job as CC freeholder director?
Absolutely! 0% (0 votes)
Yes 11% (1 vote)
No 22% (2 votes)
No way! 67% (6 votes)



7 Responses to News of Cumberland County Poll

  1. SalarySam says:

    Just wait until Knot Head gets back from vacation (or, in the conspiracy theory world from pretending he’s on vacation — my guess is he’s visiting the Grassy Knoll in Dallas and digging up Elvis’s empty grave) and then we’ll see the votes change. It’s fun to see such bad numbers but Internet Polls are like, well, internet polls.

  2. question? says:

    9 votes is hardly such bad numbers. Just says not many participate.

  3. tryagain says:

    Hey my old friend Sam, I’m back! Actually posted earlier today but not much to say about internet polls. BTW Elvis lives!! His new name is Bruce Peterson or is it Sam Fiocchi? See the Republicans have taken over this site. Two sites for one price? What an election this is going to be! No grassy knoll but plenty of mountains!

  4. tryagain says:

    Reads and sounds like Christy and Co. are AFRAID to debate!! Man I hope they debate, I can hardly wait to hear Jane Christy whining and cussing. What a show it will be! Alas probably Christy won’t do it, she is too busy saving a tree.

  5. tryagain says:

    Who can forget her anger at a very small tree being harmed because it was part of an investigation into a shooting in Millville? Get your buckets of water ready for the next drought so you can help fill Corson’s Pond.

  6. vineland voter says:

    knotu, it was nicer when you were on ‘vacation’, like lou’s going to be after november. lou could not participate in an ‘honest’ debate if you put a gun to his head.

  7. smallrrepublican says:

    Magazzu is a douche. So is his mouthpiece.

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