Do Cumberland County voters want polarizing leaders?

From The News of Cumberland County

To the Editor:

It happens every year in a political campaign: One of these political types finds some little tidbit from their opponent’s past life and uses it on them to discredit, no matter how small.

With freeholder candidate Bruce Peterson, it was a very minor, small detail about being up for consideration for the CCUA director’s position while being a county freeholder.

Turns out he withdrew from consideration after briefly exploring the idea. Do you think the voters would be interested in such mud? Seems the folks in charge of such matters seems to think so.

Now I have my own observations to share involving you, Lou.

Remember, at the 2003 year-end meeting of the county freeholder board, saying these words? “We are not in it (political office) for the money. But we are here because we have a passion for public service.”

If you do, then why in the world would you turn around and cause a firestorm by nearly refusing the finance committee chair in 2004 when it was assigned to you by then-Freeholder Director Jim Sauro? Because you didn’t feel right about it?

This isn’t the U.S. Congress, where party control decides committee chairmanships; this is supposed to be a county governance board, a local thing where teamwork is more sharing than the partisan poison that invades Washington, Trenton, Harrisburg and other places. Did you forget sharing control is part of the passion?

Did you forget lower-level governments are also about give-and-take? Your suggestion that litigation against Trenton for imposing increases on the salaries of constitutional officers shows a lack of attention to this. The state Legislature approved the mandated increases for constitutional officers (the county clerk, etc.) after clerk Gloria Noto filed a lawsuit against this county.

What about your so-called feud with county Prosecutor Ronald Casella because he was forced to file a lawsuit calling for new office space? Do you forget about teamwork, regardless of who’s in power?

And dear voters, do you like a passionate but polarizing personality for a freeholder? If having Mr.-MaGoo-types aren’t your thing, then you know what to do on Nov. 3.

GREGORY L. LANE Hopewell Twp.


23 Responses to Do Cumberland County voters want polarizing leaders?

  1. tryagain says:

    Peterson trying to persuade people to give him a high paying job after leaving the Freeholder Board is NO SMALL matter. And now after the good people of Deerfield or Upper Deerfield electing him as Mayor he is running out on them. Surely no SMALL matter to those people Mr. Lane!! And now he says he wants to run to serve the citizens? What a CROCK!!! Anyone looking to buy a bridge?

  2. tryagain says:

    Anyone hear about Jane Christy’s tirade at the Courthouse complete with the “F___ You!” Bomb being dropped? Such a sweet little “elderly lady”? One really nevers knows a person do they?

  3. Deparego says:

    Mr. Magazzu drops the f-bomb in his tirades – ask the county administrator and other administrative staff. He has been known to push many, who normally would not, into dropping the f-bomb when they have been on the receiving end of Lou’s unwarranted focus.

  4. Lobster Claws says:

    Wow, knotu hates our first amendment. Go figure.

  5. Salary Sam says:

    Didn’t Doug Rainear bug out on the people who elected him freeholder?

  6. tryagain says:

    Agree with Sam on this one except one small difference Peterson was a Freeholder then left to become a Mayor( Deerfield or Upeer Deerfield?) and now wants to go back to becoming a Freeholder. Not the same with Rainear who left Freeholder to become (not sure of his new office title) whatever Marjand was before. Would not want to make a mistake. Anyway I wish he had stayed on Freeholder Board, he did a very good job. Don’t much care about the F bomb just that some people think Christy is a sweet gentle “Elderly” woman who just wants to serve the citizens when the pure and simple fact is she just personally hates Magazzu and just wants to knock him out of the Freeholder position. Seems she can be a very mean spirited and viscious woman with the mouth of a truck driver. Maybe you should ask Mayor Shannon about her? WRONG reason to be running in my opinion. You should put your name on the ballot if you truly want to serve. Not the case with the Independents. Have much more respect for the Republicans. Would point out to Mr. or Mrs. Claws that first amendment doesn’t give you the right to say anything at anytime.

  7. tryagain says:

    Sorry but back to the point of Peterson it is quite CLEAR he is running because he didn’t get a six figure county job after leaving the FReeholder Board and now is running out of spite and anger. He can say ANYTHING he wants but if he really wanted to be a FReeholder he would have STAYED on the Board in the first place. His explanation for running is nothing more than a smoke screen that EVERYONE can see through. Even his former good friend Sungenis admits he was interested in jobs. He is running out of anger. He should stay whereevr he is NOW!

  8. slappythedoorman says:

    We need leadership that works for everyone not just the connected. Say how about the Teen Pregnancy Issue or the lack of transportation issue or the fact we go NO Stimulus money. Attacking Bruce Peterson just shows that Lou has no record to run on so he just runs over people with insults

  9. Curious says:

    Cryagain knothead sounds silly trying to dumb down his vocabulary and knowledge of the players.
    Sudden loss of ability to spell and the titles of his buddies. Can you ever be honest?

  10. millvillemagnus says:

    If Christy did indeed drop an F-bomb on Lou, I say it’s to her credit and my response is “You go, girl!” No one deserves an F-bomb more than Lou. I never saw Christy coming off like a “sweet, gentle, elderly woman”. She is one tough lady – she stood up virtually alone against Lou while others cowered in fear and, like our current freeholder board, followed him like little lambs.

  11. Amused says:

    Use em till you use em up…typical Magazzu move. You should be ashamed “Tryagain” putting Sungenis in the middle of your BS. like she said, Peterson seemed fine to her but repeated there was a rumor that he was angry. Suppose she had to repeat the rumor to avoid your brutal rampages! Do you know the definition of RUMOR? Look it up!

  12. tryagain says:

    You all should really be looking into buying some swamp land in Florida or some Millville bdiges to No Where! If you think for one second that Peterson is Not just running for Freeholder(again) after stepping down just a few months ago for any OTHER reason thanhe DIDN’T get the high paying six figure County JOBS he wanted then you are simply delusional. It is is one and ONLY reason for deciding to re -enter the race for Freeholder after stepping down. He has come up with NOTHING but BS reasons that NO one with a bit of sense would ever believe!!! The County needs me, I wasn’t feeling well, what a bunch of CRAP from this Benedict Arnold. And then to top it off to run against Thompson who literally got Peterson elected in the first place adds insult to injury. The guy’s a BUM who used people and now has an ax to grind!! NO WAY he wins and he knows it but if he knocks out Thompson and/or Magazzu he will be happy. Meantime the people where he so badly wanted to be Mayor for will abandon him also! Only a Blind One could not see through this very thinly disguised and despicable act. He is by far the worst of the traitors!! And by the way I certainly wasn’t the one who put Sungenis in the middle, she and Peterson did that all on their own! As for foul mouthed Christy she acts like a spoiled brat!! Certainly not like any lady with her filthy mouth and child like behavior! Guess she is just used to always having her way.

  13. Amused says:

    WOW Tryagain! You really are obsessed with Peterson aren’t you? Could it be because you could never get him to fall in line? Seem to remember a comment made at the Coach Room several years ago when Bob Smith was on the board about not wanting to involve Peterson because he wasn’t a “Player”. Now it’s all making sense… Couldn’t buy Peterson off with a job and you just can’t stand it! So let’s cut the crap and get on with some legitimate issues. This song is getting old. Oh and by the way, why do you think Mr. Smith only did one term on the Freeholder Board? Could it be that he didn’t want to get bogged down in Magazzu mud? Sungenis, you better get back on script or you may be the next one under Magazzu’s bus.

  14. tryagain says:

    BOY oh BOY Mr. Amused you couldn’t have gotten it any more WRONG. ACTUALLY Peterson would have been “bought off” by being given a JOB. That’s the whole point! The ONLY reason he is running is because he wasn’t given a six figure County JOB!! Do you really think for one second that he would be running if he had been given the JOB? Is it that difficut for you to figure out?

  15. Gung Ho says:

    try and try again – is that all you have? sounds like a one card hand. get a life and a job – oh that’s right you have a job – rainear’s old job – you are a waste

  16. tryagain says:

    Vote for someone who is running just because he didn’t get preferential treatment and handed a JOB at the taxpayers expense if you will BUT he has NO chance at being elected. In fact doubt that he will ever win a town race again, should he run! What a phony Peterson is!! Remember reading about him crying he was so happy to be back as the town’s Mayor. Now a few months later he is leaving. Yeah sure he just wants to serve BUT the ONLY person he wants to serve his himself. Go ahead waste your vote on Peterson the Phony!

  17. Amused says:

    Crying…Magazzu should know about that! Crying, kicking. screaming panick attack he had when he got stuck in the elevator at the courthouse. They’re still laughing about that one!

  18. tryagain says:

    Can hardly wait for Crying Christy to debate, that is if she has the nerve and guts to do so. Magazzu will make mincemeat out of her! Hooray for Kerry McDowell and her letter to the editor in today’s News of Cumberland County!

  19. tryagain says:

    If Christy decides to debate I guess the program will be rated R! Foul mouthed undertaker that’s a real novelty act!

  20. Curious says:

    Cryagain ought to love the letter. He wrote it for Kerry. Letter is pure political press release thinly disguised as a citizen’s letter to the editor. Dem’s are lineing people up to sign these pre-prepared letters.

  21. tryagain says:

    Oh and this letter to the editor was written by the name signed? Think not! Just make sure if Calamity Jane writes a letter that you review it for profanity before sending it to the newspaper.

  22. Watcher#1 says:

    Tryagain makes so many posts, it is obvious that he has to call Lou for how to write and spell.

    Tryagain – here’s one for you, “In November you and Lou will have all the time in the world for self – love.”

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