Lou pretends he wants to debate

The News ran a story about Lou wanting to have a debate between candidates. Lou is betting that everyone is forgetting the EVERY OTHER TIME he pretended to want a debate but never got around to it.

The only way a debate would work is if a neutral 3rd party (or in this case 4th party?) would act as the mediator. The only way Lou would participate is if he or one of his cronies acted as mediator, in order to stack the debate in his favor. The truth is, he could never win a debate.


5 Responses to Lou pretends he wants to debate

  1. tryagain says:

    OMG sure hope there is a debate!! Would love to see this happen! Imagine a debate between Magazzu and Christy and Peterson. What fun, doubt the Independents will want to debate but perhaps the Republicans will. The so called Independents can’t win and are only in it to “get” Magazzu!! Really have no desire to serve the citizens of Cumberland ot they would have stayed on the Board in the first place!! Anyone can see through Peterson, Christy, and Swift as to their reasons fro running. Just running out of personal hatred and in the pizza man’s case failure to get a high paying cushy county job! Guess he will have to settle for slinging pizzas and washing cars! How quickly he abandoned the good people of Deerfield or Upper Deerfiele whereever he sits as Mayor. Bet those folks are plenty mad at this phony!!

  2. Oh right – Lou WANTS to debate, that is why he refused to acknowledge Bob Greco’s request for a debate in 2008.

  3. Matt Dunn says:

    I’d be surprised if a debate actually takes place.

    Lou said he wanted the newspapers to moderate the debate. I’m not sure how that would work. Democrats will say we’re impartial because we’re In cahoots with Peterson. Republicans will say we’re in cahoots with Magazzu. As for Christy and Petetson … I’m not even sure if they want to get involved.

    Matt Dunn

  4. SalarySam says:

    I posted this under Lou Steals an Idea. It applies here too.

    How do you do a 10 way debate? There are at least 6 Democratic Candidates and only 3 Republicans. Plus an extra or two. Anyway you figure there are going to be Dems talking twice as much as Republicans. Just to ask one question and get a response from all of the candidates would take a half an hour. Back and forth is going to be impossible. Last year with 3 dems and 3 republicans it might have been possible. To do it with 6 dems and 3 republicans and an independent candidate or two would be chaos.

  5. Gung Ho says:

    I suggest pistols at 30 paces. Lou would prefer knives, so he can stick someone else in the back and tryagain would want to paint the room red so the blood stains wouldn’t show.

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