Magazzu steals an idea, claims it as his own

In typical fashion, Louis Magazzu has stolen an idea forwarded by the Republicans last year – a series of debates between the candidates.

“What I propose is that we literally go throughout the county,” said Magazzu, who is up for re-election and chairs the county Democratic Party. “I would do one in Vineland, one in Bridgeton, one in Millville, and maybe three or more out in the townships.”

I like that, “What I propose…”  That should have been what the Republican candidates proposed last year!

The Republicans – Lawrence Township Mayor Tom Sheppard, former Vineland solicitor Rick Tonetta and businessman Sam Fiocchi – are on board with. Sheppard proposed the idea last year with then-candidates Jim Sauro and Jim Swift.

But then, we have stopped expecting even a grain of truth in anything that Lou says. Last year apparently Lou was afraid to allow his hand-picked candidates to debate.was he afraid that Jane Jannarone would open her mouth and embarass the campiagn?


3 Responses to Magazzu steals an idea, claims it as his own

  1. tryagain says:

    Sounds like you have something personal against Jane Jannarone? Jealousy perhaps? Sure she could have held her own in any debate especially with Jim the Plumber(non-union).

  2. SalarySam says:

    How do you do a 10 way debate? There are at least 6 Democratic Candidates and only 3 Republicans. Plus an extra or two. Anyway you figure there are going to be Dems talking twice as much as Republicans. Just to ask one question and get a response from all of the candidates would take a half an hour. Back and forth is going to be impossible. Last year with 3 dems and 3 republicans it might have been possible. To do it with 6 dems and 3 republicans and an independent candidate or two would be chaos.

  3. slappythedoorman says:

    Jane said during her swearing in that she ONLY ran because sweet Lou asked her. She was like a star-struck teen. The only words I have heard from her were repeating Lou’s line about Peterson’s motives for running.
    Come on Jane, you were elected to represent us the taxpayer NOT Lou. He does not need your help

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