Independents prove that one-party rule not profitable for county

The Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Robert Greco released the following statement.

The Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization is once again pleased to welcome additional candidates to the Freeholders race.  Former Freeholder and current Upper Deerfield Township Mayor Bruce T. Peterson has joined former Freeholders Jane Cristy and Jennifer Swift (Lookabaugh) on their Independent Democrat ticket.  This latest announcement further validates the Republican Party position that a one party Freeholder Board is undesirable and nonproductive.

Cumberland County political life is once again vibrant and alive and well.  The end of the era of Magazzu machine politics may be in sight.  For three former Freeholders to feel they had to leave the shelter of their party and strike out on their own says more than we can possibly say about the need for a change in the makeup of the Board of Freeholders.  We look forward to a vigorous debate on the issues with all six of our democrat opponents.  While we obviously think our own team of experienced businessmen Sam Fiocchi and Tom Sheppard and attorney Rick Tonetta are far and away the best choices for Freeholder, the County can only benefit from having a wide array of choices – not all dictated by a political machine.

We also want to welcome former Vineland City Councilwoman and Independent candidate Sheena Santiago to the race.  As a Hispanic woman she should add greatly to the diversity of the discourse and should prove invaluable with input and insight on the issues particularly relating to Vineland.

As long as no one resorts to gutter politics it looks like we should have an active and fun campaign.


28 Responses to Independents prove that one-party rule not profitable for county

  1. tryagain says:

    Why not for once just be truthful and call this site what it has already become, perhaps THE REPUBICAN REMINDER would be a good name. This site has played right into the hands of the Republicans and has now been overcome with the entire Republican agenda. Fine except now you have lost ALL credibilty because it is now nothing more than a purely political website. One can only speculate that the so calle Independents are working hand in hand with the Republican ticket. After all the Independents are all smart enough to know they have NO chance of winning, but can only be satisfied with the role of spoilers to the former party! Great job you traitors!

  2. Lou, you are sounding like a broken record. Why don’t YOU come straight and admit who you are? You have absolutely no credibility – you have lied a dozen times on this forum, have repeatedly broken the rules.

    Too bad that come November you will be out of a job.

  3. vineland voter says:


  4. tryagain says:

    Only lies on this site are the false rumors that you have continued to spread. Lookimg forward to the debates that is if your favored candidates the Republicans and the Independents are not going to chicken out. The only thing that lacks credibilty is this strictly politically motivated forum. Sorry Jane but trust me you willnever get elected as an Independent and you have lost all respect from your former party. Why won’t you have the decency to just switch parties? Especially since the Republicans have found some use for you!!

  5. tryagain says:

    Can’t wait for the debates!!! Will be fun to see Calamity Jane cussing up a storm!! This debate is “R” rated for language and the Republicans she is working for!!

  6. tryagain says:

    One has to wonder if Calamity Jane talks this way around her grandchildren?

  7. tryagain says:

    Seems someone is selectively deleting comments again! No surprise there heh Blind Woman?

  8. tryagain – this is your LAST warning – STOP LYING about deleted comments. No comments have been deleted, however, if you continue these false and libelous statements I will personally ban you from this website!

    Why can’t you participate without uttering lies? It is not that difficult, try it one=ce in a while, you might actually like it.

  9. Also – why don’t you mention the many, many times that you – oh right – you are still lying and pretending not to be yourself – mention the many, many times that Lou has uttered that most reprehensible word of all cuss-words?

    In fact, I have heard L:ou use the “C” word, and that is even more deplorable.

  10. tryagain says:

    Sorry not lying but guess you must know everything Blind Woman. No surprise that you would ban me!! This is just more Republican garbage! This site doesn’t want ANYONE who would dare disagree!! The Republicans have taken over your so called Independent site and EVERYONE can see through your purpose on this strictly politically biased site!!

  11. tryagain says:

    Wait until the newspapers hear about your threats of banning and deleting. Guess freedom of speech only applies to those who agree with you!!!

  12. slappythedoorman says:

    Ok kids, lets get back to the issue. Lou has a stanglehold on political life in this county with his name-calling and threats. Any Democrat that disagrees with him is threatend with lawsuits, visits from the county.
    This has got to end. Lets unite people

  13. Lobster Claws says:

    Libelous? Don’t be so dramatic.

    In the vein of if a tree falls in the forrest…

    If knotu didn’t post here, would anyone else?

  14. Watcher#1 says:

    Tryagain is running SCARED – this will be at least the 3rd time he ran for office and even his union boys rejected him.

    Don’t worry Try – I hear there may be a job for you painting the courthouse.

  15. “Sorry not lying ”

    Sorry but you WERE lying – we have NOT removed ANY posts since the time we were forced to remove YOUR posts because you adamantly refused to follow the one simple rule – stay on topic.

    The newspapers could care less if we remove posts, in fact,they do the same regularly, and are more strict than we are.

    This is your last warning – stop LYING with blatant lies – and get back on topic. The topic IS –

    One Party Rule is Bad for the County. Now please inform us as to why ONE PARTY RULE IS ACTUALLY GOOD?

    If you are not going to stick to the topics – you will be removed. Why, because WANT people with opposing opinion to actually posts something worthwhile, not the drivel you post in order to derail any conversation.

  16. tryagain says:

    Pretty touch aren’t you Blind Woman? Go ahead delete everything if you must!! Obviously either you are the ONLY one who has the ability to delete or you don’t know everything!! Not a lie but it seems protocol is only important when I “go off topic”. Others who agree with you have been off point and have even resorted to profanity but they are NEVER deleted. Just proves that this has become nothing more than a pure politcally partisan sitewhich I guess you have TOTAL control over. Only reason to report to paper is to shopw exactly what this site is and its ONLY purpose!! Speaking off purpose was there any purpose in you belittling homeless people or allowing silly post like Magazzu’s bookshelves? Seems like you clowns can dish it out but have trouble receiving the same type of treatment!

  17. tryagain says:

    And yes one party rule is not necessarily the evil thing you portray it to be. Just a few short years ago there were Republicans on the Board and things were NO different!! Except when the non union plumber was there and then County govt. was a disgrace and a total disaster. Only thing he provided was humor watching him stammer and pout !! Remember the jail raids he led? What a disaster!!

  18. tryagain says:

    The plumber could not even get along with members of his own party and contiually put them down as I recall from the papers, including Trout and Gruccio.

  19. Curious says:

    Was Lou involved in meetings leading up to the jail raid? Was he in discussions to decide to carry out the raid? Was this just before Sauro became director?
    Will the public ever know the truth? Was Lou trying to get rid of Saunders even back then?

  20. Salary Sam says:

    You know. It’s poor form to try to demean demean someone because of his job. “Plumber” is not an insult. Just because a person is not a lawyer or doctor does not mean they have nothing to contribute or their opinions don’t count. Democrats have a reputation for being elitist. At least try, tryagain.

  21. tryagain says:

    WOW!! Can’t believe you blue blooded Republicans would say Democrats have a reputation of being elitists!!! Guess you should do some real research into political parties and philosophies!! Dems are party of inclusion not the party of discrimination! Guess since you have a new figure head as your cuurent leader you think the rest of the country can’t see you for what you truly are!! Bunch of old ‘rich’ guys and gals!! By the way the plumber and his former sidekick and former Republican Chairman, the non-union Plumber laid claim to the jail raid if memory and old newspapers are correct. Seems even then the Director didn’t tell certain members of his own aprty about the disaster of the jail raid. Was Sorrow the Plumber’s own Bay of Pigs operation! Kind of like the name the Plumber, reminds me of Nixon’s White House and certainly fits the last County Republican controlled administration!

  22. Sam – good point. Louis Magazzu, aka tryagain, is an elitist.

    He uses the occupation of plumber, a respected trade, as an insult. I am sure that he would also degrade carpenters, painters, retail clerks and everyone else that has not attained his level of ‘respectability’ as someone that has made a living on the public dole.

    As a lawyer didn’t he bill the city of Vineland for 25 hours on February 14, one year? Yes, 25 hours of work in one day!

  23. The proof is in the pudding! You degrade hard working plumbers because they are not a lawyer like Lou. That is elitist. But you think that is okay – to make fun of hard working men and women simply because of their occupation.

    I suppose you can only respect those that make a living off of government handouts.

    By the way – you previously made posts causing us to believe you are a good Christian; it is Sunday morning, why aren’t you in church? Could it be because you are a hypocrite?

  24. Oh, and one more thing about your idiocy about the historic roles of the parties – the republican Party was the party that abolished slavery and was inclusive, the Democrats historically disenfranchised African Americans – Strom Thurmond was a segregationist.

    I guess you like to lie about history as much as you lie about Lou’s virtues.

  25. tryagain says:

    YEah sure the Republicans are the party of the people!! What a blatant lie and joke!! Just look at the voter registration lists and see the difference in ethnic diversity in the Democrats as opposed to the Republican Party, the party of the rich and the elite. And by the way whogets the majority of the endorsements from hard working union plumbers, carpenters, electricians, retail clerks, and practically EVERY union in the country. The DEmocrats that’s who because THEY truly REPRESENT the plight of working Americans. But then again the Republicans do get the backing and money from BIG businesses like Halliburton!! Sorry that dog don’t hunt. It is the Republicans who have traditionally been the CLOSED party of the RICH and POWERFUL!! And guess you better look at the support the minority groups give to the Dems!! Sorry maybe your party at one time over a century ago had some support but the minority groups vote Democratic for GOOD reasons!! And by the way I will be going to church, how about you? Sorry I just degrade the non union plumber who attacked and raided the good hard working law enforcement community members for the County. And by the way apparently turned up NOTHING! Sauro’s Bay of Pigs invasion of the County Jail failed miserably!!!

  26. So what Lou is saying is that plumbers are unworthy of the respect of the freeholders and Democrats in general, they are good only for their support. I hope more working people read what is “really” being said between tryagain’s lines.

    Tryagain, Lou, whatever degrades the working professional craftspeople, but is more than willing to take their votes for his own glorification.

  27. tryagain says:

    WOW Blind One i am afraid you now have totally lost your mind! That is, if you ever had one. You make quantum leaps from criticizing the non union Republican plumber Sorrow to GOOD hardworking Democrats. You really are stretching. It has ALWAYS been the Democrats who have been the Party of the People, representing hard working middle class citizens and YOUR party the Republicans who have been the Party of the Rich and Powerful elitist group! That’s is why there is little, practically no ethnic diversity in your fraternity of wealthy. That is why on a national level you have Steele heading your party BUT anyone with half a brain can see throught that move! Guess that would leave you out! No small wonder that union workers almost across the baord support Democrats! All types of unions, not just trade but professional unions. Guess it must infuriate you that Democrats represent the working class and that you consider yourself working class BUT are Republican. To live with such a dilemna must make it hard to function. Maybe someday you will strike it rich and the Republican part of your life will be reconciled with the rest of your personality! Either tha are you should consider becoming a Democrat because I don’t think you can afford to be a Republican. It is causing far too much conflict and stress in your life thus the hating of Magazzu and other Democrats!

  28. WaterLou says:

    hmmmm seems tryagain has something against non-union folks. why is that tryagain? aren’t non-union folks as good as union members? talk about elitist.

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