Lou’s half of the Courthouse a disgrace

Cumberland County Freeholder candidates Tonetta, Sheppard and Fiocchi and County Clerk Candidate Noto have issued the following press release.

Not only are pieces of the façade falling off, now your Court House is flooded. A rain storm came through Bridgeton on August 12 and three to four feet (not inches) of water wound up flooding the lowest level floor of the Court House inundating the Probation Department, the Finance Unit and other facilities. The Court House was closed for business all day August 13 but reopened on Friday, August 14. County workers and contractors worked day and night to try to correct the horrendous conditions.

“Obviously no one can control the weather,” Freeholder candidate Rick Tonetta said, “but you can control how it affects you.” “It is interesting to notice that the flooding was in the new part of the Court House – the addition,” Tonetta continued. The old part of the Court House is unaffected. The Court House addition was designed and built under Democrat control with contractors and professionals of their choosing. They spent $12 million dollars and built an albatross. Problems have haunted the new Court House addition from almost day one but the Democrat controlled Freeholder Board failed to effectively hold the construction company responsible and didn’t get around to suing them until it was too late to sue. The building was built on the cheap and it shows. The taxpayers of Cumberland County did not get a good value for the money they spent. We were looking at a $14 million repair to a $12 million building before this. Who knows how much this will add to the total cost. The current estimate of $50,000 will prove grossly insufficient to cover the eventual all-inclusive cost.”

Freeholder candidate Tom Sheppard commented, “All of the County and State employees who work there will be paid for the day the Court House was closed but you, the taxpayer, are getting nothing in return. The additional expense to do the clean up, the overtime and contractors just add to the huge waste of money and we’ve yet to find out if the County’s insurance will even pay for the damage. An estimate of $50,000 for the damage has been given. I would call that a guess, not an estimate. Don’t be surprised when that “estimate” doubles or triples. It may take a year or two for all the damages to be honestly calculated but it’s my guess that it will cost $50,000 just to replace the damaged equipment. What a disgrace.”

“You have your 7-0 Democrat Freeholder Board to thank once again for improper design, construction and maintenance of the Court House,” said Freeholder Candidate Sam Fiocchi. “Simple grading of the site to prevent water from accumulating against the building would probably have prevented this. Sure it rained a lot but I haven’t heard about any other building having this kind of problem. This wasn’t some building thrown together by a do it yourselfer.”

Fiocchi agreed with Sheppard, “What a disgrace.”

County Clerk Gloria Noto, running for re-election, assured the public, “On Thursday, the day of the flood, I demanded that County Administrator Mecouch have the building inspected by qualified environmental engineers to assure the safety of the public and also of the employees who may have to handle contaminated items. All of the air from the contaminated areas is circulated throughout the entire building. Everyone who works at the Court House or visits it is breathing whatever is living or growing in that mess. I have been told that such an inspection was done prior to the re-opening of the Court House although the particulars of the inspection have not yet been released. It’s just a disgrace that lack of basic foresight and lack of simple, prudent building maintenance has caused this huge disruption. It’s a sad day when a taxpayer of Cumberland County can’t probate his mother’s will, record a deed or see justice done in the Courts.”


28 Responses to Lou’s half of the Courthouse a disgrace

  1. geoturn says:

    If I remember correctly, Bruce Peterson was the Liason for Facilities. And Jane Christy and Peterson were both part of the board when the renovations and design were discussed.

  2. Curious says:

    You have a bad memory. The addition was designed and completed before Peterson or Christy were ever freeholders. Check the plaque in the foyer.

  3. Can anyone please show me WHAT has The current Board of Freeholders have done in Cumberland County for the hard working family’s.Please tell me the truth because it seems like that is hard to do. Honesty is the best policy if you do not want to get bitten.

  4. tryagain says:

    Well why shouldn’t I have expected that sooner or later you clowns would blame Magazzu for EVERYTHING including the weather. Are the Republican candidates for real? Do they know how silly they sound. Perhaps the City of Bridgeton should be sued for improper drainage of their roads. You clowns are just plain disgusting and for REAL candidates to issue such a press release is beyond absurd. The place was flooded beacuse basement windows broke beacsue the street drains could not handle the unbelievable rain in a short time period. Gee I wonder if Sheppard’s crops were flooded should we blame him? Get real!!! As usual this site has chosen to publish the Republicans press releases. The site has BECOME the official Republican web site for the duration of this election cycle. Guess they can close their other site. Sorry for those who started this site as Magazzu Watch and then became Magazzu Bash and now is Democrat Bash by the Republican candidates. SHAMEFUL you turkeys have been so used!! Playing you like a fiddle!! By the way is Greco fighting the person or persons from Cape May who I think will be eager for that silly challenge? No wonder the Republicans lose every year with such idiotic campaign strategies and releases.

  5. oinkforfreedom says:

    Mr. Tryagain. Fact there are Republicans who contribute to this site as well as Democrats. The goal is to have Lou LOSE in November. If the Reps win they will be watched too.

  6. Lou, I mean knotu, I mean tryagain, when was the last time there was a 7-0 Republican lead in the county? Heh?

    Now, please tell us how much the builder and contractor of the addition to the courthouse contributed to Democrat campaigns?

    And after the $12 million fiasco, please tell us why the freeholders under Lou refused to sue for the obvious and proven negligence until after the statute of limitations passed?

    One hand washing the other? Or was this just another Republican conspiracy?

  7. Tryagain you should check and see if Fayette Street is a city street or it could be a couty road.You may be suprised what you find out.

  8. DEEP THROAT says:

    The windows probably failed because they were improperly installed.The freeholders have had the report spelling out the defects in workmanship for 2 years. The windows should have been reinstalled properly.This not that big a ticket item to delay.
    Jannarone needs to start having Buildings & grounds subcommittee meetings. Time to start acting like a freeholder.

  9. Salary Sam says:

    If Sheppard did not provide proper drainage in his fields, then yes, it would be his fault.

    And what about the insane estimate of $50,000 of damage. Think about it. Four FEET of water in a working office. That’s up to the chest of a 6 foot man and almost covering a 5 foot woman. Computers. Gone. Furniture. Gone. Dry wall. Gone. Records. Gone. Electrical receptacles. Gone. Wiring. Questionable. Five elevators. Questionable. Mold, mildew and bacteria. Gaining a foothold. I bet they wind up spending $50,000 on air quality testing over the next few years. Or on mold abatement.

  10. tryagain says:

    Problem occured because of improper drainage in the city streets. Should not the City of Bridgeton be held liable? ANY window could NOT have withstood that typw of water pressure. You clowns are amazing!! Do you guys laugh at each other the way the rest of the general population laughs at YOU? Sorry Deep Throat but nice try anyway! It is laughable that you clowns would blame Magazzu for a violent act of Mother Nature!!! Can’t wait until you blame Magazzu for the weather being too HOT this week! What a JOKE!!!!!!!

  11. tryagain says:

    Still waiting to see if your LEADER Bob Greco is willing to fight a person or persons from his former county, Cape May? Seems he is good at issuing challenges?

  12. what does your response have to do with anything? Stay on topic – it is amazing how you have a total inability to respond to issues and can only post insulting and irrelevant attacks avoiding the real discussion.

  13. tryagain says:

    Seems to me you ONLY read what you want to read!!! How about the post prior to the one you refer to? Why don’t you respond to that!! The BLIND WOMAN RULES with the Supreme Hand and the THREAT of banishment to those who would disagree!!! And then accuses Magazzu of exactly what this forum is GUILTY of!!! Should we Fear the Blind Woman as much as she fears Magazzu? Scary scary, what are you going to do, cuss me out? Oh no that’s right you’ll delete the posts!! Shame on you!! No soup for you!! You ARE the Magazzu Bash Supreme Leader!

  14. First of all, who is Blindwoman? Is that some sort of a misogynistic childish play on my name? If so, first of all I am a man, you twit. But you know that, and insist on lying.

    Second, another LIE from your mouth, is that I threatened to ban you for disagreeing. two word – “Reading Comprehension”.

    I threatened to ban you for posting abusing responses and for your adamant refusal to STAY ON TOPIC!

    We WANT you to disagree and post .logical arguments proving your point.

    instead, you make derogatory remarks disparaging the trade of hard working people such as plumbers, and resort to juvenile name calling, anything to take the focus off of the real issues such as Lou billing the taxpayers for his campaigns to NACo.

    Lou gets caught, and pretends he always intended to pay.Lou lies about some fantastical PAC. Lou REFUSES to pay back for prior years when he was personally campaigning. Lou promises to pay for the people that went along on his campaign trip to TV and now we found out he LIED about that also and the taxpayers are picking up the tabs for the others that were assisting him on his campaign.

    We have had enough of the rampant corruption and Camden style politics in Cumberland County. So act like an adult and reply to the ISSUES! If you are even able to do so intelligently. Most of us on the forum doubt that you are able to put two sentences together and make sense.

  15. DEEP THROAT says:

    The only windows that failed were in the new section of the courthouse. The windows in the old section held. The administration has a report specifically reporting the new windows were not installed properly. They are prone to leaks around the frames.
    This should have been addressed.

  16. Tryagain or should I say Knothead you keep blaming the City of Bridgeton I beleive Fayette Street is a County road.Check it out because you want to put the blame on the City of Bridgeton and try to redirect the problems to the city.If the freeholders would do there job and not ride around like the blind mice when they travel around the County maybe we wouldn’t have all this trouble.

  17. ? says:

    It might be a oounty road….but this was an unusual circumstance. We’ve never had rain like this and with people driving by like they were, it put unusual pressure on the windows….stop trying to blame someone person or group…if anyone failed it was the designer or engineer of this section of the building. Elected officials are supposed to choose the best that are presented to them or who bid on the job…

  18. The fact is the windows were found, previously, to have been improperly installed. in fact the entire addition was found to be substandard. Many courtrooms are not able to be used.

    The contractors were rewarded for shoddy work by being given other large jobs, not disqualified for their refusal to make good on the one they screwed up.

    by the way, ?., how do you like your fios?

  19. ? says:

    eyes…is that some kind of creepy threat?

  20. tryagain says:

    Yes Blind One or Blind Woman seems to be a better name for you than EyesEverywhere!! Seems you ONLY see what you want to see and are blind to TRUTH or FACT!! The flood Bridgeton experienced did damage to many buildings and cars. NO ONE can blame the Freeholders, Republicans or Democrtas who have been in office for years for an Act of God. Someone who apparently you know little about! The windows in the basement have been there for several years with NO PROBLEMS. The amount of rainfall and pressure in a short amount of time caused the damage. For the Reublicans to try and make it a political issue is not only childish but just PURE DUMB!! Republican Freeholders over the years didn’t do anything about the windows either, are you blaming them? NOPE, just all Magazzu’s fault according to this idiotic website which has become the Republican’s domain and playroom. Not a single newspaper published their silly release and yet you felt compelled to publish it here on the so called non partisan site. What a bunch of CRAP!! This site has become nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse for your Republican propaganda! Now you even have half of the “Dumb and Dumber” Saturday radio show that does nothing but blast Democrats on WVLT in the form of Mr. Dragotta. Sure the non union plumber “Sorrow” is also posting here! What a joke ths entire site has become , thanks to EYES aka BLIND one. Nothing more than more political BS from the Republicans!! NO CREDIBILITY left on this website , thanks to EYES!! GOOD JOB!!

  21. tryagain says:

    Be careful, “? Says” because you will be threatened with banishment from the Island of Magazzu Bash if you don’t agree with the haters! Or worse yet they will delete your posts! Be afraid, be very afraid! There are some really scary people here!

  22. tryagain- why do you continually have to lie? Nobody get banned from here for disagreeing. You know that very well, and now you launch on a smear campaign spreading lies, very muchlike Lou’s political campaigns.

    Nobody was banned – you are on notice to keep your posts on topic, AS YOU AGREED TO BY POSTING HERE.

    You seem to feel the rules are for everybody else. Nobody gets banned unless they REPEATEDLY disregard the simple rules to stay on topic and CONTRIBUTE to the debate.

    “?” is under a different name than they usually post with, and I was warning that we know the origin – so don’t try to post as a different name to make it appear that you are someone else. The fact that they would use different names while posting shows a certain level of dishonesty. of course we have come to expect that certain level of dishonesty from you and Lou.

  23. Tyragain I see you changed your tune about going after the City of Bridgeton for damages to the courthouse.You sound moore like —- because if you do not know what you are talking about you attack the person.SAME SAME SAME

  24. ? says:

    Eyes, I have used geoturn or ? when I’m questioning a post. Your “creepyness” with your comment has made me decide to not participate anymore. It’s not worth my time and effort. Only time will tell if your site has achieved what it set out to do, ruin Lou Magazzu and any other Democrat in office.

  25. The creepiness is when people like you use multiple fake names to make is appear that there are more than there really are.

    But you seem to know everything, so go on your merry way. I don’t think anyone is going to miss you. your comments are no where near as amusing as tryagain’s – another one that likes to use a lot of different nom-de-plumes.

    And we are not against all democrats – only those that would use their power for personal gain. We are against republicans that do that also.

    There are a few things that unite us that started this forum – we are united in our loathing of the method in which Lou Magazzu conducts county business, and we were united in agreeing that GW was probably the worst president that we have had in the last century.

    So take your partisan smokescreen elsewhere. It doesn’t fly.

  26. tryagain says:

    Well congratulations Blind One , you have managed to scare off one person who disagrees with this CRAP forum!! How does one know how many names you have posted under. Oh that’s right YOU NEVER LIE!! What a bunch of BS that is!!! You really should try church!! The only reason I had to go try again is because YOU kept deleting my posts under knotu! There for the name tryagain! You have single handedly managed to make this nothing but a PURE POLITICAL website being used by the Republican candidates in your hatred towards Magazzu!! No room here for differences of opinion! How many other of your cronies are allowed to use multiple names. We will NEVER know the truth!! Congatulations on making this ENTIRE site nothing more than just another tired old political website. It’s now OFFICIAL!! Why not just merge all your Republican websites into one? Shame on you scaring off Geoturn aka ?Says!! Just goes to show you what a pure partisan you are!! Disagree with anything here and you are threatened with censorship, deletion, or outright banning. Burning any books today?

  27. James R. Sauro says:

    I’m finding this web site to be very interesting. Up until now I’ve only looked at it on occasions. One thing has been very constant. This individual tryagain does only one thing and that is to belittle people and try to intimidate them. I guess that is why many people thinks it is Lou. I’m proud to be a non-union plumber along with the Rizzo’s, D’Amato, Harris, Campana,Capra and so on. It is interesting how tryagain always changes the subject. Well maybe one day the coward who always demeans and chastises people will come out from behind his cover and sign his name.

  28. DEEP THROAT says:

    I will repeat for the last time. The window failures were in the new section of the court house. The report is 2 years old that pointed out thay had been inproperly installed and leak around their frames. The freeholder directors were Douglas Rainear & Louis Magazzu during and since the report was given to the freeholders. The only windows that failed were in the new section of the court house. The responsibilty for not acting to fix them are squarely on Magazzu’s shoulders.

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