An Election Year Ploy?

Here’s one take recently heard on the recent funding problems faced by  Millville’s Levoy Theater.  The Theater anticipated support from the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) in the form of a loan.  Its complicated funding package is predicated on receiving a loan this month.  Now CCIA is making noises about no loan; a bond instead, which delays the whole thing, gums up the works, and creates the possibility of losing other funding.

Who created this crisis?  Was it the Magazzu-controlled CCIA board?  The speculation is that Lou is behind the whole thing.  He will step in at the last minute, “save” the Levoy, and become a hero for Millville, or at least for its Arts District community.

Far fetched?  We’ll see.  Let’s watch this one.


20 Responses to An Election Year Ploy?

  1. tryagain says:

    And yet ANOTHER conspiracy theory? OH MY! Should we all be looking for the shooter on the grassy knoll? Going to be hot again today. That damn Magazzu he must be the Devil himself bring us all this hot weather!! Well at least he spared us from a tornado! Get a grip Blind Woman!! Bet you check under your bed every night before going to sleep? BOO!!!!

  2. gorgon says:

    Maybe Wymbs will be the hero. I don’t think Lou is a big theater fan.

  3. fortunecookie says:

    Lou can’t afford a theater ticket, unless he gets the county treasurer to provide funds, like he did for his NACO junket.

  4. tryagain says:

    WOW!! An awful lot of new names heh Blind Woman? Guess that’s OK as long as they are bahing Magazzu. Multiple screen names no problem if you and your friends are using them. Both you and this entire Site is a JOKE!!!! You are such a phony Blind Woman!!!

  5. slappythedoorman says:

    This “theory” is not so far-fetched. If the Levoy funding is delayed it will not make Ms. VanEmbden look so good. I do not think Lou wants that and either do I!!

  6. JC says:

    I don’t know. This is typical of the CCIA. So many times they charge in on the big white horse and make promises to garner headlines. In the end, they do nothing. I know Wymbs hates Lou, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but really, the CCIA is just another rogue authority doing as it damn well pleases. Folks should wise up and see it for what it is. If Lou or any other elected person controlled it, we could at least vote him out of office. As it is, the CCIA board is appointed and answers to no one we’ve voted for. Before anyone appoints Steve Wymbs to be our white knight versus Lou, maybe they should subject him to the same scrutiny that Lou receives. I wonder what we’d learn?

  7. tryagain – you are the person that posts under multiple names – you and Geoturn/? – in order to make it appear that there are more than one of you!

    You need to stop talking about what you don’t know – but then again, we all know you are Magazzu – and that you could care less about facts, only about diverting attention away from the real stories hoping that people will forget what a liar and fraud you are come election day. You don’t even have the guts to post here under your own name.

    You hide behind a fake name, plotting and trying to figure out who we are so that you can launch a campaign of personal destruction on those that would presume to speak the truth about you. We will identify ourselves in due time. Until then, why don’t you just engage in a real debate and defend your actions, such as why you billed the taxpayers for your NACo campaign and then lied about it.

  8. tryagain says:

    Blind Woman whining again? read somewhere you will make yourself know BUT then WE have all heard that BEFORE!! And I suppose we are all to believe that you and some of your little friends are using mulitple names? Yeah RIGHT!! What a weiner whiner you are, especially for the Supreme Master of this crap website! Oh thats right if you post your real name the Boogeyman Magazzu will get you! Once again name one person he’s gotten? The truth, you can’t handle the TRUTH!!!!

  9. tryagain says:

    You clowns didn’t want to give Magazzu ANY credit for saving your Holly City Family Center and claimed it was all about the CCIA BUT then in the next breath you criticize Magazzu for controlling the CCIA. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too! Now he his working hard to help Millville with the Levoy project and Bridgeton with the zoo and yet all you turkeys do is criticize! Easiest thing to do!! Why not take off your panties and put your name on the ballot? Of course you can’t use Eyes Everywhere or Mango on the ballot. You will havee to come out from behind your mommy’s skirts and face your Boogeyman aka Magazzu< Come on, grow some!

  10. James R. Sauro says:

    My fourth entry. I’ve never been impressed with what the freeholder board or Lou Magazzu has said they’ve accomplished. They haven’t done much except to spend money and increase taxes. Again tryagain tries to be sarcastic and intimidating. And again I call the coward out to come from behind his cover and sign his name.

  11. fortunecookie says:

    Tryagain, if this site is truly a joke as you keep saying, why are YOU so obsessed by it? You must not have a real job.

  12. tryagain says:

    I’ve NEVER been impressed with ANYTHING Sorrow did while he was on the Freeholder Board. Believe he was even Director for a while/ Isn’t that when he planned the big jail raid and had county emploees facing off against each other? REal bright move there Sorrow! Guess maybe he forgets he was ever there or ashamed of his service or lack of!

  13. tryagain says:

    Sorrow, maybe those responsible for this site ought to reveal thei identities as promised way back? Oh that’s right they are afraid of that Boogeyman Magazzu. Have to give you credit for not being afraid of Magazzu but cannot say the same for the Supreme Leaders andOwners of this CRAP site!!

  14. Curious says:

    Cryagain keeps demanding that evertone else disclose their identities He never offers to show his own. He knows if the public actually saw how rude, immature, sexist, race baiting and dishonest he really is that he would be driven from public office. Oh thats right, he will me in November. Seems the public has already figured him out and he won’t be able to hide behind his own mothers skirt anymore.

  15. tryagain says:

    This CRAP site belongs where most people file anonymous letters, in the trash!! But then the Blind Woman wouldn’t have anything to do, would she? She is going to come out of the closet and identify herself someday! Yeah right, don’t hold your breath! All she can do now or ever is to be NEGATIVE and trash people who actually do something. Must be some sort of mental or psychological disorder, dont’ you think? Think Curious and Eyes Everywhere and maybe even Mango are ALL the same person but we will never know. I am quite sure that some are using multiple names but the Supreme Ruler will never admit! I changed from knotu to tryagain ONLY because my comments were being deleted as knotu. All thanks to the Supreme Ruler aka Blind Woman!! Guess she must be burning books she doesn’t approve of today. Hope she doesn’t get her skirt on fire!

  16. whoknew says:

    Magazzu, it’s time you fezzed up to your Naco charges. Taxpayers have a right to know they’ve been taken once again by your liberal spending. What about your traveling buddies Austino and Rainear and their expenses? Didn’t your bodyguard Nelson Thompson spend some time in Tennessee too? Make sure your bodyguard is close by or blind woman may want to punch your lights out. Loser Lou, I can not wait to see you head for the little boy’s room to kick and scream when you lose this election.
    You will have to get a real job and start paying some of your bills. I bet you pout and stamp your feet and whine when you have to ask your wife for spending money. One of these days she will grow a set and give you what you deserve, the door.

  17. tryagain says:

    Just another jealous hater from the Peanut Gallery of the Blind Woman aka “Need a Set”!! Lots of new screen names suddenly, hope Blind Woman Jane is making sure some are not using multiple screen names. Oh that’s right that only applies to those who disagree with her. SHE then chastises them but only after deleting posts or threatening to ban them! Just MORE Republican propoganda!! When are they going to talk about what their plans are? Other than Bobby Greco challenging people to a boxing match? Wonder if that Cape May Vs. Greco match will ever occur?

  18. fortunecookie says:

    lots of new screen names because there are lots more people checking this site out. and with fools like tryagain here, these new people are seeing the kind of idiocy he preaches.

  19. tryagain says:

    Blah,blah,blah just more from the Cookie Lady! Which is it Magazzu controls the CCIA and they do a good job and gives grants to help Millville and other municipalities or the CCIA is NOT under Magazzu”s control and Mr. Wymbs has free reign with the BEST contract in the World? Can’t have it both ways ladies!

  20. vinelandvisitor says:

    Tryagain implies that the CCIA did not give grants before Magazzu loaded the CCIA board with his hand-picked idiots. Amazing and absurd. I guess that proves who tryagain really is – only magazzu would believe the lies and garbage coming out of tryagain. Lou, you need to get a life and a real job. Try THAT again.

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