Magazzu is just plain mean

A Letter to the Editor in the News – slated for print tomorrow:

To the Editor:

In his letter attacking Jane Christy (The News, Aug. 13, “Stop bashing Lou and tell us what you will do, Ms. Christy”) Kerry McDowell repeats the tired mantra that Lou Magazzu is good for Cumberland County because he “gets things done.”

I don’t believe “getting things done” is sufficient for good governance. After all, you could say the same thing about Genghis Khan. He got things done.

The problem with Magazzu is that he is just plain mean. McDowell brushes this aside, saying, “His tough no-nonsense personality sometimes rubs people the wrong way.” I would say that is the understatement of the year. More than rubbing people the wrong way, he terrorizes people. From first-hand reports, he has threatened to fire county employees.

Lou of the “no-nonsense personality” said he intended to sue me after I questioned whether he deserved an award he had received for all he had done to combat teen pregnancy (which was nothing).

Magazzu’s method is to control, to dominate, to squash the opposition. The charge that he has stacked the freeholder board with those loyal to him makes sense. After all, he decides who is on the Democratic ticket. So, yes, Mr. McDowell, he does control the freeholder board. He also controls the Cumberland County Improvement Authority board. That’s why Steve Wymbs’ contract was declared null and void.

For anyone wanting more lowdowns on Lou, check

Finally, I must say that Mr. McDowell’s letter was extraordinarily well-written. I have worked as a professional writer, so I can pretty well tell professional writing. It makes you wonder along these lines: Magazzu has a fat campaign chest, so he can hire a writer who writes the letter Lou wants. Given all the people tied to him directly or indirectly through various favors, it probably would not be too hard for Lou to find someone willing to sign it.

Well, you get the picture. Hypothetical, yes, but maybe the hypothesis will be proven or disproven by the next letters we see supporting Lou and attacking those opposing him.

Linda Forbes, Millville


6 Responses to Magazzu is just plain mean

  1. tryagain says:

    Go Kerry McDowell!!! GREAT letter!!! Maybe you could help this poor Linda Forbes with her writing!! By the way Blind Woman why you picking on the Italians? Noticed in your little BS about Magazzu’s bookcases a underhanded reference to Sicilians? First you pick on the disabled and now the Italians? Shame on you!!

  2. slappythedoorman says:

    Its a FACT, Lou can be a mean SOB

  3. Salary Sam says:

    I had the same thought about some of the phrasing in the McDowell letter. Just the sentence, “His tough no-nonsense personality sometimes rubs people the wrong way.” reeks of a puff piece. Sounds like a blub for a movie or TV show. “The story of Lord Lou. A hard hitting Freeholder Director who’s tough no-nonsense personality sometimes rubs people the wrong way but he gets the job done.” Stay tuned for a new episode at 8. All we need is a quirky sidekick.

  4. James R. Sauro says:

    Well this will be my third posting on this web site. There is no doubt that Lou can be very mean spirited. I will write a letter to the editor responding to Kerry McDowell’s letter. But again tryagain tries to belittle a person for having an opinion. Again I call him out from behind his cover and not be a coward to sign his name.

  5. tryagain says:

    There is no doubt that your own party shutters when you want to run for office. Most members of your own party don’t even want to be on the ballot with you! When will you ever learn the people of Cumberland County have no time for Sorrow? Your political life is over! Stick to your pathetic radio show that no one listens.

  6. fortunecookie says:

    notice how early tryagain enters his posts to this site? what’s the matter tryagain, can’t you sleep knowing you will be out of office in a very short time and then your new office can be converted to space needed by the real workers of the county.

    maybe you could get a job as a newspaper delivery boy. of course, if you did, you’d get fired just like you have from every law firm that made the foolish mistake of hiring you.

    you didn’t deliver for them and you wouldn’t deliver the news either. maybe hummel will hire you, but even he would have to fire you too.

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