Millville Commissioner Dave Vanaman on Lou Magazzu

“What an arrogance!

In today’s Ben:

In two different news stories concerning Bob Greco challenging Lou Magazzu to a boxing match to promote and raise awareness of Vineland PAL, Magazzu is quoted as saying, I don’t go down, I go up.

Sounds like the ancient days of royalty versus the serfs.

Kinda gives you an idea of what he must think of the average common little people, don’t ya think?

– Dave Vanaman

Dave, you are right on the money. Lou – aka tryagain on this forum, has nothing but disdain for plumbers, using that respected trade as a derogatory term. If you are not in a position to help Lou up his ladder or power-mongering, then you are nothing more than a peon worthy to be spat upon.


4 Responses to Millville Commissioner Dave Vanaman on Lou Magazzu

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    Way to go Dave. Dave has always been a straight-shooter. He faced down the police union and just 2 weeks ago faced down TrackRacket founder at the most recent City Commisson meeting. You can find it on youtube too!! I would love Lou to try to go after him!!

  2. Lobster Claws says:

    Lou is a douche to be sure, but comon, when was the last time any little kid aspired to become a plumber?

    This site is best when it’s being honest. Stop playing the victim and stop being so self-righteous.

  3. When was the last time any little kid aspired to be a politician? Most kids, if they dream of crime, want to be a bank robber, not a politician.

    Little kids aspire to be firemen and policemen, or football stars. They do not aspire to be accountants, sole proprietors, funeral directors, electricians or plumbers. But all of those professions require skills. it is unbecoming for a freeholder director to mock a person because of their profession.

    It is obvious that the only good Lou Magazzu sees in a person that makes an honest living as a plumber is the union votes, but their occupation is demeaning in his eyes. Anyone with a “lesser” occupation than Lou, serves only to be publicly demeaned by Lou.

  4. fortunecookie says:

    Lou and his mouthpiece Nelson see the world as either union (more votes) or non-union (fewer votes), demonstrating their divisive personalities.

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