The “other” independent candidate

The News had an article about yet another independent candidate for Cumberland County Freeholder. His website could use a little work.

Sanford still sees himself as a conservative and is running on a platform centered on tax cuts.

“I’m for people being able to earn what they earn. I don’t believe in big government. I believe that government needs to do what they do in a small way and let the private sector do its thing,” Sanford said.

Sanford also described himself as an animal lover and said he is horrified with the amount of animal abuse taking place in Cumberland County.

“We’ve got to get stiffer with the penalties,” he said. “I’d also like to see a no-chain law.”

We cannot wait to hear about his opinion of the Lou Magazzu Machine in Cumberland County. He obviously agrees that a 7-0 stacked board of Freeholders does not work in the citizens bests interests.


2 Responses to The “other” independent candidate

  1. fortunecookie says:

    Interesting – tryagain doesn’t post to this article. Must be afraid that it would give exposure to another in the growing list of citizens who want Magazzu to return his former role as washed up attorney.

  2. vinelandvisitor says:

    Fortunecookie is right on. Only one problem as I see it – there isn’t a law firm left that Magazzu hasn’t already been fired from. Even the out of state law firms dumped him.

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