It’s not about the weather, Bozo

Salary Sam sent us this idea for a new topic. It was so concise and to the point we are posting it as he wrote it.

Since Knot Head keeps dragging the Court House problem into everything, maybe a thread is needed on that issue.

No one has blamed Lord Lou for the weather. The press release MagazzuWatch printed clearly said that. What the democrat controlled board is being questioned on is the design of the court house, their failure to hold the contractors responsible for the shoddy construction and questions of maintenance and common sense.

I think someone mentioned that a few hundred dollars of grading could have prevented the problem. You know grading. You shape the dirt to get the water to go where you want it to go. There are also rumors that the rain drainage systems of the buildings were bringing water down into the window well areas.

Then there is the question of why the windows failed so catastrophically. Is the Democrat board going to aggressively investigate that? Probably not. They’ve already let the statute of limitations pass against the contractors and can’t get them to take responsibility. If we were to find out that the windows were not the correct windows for that situation or were improperly installed it would just make the Dems look bad.

Let’s call for that engineering study. What type of windows should have been used in such an installation? What windows were actually used? How should they have been installed? How were they installed? Maybe all of that was done correctly. Maybe the failure of the windows was due to aging. Who knows? But if this flood had happened 5 months after the building was occupied Lord Lou would have been blaming someone. It would be very interesting to know if, for no other reason, to give the county guidance as to which professionals and contractors to use in the future.


7 Responses to It’s not about the weather, Bozo

  1. SalarySam says:

    I will leave the first comment. Why did Lou (a lawyer) allow the statute of limitations to expire without a law suit being filed against the architects and contractors who built the court house addition when there were serious problems from day one. Did county counsel advise as to the need to file suit or lose the right?

  2. tryagain says:

    I will leave the second, where were the Republican Freeholders ALL this time? They WERE on the Board during this time and Magazzu was not solely responsible! The news and various accounts report that NO type of window could have withstood the amoun of water pressure. Cars in downtown Bridgeton were swept away. Give us a break. This was an Act of God! Of course I don’t think the Supreme Ruler aka Blind Woman will ever be able to grasp the concept of God.

  3. tryagain says:

    Maybe the Blind Woamn is afraid of Hurricane Bill and is building an ark? Bet you she blames Magazzu for the hurricane!

  4. Once again Lou has to LIE. Nobody ever blamed Lou for the weather – we blamed Lou for the refusal to take action against companies that contributed to the democrats, but then screwed the county taxpayers with shoddy workmanship on the courthouse.

    For over 3 decades there has been a Democrat MAJORITY on the freeholder board. That majority has allowed corruption to creep in, year after year.

    Lou – er, I will allow you to use your fake name… Tryagain, have you ever heard of majority rule? Five democrats to two republicans does not give the republicans the majority they need to win a political battle.

  5. WaterLou says:

    Typical Lou – blame others for his failings – over and over again – he’s a broken record.

  6. PoliticsSJ says:

    Vitetta, the contractor, has experienced massive layoffs. Good luck getting anything out of them.

  7. DEEP THROAT says:

    The point that Lou continues to gloss over is the location of the courthouse. It is a the top of Broad
    Street hill in Bridgeton. The road in front and the parking lot in the rear of the court house slopes rapidly down hill to the river and Bridgeton’s downtown. The drop is over 20 feet. The downtown elevation is at the river’s edge. The water from the heavy rain would run down toward the river at a tremendous rate.

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