Tom Sheppard writes a letter to the editor

To the Editor;

You may remember the big a deal the salaries of the Sheriff and Surrogate were in the last election.  The State had mandated certain salaries in excess of $100,000 per year and the Democrat candidates promised to serve at a bargain salary if elected.  The Democrat Freeholders and now Sheriff Austino and Surrogate Rainear said it was simply greedy that anyone in a poor county like Cumberland could get a government salary in excess of $100,000.

Recently I was able to see the salaries of all county employees through an OPRA request.    I was shocked to find that 12 people employed by the Freeholders and make more than $100,000 per year with the highest paid making $165,000.    You can see a list of those people and their salaries at

These were not salaries forced on the board by the State but were voluntarily given and approved by the Freeholders.    This shows how for political gain good people can be denigrated for simply asking for the salaries due them by state statute while the same board pays other much more but just keep it quiet.

In a county with the highest unemployment rate in the state you would expect the freeholders to hold the line on these highest paid people for at least this year, but no, they all got raises.   Somehow the Sheriff and Surrogate were “greedy” when it was an election issue but these 12 people not only were making more than $100,000 last year but got raises!   I do not fault the employees, if your boss gives you a raise you don’t turn it down.   I blame the Freeholders.  The State of New Jersey is making people take unpaid days off to save money yet Cumberland County has budgeted $5,500,000 more in salaries for 2009 than in 2008.    That’s an increase of 14%.   $5,500,000 is not the county payroll.  That’s only the increase in the county payroll from 2008.

I sure hope everyone isn’t getting a 14% raise so they must be planning on hiring more people.    Is that what you do when the economy is in the shape it is?    They would never do that with their own money so why do they do it with yours?

This is the kind of thing that happens when Cumberland County has a Freeholder Board that is 7 democrats and no Republicans.    We need alternate voices and opinions to insure the people’s will is carried out and your money is not wasted.

Tom Sheppard
275 Sayres Neck Rd.
Cedarville, NJ 08311



10 Responses to Tom Sheppard writes a letter to the editor

  1. tryagain says:

    Come on Tom you know that NO ONE is getting a 14% raise. Sure you’ve heard the old expression ‘figures lie and liars figure’, just disappointed that you would resort to such low tactics. You have chastised Magazzu for “playing ” with the numbers and yet now you are playing the same game. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Spend some time and figure out what the numbers REALLT reflect. Don’t disparage the good workers and employees of the County by insinuating they are getting 14% raises in this bad economy!

  2. Okay Lou, since you know the figures PROVE to us what the real raise was. Tom came out with numbers – if those numbers are wrong – tell us.

    You won’t. Why? Because you can’t. Why? Because Tom is probably correct. If he was wrong, you would be posting the real numbers to prove it.

  3. tryagain says:

    FIGUES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE!! Do you for one second think that County Govt. employees are going to get a 14% raise? If so you are as crazy as I thought!! Even Sheppard knows better!! By the way it may be interesting to see Sheppard’s fund raising activities in his Township races? Or is it all cash? Wonder if the professionals contribute to his campaigns or Township employees? Or vendors?

  4. Then GIVE US THE ACTUAL FIGURES – and then we will know he is lying. You are suffering from a classic case of what psychiatrists call projection. You accuse others of what you perceive is your own biggest fault. Your adamant REFUSAL to provide the real numbers proves that it is YOU that are the liar. In fact you are so much of a liar that you cannot imagine that anyone else is capable of telling the truth, because you are incapable of telling the truth.

  5. Salary Sam says:

    It is painfully obvious from reading the letter that he is NOT saying that there was a 14% raise for county workers but that there was a 14% increase in county payroll which, since the workers did NOT get a 14% raise can only mean that more workers were hired — and at a time when the county is in a budget crises.

    It’s a simple question that deserves an answer. Why did the county payroll increase by 14%. It can’t have been all Mr. Dawkins.

    BTW. Every sentence that has a number in it does not make the “Figures lie and liars figure” adage relevant.

  6. vinelandvisitor says:

    If figures lie and liars figure as tryagain (the maggot) says Lou has a lot of figures to account for, such as who really paid for his junket to the NACO conference.

  7. tryagain says:

    Just more Republican political propoganda!!! Guess they REALLY have managed to take over your site!! Seems this site has constantly trashed Mickquin Daukins since he got a job with the County. Continually trashes Mr. Kelley and his organization!! Anyone see a pattern here?

  8. No – I don’t see a pattern. Unless you are speaking about over-paid political sycophants. Any salary over $75,000 is obscene according to Lou. He made sure the sheriff gets paid less than a 2nd in command at the county jail, and now is campaigning on the county clerk taking a lower salary than the Millville city clerk.

    Mr Kelly earns more than double Lou’s “obscene” salary, and yet Lou has a double standard by allowing others to double dip into public money.

  9. vinelandvisitor says:

    The only pattern I see is that of Magazzu with his pattern of lies, deception, misrepresentation and BS.

  10. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Let’s not forget the Director of Shared Cronyism, the new Assistant Crony to the Freeholder Board, and the Deputy Crony at the Sheriffs Department. I may have left out a couple, how about a little help? I’m sure you people know the titles of more cronies than I do.

    Under lou magazzu, the county is changing from Cumberland to Cronyland.

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