Cumberland County Poll – revisited

Who says the public cannot have an impact the performance of our elected officials? Last August 7 we brought attention to the POLL feature on the Cumberland County website. There was a link to a poll, and it took you to a page that boasted “Your opinion counts” but gave no opportunity to express said opinion. While obviously an oversight on the part of the $40,000 web designers, we had fun with that.

Today, in The News, we read a story.

The Cumberland County Economic Development Board wants to know what residents in all 14 municipalities think should be the county’s approach to its future development initiatives.

To that end, residents are invited to take a few minutes to answer a short questionaire on the county Web page.

Louis chimed in:

“We are taking a long-range approach to ways we can improve economic growth in the county,” he said, “and we feel that, to kick off this effort, we need to start with what the people want to see happen in the communities in which they live and do business.”

This is a good move. This is how county government should run. County government is not one man making a unilateral decision for a $28 million project in Millville without first getting the input of residents and city leaders. County government is not one man making decisions for the county Vo-Tech Center, calling a major press conference, but then forgetting to include them in the planning. Hopefully this is the dawn of a new way of doing business in the county.

And hopefully somewhere along the line Lou will give this website credit for first of all getting our money’s worth out of the $40,000 website; and second for bringing citizen participation back into Cumberland County government.


One Response to Cumberland County Poll – revisited

  1. tryagain says:

    Will miracles never cease? Magazzu did something you can agree with? I only wish he would bring better weather!

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