The Courthouse – why hasn’t it been resolved?

A letter to the editor in the Daily Journal this morning:

On Aug. 13, the taxpayers of Cumberland County received yet another kick in the teeth.

The Cumberland County Courthouse had to be closed because of flooding, costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars in repairs, paid leave for county employees and loss of production from our judiciary. According to a lawsuit filed by the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders in September of 2007, shoddy workmanship, design and construction have led to damages in the amount of more than $10 million.

The Democratic leadership on the freeholder board waited more than eight years to sue the responsible parties because those parties continued financial support to the Democratic Party through political contributions. The freeholders may have waited too long to sue, and now the county taxpayers must pick up the $10 million and mounting tab. When are the county voters/taxpayers going to realize that Democratic leadership has failed this county, and thatthe time for change is long overdue?

James Swift



10 Responses to The Courthouse – why hasn’t it been resolved?

  1. Lobster Claws says:

    Were their no republicans on the board from 1997 – 2007?

    Really just curious.

  2. tryagain says:

    My guess is there certainly were and perhaps maybe Jim Swift’s step mother could have been one of those Freeholders on the Board. And in fact think the “I find it interesting” plumber may have even been Director during that time period!

  3. SalarySam says:

    Where are the facts, guys? If there were Republicans what where their names and dates of service. If Jim Sauro was a Freeholder during that period he was. There’s nothing wrong with facts over innuendo.

    Jim Swift’s father recently married Jennifer Lookabaugh who was a DEMOCRAT Freeholder. What does that have to do with the price of baloney in Barcelona?

    Finally I think we all have to understand that the role of Freeholder Director does NOT give that Freeholder any special powers or prerogatives other than presiding at meetings. At least that is my understanding. If I’m wrong I would appreciate being guided to the proper facts and understanding. It is only Lord Lou’s indirect control over the other Democrat Freeholders through his control of the election purse strings that gives him an inordinate control. It is not a legal position, only a practical one. The Freeholder Director is NOT the equivalent of a Mayor. There is NO Mayor equivalent in our form of County Government. Larger counties do elect a County Executive who has different, more extensive powers and responsibilities. Regardless of what Lord Lou thinks he is just one of seven.

  4. James R. Sauro says:

    Well we now know that tryagain doesn’t know history. I was never on the board with Jennifer. The addition to the court house was done in either 1996 or 97. Within one year of completion they started having trouble. It got real serious after I left the board in 2002. The freeholder board did nothing and let the time limit expire for the lawsuit. Now the taxpayers will have to pick up the tab. By the way tryagain I’m still signing my name, when will you.

  5. tryagain says:

    Well since you admit you were on the Board (and God only knows how and why) why didn’t you do something about the Courthouse problems Mr. Plumber? You admitted that the problems were there the ENTIRE time you were a Freeholder and Freeholder Director! Oh Jimmy, just keep signing your name it’s the only way you can get any attention! Your own Republican Party ignores you and you don’t even know it! Must be some kind of Napoleon complex?

  6. tryagain says:

    Oh that’s right you must have been too bust raiding the County Jail and holding decent public employees against their will. That fiasco falls flat onto your lap as research indicates. Kind of your Bay of Pigs invasion coordinated along with your Republican friends in office at the time if I remember. Can’t blame you for trying to run from it and blame others! What a disaster! Your legacy as a Feeholder!!

  7. AMUSED says:

    Just more proof that what has been said about Magazzu’s viciousness is true. Just read his rantings. Have no doubt “tryagain” is Lou himself. I know of no other who could be so out of control, childish and hateful to anyone who questions or disagrees with him. Guess that’s why our county is in such turmoil…why so many on our professional staff are ready to pack it in! There is only so much abuse one can take. Is this the kind of leadership we want for our citizens? I think not. If this county is to move forward this OGRE has got to go! I only hope he keeps his family away from this sight. How embarrassed they would be. Great stuff to teach your kids, Lou. And your father would be ashamed!

  8. AMUSED says:

    You needn’t be concerned with Mr. Sauro’s legacy…You should worry about your own legacy. As they say, every dog has it’s day! WOOF!

  9. SalarySam says:

    Was Mr. Sauro the liason freeholder for public buildings? If not, who was?

  10. tryagain says:

    Sauro as in Great Sorrow was Freeholder Director!!! He has already confirmed the Court House problems were there during his reign of disaster!! Amused if you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Suggest you go to the bathroom with the plumber and unclog your drains. Sound like some on this site can dish it out but find it hard to take it!!

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