Lou is confused over salaries

The News of Cumberland County printed a story based on the press release issued by Tom Sheppard on the salaries of county employees. Tom correctly pointed out that there were ten employees earning more than $100,000 despite the fact that Lou called any salary over $75,000 a year “greedy”.

The newspaper points out that some (not all) of the salaries are mandated:

Salaries for prosecutor’s office employees are mandated by the New Jersey Superior Court as a result of a lawsuit filed against the county by the prosecutor’s office.

The News, always an ally of Lou, played down the fact that the County Clerk’s salary was also mandated by law.  Lou then made this utterly stupid remark:

“It is totally unreasonable to blame those salaries on the freeholders. They’re mixing apples and oranges,” Magazzu said Tuesday.

Lou, as Freeholder Director, demanded that the county officers take a salary lower than that mandated by law, rather than do the proper and legal course, which would be to fight Trenton and have the law changed. But then, Lou thinks he is above the law. That is why he allowed county taxpayers to finance his NACo campaign in previous years, and would have done the same this year if this website had not made hsi illegal billing tot he county public.

It is not apples and oranges. It is apples and apples. State law dictates certain salaries for certain positions. Lou has blatantly violated the law by dictating to his hand selected candidates that they take a salary that is a slap in the face for their positions. State law dictates the prosecutors’ salaries. State law dictates the officers’ salaries. Nobody, not even Lou Magazzu has the right to blatantly violate the law simply because they disagree with it.

Lou forced Lauren Van Embden to promise to work for less than the legal salary. What Lou is not telling the taxpayers is that Gloria Noto is also the county adjuster. Will Van Embden take that position as well? If not the taxpayers will have to pay another salary, and the supposed savings  will be lost.

This is not new – Lou lied last year when the candidates promised to work for lower salaries and one of the assistants refused to take Lou’s promised salary.


27 Responses to Lou is confused over salaries

  1. WaterLou says:

    I would think with ALL of the INFLUENCE Lou has in Trenton ( his words, not mine) that he could call in a favor and have those salaries lowered.

  2. tryagain says:

    Does sound a little like apples and oranges in the fact that some are elected positions and subject to the voters while others are hired employees. There is a difference and there can be no dispute that Noto was one of the leading proponents who lobbied the legislature hard (on the taxpayers dime from new accounts) to have her salary increased substantially!!

  3. vineland voter says:

    hey lou, nice flood in your “not wetlands” front yard the other day. amazing how every other person looking to buy that property were told it was unbuildable. must be nice to know people, ya think?

  4. Tryagain is your name mispeelled? Should it be wineagain if Lou would have sat down with the Prosecutor there would have not been a lawsuit.Gloria dose two jobs with in one office.So lets see the girl of the adjusters office was making $32,000 a year plus benefits round it out to $40,000.Times 7yeas $280,000 saved.This frees up one office for the Prosecutor’s office.We did not have to go out and rent space for them.You also make mention “AGAIN” about Mrs.Noto was one of the leading proponents who lobbied the legislature hard.How do you lobby the legislature when she did not say one word to any of them in Trenton.I repeat did not say one word to them.She was an observer.So lets get on with something new out of the box.Remeber D’s and R’s voted for the salary increases for the Constatutional Officers and also increasing the fees which has not been done in 15 years.So tell us why did Lou break the law by refusing to pay the salaries which was mandated by State Law.With all his influnece in Trenton and both houses with the D’s incharge .Plus a D for Govenor.So tell me why Lou could not get anythig done in Trenton.Plus Mrs.Noto turns back from money from her Office every year.

  5. tryagain says:

    OH my how easily you have been fooled Dragotta. What does turning back money every year from her budget mean other than she asks for too much in the first place!! I’d bet that almost EVERY, if not EVERY department turns back money each year. They ask for over inflated budgets and then think they are heros by turning OUR taxapyer money back. As far as that CRAP goes the entire County and every municipality usually has a surplus left from their annual budgets. Her claim fo turning back money means absolutely ZIP, ZERO!! And for her tosay that she didn’t lobby along with fromer Surrogate Freitag for those BIG BIG pay raises is an absolute lie. They may have even went to Trenton during their normal workday from many reports. Noto is nothing more than greedy greedy greedy!!!! Hey Blind Woman better remind Vineland Voter to stay on topic!! Seems you never forget to remind me!

  6. tryagain says:

    By the way speaking off being off topic, what happened to Dragotta’s “Dumb and Dumber” Show on Saturday mornings?

  7. Actually most departments do NOT return excess money to the budget annually. The directors or heads always find last minute ways to spend all of it out of fear of not getting as much the following year. It is rare for departments to turn money back in.

    Mike Barruzza as sheriff had the same policy.

  8. SalarySam says:

    Let’s not forget that the reason the Legislature set the salaries for Clerk, Sheriff and Surrogate in the first place were the politics that Cumberland County was playing with them. In order to try to take the politics out of salaries for constitutional officers the legislature set them. We can see that didn’t work in Cumberland County.

    That’s what we need to see, a campaign slogan of
    “Will Work for Food”

  9. Matt Dunn says:

    Always with the “friends of Lou” … that’s okay. I can take a dig from a bunch of anonymous partisan bloggers. The people that matter always maintain that we treat them fairly, the people you hold in such high esteem on this site.

    Matt Dunn

  10. tryagain says:

    Wrong agin Blind Woman!! Most departments that overbudget like Noto probably in fact do return monies!! Noto just acts like she is saving tazpayers money! What abunch of phooey!! If she truly wanted to save taxpayers money she would not take the exhorbitant amount of salary no matter what the legislature says or does!! The Sheriff and Surrogate did and so can she. Gloria is just plain GREEDY!!! She gives back money each year because she takes too much to begin with. What other possible explanation could there be for doing it year after year as she claims. If she can operate with less each year you would think maybe it might occur to her to ask for less just once? Not that hard to figure out her shell game!! Even Tom Sheppard was silent when asked if he thought she made too much? Why not press him and the Republicans for an honest answer about how they feel about her inflated salary? Not to here them parrot “well the legislature set It? DUH, the question is Tom and Republicans, ” Do you think the salary of the County Clerk is too high?” A simple yes or no is all that is required!! No dancing necessary boys!

  11. tryagain says:

    And once again YES she did lobby hard at taxpayers expense for an almost 50% payraise!!

  12. Watcher#1 says:

    Give me a break Lou (tryagain). You fought that raise only as a political ploy to get votes. Yes, the constitutional officers are overpaid. Yes, there is no justification for those salaries. But your unsuccessful fight against those salaries ended up with us (taxpayers) paying for more in legal expenses than we could have saved if the salaries had been rolled back. Your lawyer buddies hosed us, just like the clerk hoses us. The ongoing robbery of taxpayers continues………..

  13. Lobster Claws says:

    Matt Dunn, has your paper ever NOT published a letter written by or in support of Lou Magazzu, regardless of how inflammatory or outright wrong it was?

    My guess is no.

    Ask Jack, though, he’s more likely to be honest about it.

  14. tryagain says:

    Glad to see at least others think the Clerk hoses us at her ridiculous salary! AND don’t forget she lobbied for it on OUR dime and got it along with her other clerk friends and surrogate friends including former Surrogate Mr. Freitag! Traveled to Trenton to lobby for almost 50% raises on taxpayers dime. Nice work if you can get it!

  15. tryagain says:

    Still waiting for Mr. Sheppard and the other Republican candidates to answer the simple question, “Do you think the County Clerk’s salary is too high?” Simple yes or no will suffice! No need to throw in a bunch of BUT she does……….! That’s nothing more than a political smoke screen.

  16. Tryagain – we are waiting for you and your alter-ego Lou to answer this simple question.

    What are you going to do about EVERY OTHER obscene salaries in excess of $75,000 in Cumberland County? That inlcudes Judge Wodlinger’s salary well in excess of that GREEDY $75,000 a year, just appointed through Lou’s machinations as part of inside campaign promises, from what our sources suspect.

  17. Louagain you tickle me when you say greedy greedy.Maybe we should say that the sheriff and surragate is greedy too remember they both are retired.One a Vineland Police officer who gets about 65% of his salary.Then the Surrage Retired from TWO no THREE jobs. School teacher Upper Deerfield Committee member an Mayor.Cumberland County Freeholer and Director.”Nice pentions” so who is really GREEDY.Oh if Lou would have sat down and talked to the Prosecutor insted of trying to be hard nose about what the Prosecutor needs and wants were we wouldn’t have gotton SUED.Being hard nose or my way or the highway is not the way to be.Remember honesty is the best policy an always treat people the way you would like to be treated because they say what goes around comes around.These are some qouetes my father use to say to me. Dad said it will make you a better person if you remembered those sayings.

  18. Douglas Rainear – retired, Bridgeton Board of Ed – $35,930.40 pension from a $68,000 high salary. Why in the world did this greedy man take a greedy $75,000 when he was more than able to live on $68,000? Add that pension to his pay increase to $75,000 and he is earning well into six figures. What greed! And we also pick up his health benefits!

    How many Cumberland County citizens have no health coverage – Dougie (who certainly needs health coverage, obese people are at increased risk) at one time had THREE health programs. He was kind enough to cancel the one taxpayer backed health plan, and took cash instead! He really should take better care of himself, but doesn’t have to since taxpayers pick up his health care tab.

    Our sheriff, one that is truth-impaired, brings home a $53,745.24 pension, which added to his $75,000 a year salary puts him very well off. The median income for a working male in Cumberland County last official census figures was $35,387. Our greedy sheriff brings home almost 4 times that figure! And – he has publicly funded health care unlike most of us.

    So – tryagain – let’s talk about greed. It seems that Lou is surrounded by greedy people!

  19. Matt Dunn says:

    Lobster Claws,

    How am I supposed to know what letters we choose to run and what letters we don’t? I have nothing to do with that.

    I only have control over one aspect of the paper – the stories that I write. My problem is when the phrase “Friend of Magazzu” gets thrown out there in regard to stories that *I* personally have written. When that happens, it seems to imply that I show some sort of bias – which I take very personally because I really try and make a constant effort not to take sides on any issue when I’m writing. (Although in “real life” I am a very opinionated person!) Maybe it’s because of my strong convictions that I slip up occasionally and let that part of me come out in a story – and I really regret when any of my stories comes across as favoring any one side of an issue.

    For the most part, people from all political and sociological backgrounds whom I’ve written about have described me as fair – Republicans and Democrats … cops and killers … community leaders and gang members alike.

    Matt Dunn

  20. WuLi says:

    In Matt’s defense – I personally don’t believe it is possible for opinionated people (I count myself in on this category) to be “editorially unbiased” in their writings, as much as modern reporting esteems this trait.

    A reporter can strive to write about both sides of an issue, but if you have a strong belief system, that bias will find its way into the article, whether subtly or otherwise.

    An example I pointed out on my blog was the inability of the liberal leaning editorial staff of The News of Cumberland County to honestly report on the corruption scandal that rocked NJ recently.

    Their editorial had a quote along the lines of… “Democrats and a few Republicans” being arrested.

    However, one Republican does not equate to a few. I don’t think the writer or writers were being inherently dishonest, but it was this prejudice that shows up in articles that the average readers will not catch. It influences how the story is perceived.

    For this reason I believe writers and reporters should have to reveal their own political leanings so that the public can be aware to look for bias, or at least be aware there is a bias.

    Do I think bias should be left out of stories? Not as long as the public is informed of the inclinations of the writer or editor. in fact I think we have better information when you have biased parties on both (or more) sides of any issue debating openly.

    Nobody has cornered the market on truth, and only with open discussion by people that do feel strongly can everyone else come to some sort of informed opinion.

    So how’s that for a can of worms?

  21. Matt Dunn says:

    In the interest of honest disclosure:

    I am an undeclared voter.

    In the past, I’ve voted for a mixture of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

    I never contributed money to any political party and never received any benefits from showing favor to any particular party through my writing.

    What else do you want to know?

    Matt Dunn

  22. tryagain says:

    Once again Alex has his facts ABSOLUTELY WRONG, but why bother trying to explain to him? He will NEVER understand!! GREEDY GLORIA at least gets it!! Gloria living the GOOD life at taxpayers expense!! Can you imagine her pension? WOW!!! Lobbying for an almost 50% raise along with Freitag was and is UNEXCUSABLE!!! And then to do some of it on taxpayers time adds insult to injury!!! Say goodbye to GREED and say good bye to Gloria Noto!

  23. Tryagain – please post Gloria’s pension for us. And also, if you do post any figures, please provide your sources.

  24. tryagain says:

    Maybe you have to work for a number of years and pay into a pension fund and then retire to collect a pension Blind Woman. Not to worry though for when Greedy Gloria retires with her number of yeras in the pension plan and her highly inflated salary she lobbied for along with Freitag her pension will be WAY into the $60,000.00 range!! Not quite as sweet as Freitag’s $75,000.00 per year and no where near Marchand’s $96,000.00 per year. Just usint he same sources you do Blind Woman! You ask for numbers you got em! Don’t take up a collection for poor Greedy Gloria quite yet! Think she may be OK financially!

  25. Curious says:

    Lou Cryagain Magazzu does not have to worry about pensions. He just lives off his childrens trustfund.
    No wonder he does not have to hold a job.

  26. WaterLou says:

    Or maybe godfather McGreevey set aside some cash for Lou before he left office in disgrace. Or maybe Uncle George Norcross will take care of Lou…. the list of corruption is endless

  27. tryagain says:

    What happened Blind Woman? I posted numbers and sources and you became very quiet. Sure miss you!

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