A Fun Game

A friend of MW proposed a concept for a fun online game. We liked the idea so much we gave it a separate page (see menu at above). It is called the Political Trough Game!

Insiders informed us that Louis’s campaign will begin in earnest, with endorsements from prominent people. The game? On the page indicated, be the first person to post the locations of any billboards. Or send images of campaign literature for posting. Then, Find the Money! This will be fun for the whole family!


5 Responses to A Fun Game

  1. Curious says:

    There are 8 former democrat freeholders that were on the board with him.
    How many of them will endores him?
    Four are publicly actively working to defeat him.
    He only has one that supports him.
    Guess who that would be?
    That works out to an 87% disapproval rating.
    Word on the street is that the 3 new freeholders are all regreting running.
    Off record , all three are thinking about being one term wonders.
    That is a 100% disapproval rating.
    Even George Bush had a 38% approval rating.
    Always the same reason LOU.

  2. Carl says:

    I understand Ed Salmon is going to be on the first bill board.

    Didn’t associates and family of Salmon attempt to take over, bankrupt and destroy the Levoy in Millville several years ago?

  3. Hopewell says:

    Isn’t Salmon family trying to buy land from the County? Isn’t the architect contract for work next door to the site more than give them their money back? Land has belonged to the county for over 100 years. What is the sudden need to sell?
    Did Salmon family try to buy for less than the minimum price set for the land?
    If this is even remotely honest, then take the land off the market. Freeholders tried to swap land for services. Should have known that was illegal.

  4. old time dem says:

    I wonder is fast Eddie has another used car he wants to sell tonly to hie closest friends. He could make that a mailer like he did when he was appointed to BPU.
    If memory serves me right , he lost that over ethics cloud.

  5. Curious says:

    The first sign is up. Charlie Thomas endorseing Lou team. Charlie is backing them” for all the wrong reasons”. Seems he is mad Steve Wymbs would not give him a big paying job. And to think according to Lou only Peterson is greedy. How many big dollar kobs does Charlie need?

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