Levoy Conspiracy Theories

The news made the paper today – the CCIA is officially balking on a loan to the Levoy Theatre (as well as the Landis Theater). The CCIA has offered to sell bonds to raise the money, but officially does not want to “jeopardize the authority’s future economic stability.”

A previous conspiracy theory indicated that some thought Lou would be the hero and save the day. Some of our readers have said that is completely off-base.

The new conspiracy theory? Put your aluminum foil-hats on, ladies and gents! Lou is behind the CCIA not offering the loan. Why? Lou has a vested interest in his home town, Vineland, and does not want to see the Levoy Theatre succeed and be in competition with Vineland’s own Landis Theater. Lou, via his hand-picked board at the CCIA ensured the Levoy would not get the necessary funds to proceed in a timely manner, thus ensuring that bedfellow Bobby Romanao’s Landis Theater renovation is completed on schedule.

Bob Romano (supposedly a Republican) is already sabotaging Republican efforts in his campaign to help Lou win. It would be interesting to discover just what promises Lou made to Romano to buy his support.

46 Responses to Levoy Conspiracy Theories

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I don’t buy it. How can it be a conspiracy to only restore the Landis, when the Authority is not giving them any money either.

  2. The Landis has almost all of the financial backing it needs, and this hitch will not slow it down much. The Levoy is depending on this key amount – at least that is what our tin-hat source thinks.

    Hey, we didn’t make this up, just posting what people said. That is why this one is filed under “rumors”.

  3. Lobster Claws says:

    Lou only looks out for Lou. Regardless of the Levoy outcome, he will try to make it look like he came out on top.

    If it succeeds, then it’s a credit to the UEZ program and his pushing Millville to grant the Levoy the funding.

    If it fails, then Lou is just a fiscally conservative democrat who is just looking out for the tax player.

    Lou figures, and this is the truth, that no play here is the safest play for his political future.

  4. RIchard says:

    So let me get this straight: When CCIA does something good, Wymbs gets the credit. When they screw up it’s Lou’s fault.


  5. slappythedoorman says:

    Umm..Lou is supporting Lauren for Clerk. It might be in his interest to see the Levoy project go tough. Doesn’t the CCIA have a BOATLOAD of $$$?? Its supposed to help Cumberland County and the theatres can only help the County

  6. tryagain says:

    Even foil hats cannot protect you clowns from this one!! Will it ever end? If you can’t finfd real things to use let’s use rumors against Magazzu! How pathetic this site has become mainly because of the one and only Supreme Ruler Eyes Everywhere aka Blind Woman!! Keep it up Blindy beacsue each time you post your site loses more of what’s left of its small credibility! Imagine that Richard! Told you they even blame Magazzu for bad weather!

  7. This just in – we heard that Mrs. Bobby Romano is in line for a county job. If it happens, you can truly say that you heard it here first.

  8. vineland voter says:

    bobby was easy prey for the norcross capo, saw that one coming a mile away

  9. Patrick Henry says:

    How quickly Lou reneged on his promise to Lauren.
    Pulled the plug on the Levoy money he promised.
    Is he cutting his clerk candidate even before Labor Day? Lou will prove once again that it is every man errrr(woman) for themselves when he controls the political campaign funds. Lauren you are better than this. Now Nelson”s job is to bring in money and foot soldiers to benefit Lou only.

  10. JC says:

    I’m not sure, but wasn’t it Wymbs who promised the money to Lauren in the first place? Could be his carpetbag is running out of candy. Seems like he’s always had a sweet tooth of his own for Millville.

    Now Lou is raining on his parade. Wymbs no longer gets what he wants. To me, that isn’t such a bad thing. As Richard said, at least we get to vote for or against Lou. We have no control over Wymbs.

    I do feel sorry for Lauren. She’s trying very hard to make the theatre thing happen. Maybe Lou will be the White Knight on this issue. Don’t hold your breath, though.

  11. gorgon says:

    Tinfoil aside, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The CCIA could have shown more respect for Shannon and Millville or maybe it was just that Wymbs was confused. If Wymbs thought Lou wanted him to help the Levoy maybe he couldn’t. On the other hand maybe Wymbs didn’t want to help the Levoy and Lou wasn’t able to force him. Either way, the Levoy will happen if Lauren remains involved.

  12. JC says:

    At 150K a year, why should Wymbs ever be confused?

  13. tryagain says:

    PLUS BENEFITS, that are said to be VERY substantial!! When is the INVESTIGATION starting? Must be an awful lot of other things in that contract that people(many more than Magazzu) are wanting to take a CLOSE look at!! Even Wymbs said he would sit down and re-negotiate. That ought to tell you something! Maybe, just maybe Magazzu and Co. were RIGHT about trying to gain some control over this runaway authority and their Candyman Wymbs! Sure those that received the benefit of OUR taxdollars(like Christy and her pet projects, Mausoleum and Master Gardners) will come running to try and save their philanthropist, Candyman Wymbs, using OUR MONEY.

  14. Tryagain – why don’t YOU start a SteveWymbsWatch website – and post the results of your investigation.

    Fact – Wymbs offered to sit down and negotiate – Lou Magazzu’s board decided instead to take Cumberland County tax dollars and pay Camden County Norcross affiliated lawyers to interfere.

    Fact – Cumberland County has the lowest tipping rates in the state – and yet the most efficiently run organization.

    Fact – Lou and you have absolutely no problem with Camden or anyone else using public money to buy votes – hence the hundreds of thousands of dollars you have funneled to Tri-County, an organization just in the news for criminal pilfering of these tax dollars – an organization that obviously has no oversight or internal audits in place to prevent wholesale theft by employees.

    Maybe Lou needs to get his own houses in order before he tries to put his filthy, greedy hands into everyone else’s?

  15. Deep Throat says:

    Lou’s real issue with the CCIA is that he personally does not get all the credit for the programs and grants thsy dole out. He has complained to many people about this. Most likely he will have his new board reject grants, so he can then ride in and fix it. That way he gets all the credit. Lou is never about good government. He is about needing to get the credit for everything that happens. He does not share well.
    That is the main reason for him to take over the CCIA. Control the money. Get all the political capital for all tha good programs the CCIA funds.
    Sometimes you make it all too complicated.

  16. RIchard says:

    Eyes Everywhere wrote:

    “Fact – Cumberland County has the lowest tipping rates in the state – and yet the most efficiently run organization.”

    While it may be true our landfill tipping fees are the lowest in the state, since our landfill now competes in a free market economy and is receiving trash from out of Cumberland County why would we want the lowest rates. All this does is attract trash, fill the landfill quicker, and create a surplus of fun money for the Candy Man, and in all probability, Lou will ultimately get his paws on it.

    As for “the most efficiently run organization”, how can we know this? By what yardstick is this measured? By the surplus? If so, any organization that builds a coffer of cash (at our expense) is efficient.

    Is there some Improvement Authority rating system? I doubt it. I think some of us may have fallen for Wymbs rhetoric (which is really just propaganda).

    Most Efficient? Well why not? It can’t be proved.

    Award winning? Well yeah, back in 1993 or so. What awards have they won since?

    Environmentalists? Oh my God, get real!! They don’t care a bit about the environment, they care about the money they make by raping the environment.

    Forward thinking? Sure, because they’ve forgotten or reneged on so many of their past promises. Just think how Lauren Van Embden must feel right now.

    Here again, the blind acceptance of all things Wymbs is dangerous, naive, and just plain dumb.

  17. tryagain says:

    Fact: Wmybs gives out OUR tax dollars as if they wer is own liitle philanthropic fund!!!!

    Fact: So what if OUR tipping fees are the lowest that just means we will get more TRASH from outside of OUR County resulting in filling up the landfill sooner!!!

    Fact: Be careful of those bearing gifts. MR WYMBS!!!

    Fact: Must be a GOOD reason that Wymbs was so quick to agree to renegotiate his “forever” contract!!

    By the way who was responsible for hiring Mr. Wymbs and what were his qualifications UPON hiring? And what is his expense account?

    Final FACT: We have the opportunity to either elect or reject Magazzu every 3 years, not the same with Mr. Wymbs and his “lifetime” contract!!! Who is responsible for such an outrageous contract? Follow the money!! Could be very interesting story or stories behind Mr. Wymbs and his hiring in the first place and his giving away of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of OUR tax dollars!! How is this done anyway?

  18. Lobster Claws says:

    Fact: Steve Wymbs always wears charcoal suits and shiny brown shoes.

  19. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    The landfill tipping fees may be the lowest in the state, but if the CCIA still has boatloads of cash to give away, then they are still too high.

    If the fees were lower, the municipalities would save money, and be able to complete some of these projects on their own.

    How noble of the CCIA to give back to the communities the money they took in the first place.

  20. So it seems that Lou/tryagain is in favor of increased tipping fees, which would result in increased property taxes. Not a good argument. But then Lou did allow county taxes to increase 80% over a decade, and doubled spending.

    Fact – Lou wasted tax dollars to benefit outside firms with ties to the Norcross machine – bringing Camden County lawyers and politics into SJ. This same firm has contributed to Lou’s campaign – pay-to-play! If Lou get reelected, Camden County will rule us, and we will become another corrupt source of patronage for Norcorss et. al. No wonder Lou was no going to negotiate with Steve – he had to pay his cronies in Camden back for supporting him.

    Also – Wymb’s “life time contract” is hokum and fear-mongering, and you KNOW it! Is it one-sided? Sure. So you renegotiate in good faith – you don’t bring Camden TRASH into the county as PAYBACK for campaign support! Again, can you say “Pay-To-Play” children? Lou found a way to circumvent NJ state law for his own benefit.

    Now about the “taxpayers’ money” – Louagain – you KNOW that a good portion of that is other counties tax money. That means that Cumberland County taxpayers and organizations are all benefiting from the distribution of wealth from other counties, due to Wymb’s expertise at maintaining a well-run facility.

    And THAT is what really tick’s Lou off. Lou want control of that money – and he would deplete any reserves in short order if he ever wrested control.

  21. Higgs – generally I would agree with you. However law prevents Cumberland County from denying north Jersey from dumping their trash in our landfill. That point was brought up by others in this discussion. Make tipping fees too cheap, and we would have a traffic back-up for miles with Newark’s trash.

    If we were able to close the landfill to outsiders, then I would say yes – reduce tipping fees and save taxpayers money. As it stands, a good portion of the excess money, as I pointed out previously, comes directly to our county. We benefit indirectly.

    Reducing the tipping fees while it may save us a few cents on the dollar, if that, the county would lose much, much more than we saved in the long run.

  22. RIchard says:

    Eyes Everywhere says: “If we were able to close the landfill to outsiders, then I would say yes – reduce tipping fees and save taxpayers money. As it stands, a good portion of the excess money, as I pointed out previously, comes directly to our county. We benefit indirectly.”

    Eyes, you have definitely said a mouthful! And, you’re right! Back in the mid 90’s the Authority had the chance to keep the landfill for Cumberland County. They chose not to, and that choice was engineered and preferred by Steve Wymbs. (remember how i described the process by which the executive director shapes policy and board votes?)

    He will deny this assertion vehemently and say we had no choice but to enter the free market. He is lying. Of the 21 counties in the state, most chose to enter the trash market, but not all. We COULD have chosen to keep the landfill for Cumberland County only. Fact is, the idea was not even explored because it is counterintuitive to Wymbs concept of empire building. He couldn’t be happy with little old Cumberland County, he opened the flood gates.

    But we’re making money, we all win, right? You wouldn’t feel that way if you live in Deerfield Township. You’d just be pissed off that you got dumped on. Again and again. Wymbs has pissed away valuable landfill space for his own aggrandizement. Deerfield Township has taken it in the shorts, so to speak.

    Now, I don’t expect Lou to be any different when he gets control of the authority. He’ll sell us out just as Wymbs did. But, as i’ve said, at least we get to vote for or against Lou. Maybe that can make a difference. And certainly, one slimeball is better than two.

  23. tryagain says:

    Guess it doesn’t matte to Blind Woman that Cumberland County is becoming the “Trash Receptacle” for all South Jersey because we have the lowest tipping fees. RIchard has it CORRECT!! Wymbs has continually been trying to just build an empire!! Investigate the CANDYMAN!!! Still think he may have just been a political appointment of the then Jennifer Lookabaugh now candidate Jennifer Swift. Guess maybe she just is running to protect her boy and to hell with the taxpayers of the County!! Glad someone is FINALLY putting the clamps on Wymbs’ constant giveaways to his favorite pet projects and taking care of a few of his favorite people!! ALL on OUR tax dollars!!

  24. Common Cents says:

    “All on OUR tax dollars” you say? How do you figure? Hudson County trucks a load of garbage down here, and pays the tipping fee. A portion of the tipping fee then gets used by the CCIA to reinvest in Cumberland County…building police/fire/rescue training facilities, improving parks and recreational areas, sponsoring the local arts. Where do you see YOUR tax dollars being used? You’re argument is flawed, and it is clear that you are just another foot soldier serving your master.

  25. RIchard says:

    Common Cents, everyone wins except Deerfield Township. Hudson County trash really stinks! Where do you live? Do you want the trash? We can work something out.

  26. Lobster Claws says:

    The jerk store called, they’re running out of Lou.

  27. tryagain says:

    Yeah Common Cents and who do you think paid for the landfill to be built? Cumberland County Taxpayers!! Accepting other counties trash not such a great plan when the landfill is full prematurely and the taxpayers of Cumberland County get stuck paying to build another one or expand this one. All options cost millions of OUR tax dollars. Guess you would prefer Cumberland County to be the Trash Receptacle for all of New Jersey!! Don’t you think that if it was such a profitable and lucrative business in the long run that every county would get in on the action. NO WAY!! Most counties are perfectly happy to allow Cumberland to become their trashcan at these lowest tipping fees! Pretty short sighted!

  28. tryagain says:

    Maybe even Deerfield government is now happy being the host community with the amount of money they are given? Not so sure about Deerfield residents especially those that have to live near the facility!

  29. Watcher#1 says:

    Tryagain, (aka Lou the King of Maggots)

    You are up early. Wonder why since you don’t have a real job. If it wasn’t for this site, you would have nothing to do except micro-managing the county and its workers to death.

    Maybe George Norcross will hire you and the Chairman of Sleeze.

  30. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    If we are taking in trash from Hudson County, how much longer until the dump is full? Once it is full…then what? I remember the protesting when this dump was sited. It wasn’t pretty.

    On the other hand, what if another dump lowers it’s fees? Will our trash go somewhere else? What happens to all the CCIA bonds if they do not receive enough garbage to cover the dept? Wow, this thread sure is turning into a real can of worms.

  31. Common Cents says:

    Of course tryagain is “playing dumb” and knows that the CC landfill has a peculiar advantage over any other one in the NJ / NYC / Philly area – it has space. Near limitless space when compared to the overdeveloped bedroom communities of NYC (Hudson, Essex, Bergen Counties) where there isn’t a single acre left to develop, let alone “waste” on a landfill. The huge space enjoyed by Cumberland County (and its landfill) allow us to have unusually low tipping fees and extra money for public projects, with no danger of “filling up” the landfill. Trust me, if other counties could have what we have, they would jump on it.

  32. RIchard says:

    In the interest of fairness, I doubt we’re getting trash from Hudson County. Someone used that as an example and it has stuck. (in that regard it worked pretty well!)

    Most of the out of county trash we get is from Atlantic, Gloucester, and Camden counties. Logistics and costs determine where haulers take their trash. It would cost too much to truck trash down here from Hudson County. Though, if we keep our wonderful “lowest rate in the state” policy, at some point in time we may be attractive to the northern haulers.

    Rev Higgs’ point about the waste stream being lured away and the economic turmoil it would create is right on. Whether we like it or not, we’re participants in the trash economy of the great state of New Jersey. Does anybody remember what business Tony Soprano was in? Are you beginning to see what Wymbs did? Do you understand who we are now, in part, dependent upon?

  33. Deep Throat says:

    The trash stream is not a one way flow. Parts of Cumberland County trash goes to Salem County because the cost of hauling is more than the difference in the tipping fee. Our recycleables go to Atlantic County for seperateing because there is a more efficent seperation facility then Cumberland used to have.
    Waste Management has gone to single stream recycleing. They take carboard,glass, paper, etc. and have it seperated at yet another recyleing facility.
    CCIA is investigateing resource recovery, where the trash will actually be mined for resources.
    This could make the life of the landfill almost limitless.
    They are also running anerobic & aerobic tests to speed decompostion the increase the life of the landfill.
    They also partnered to sell the methane gas to generate power.
    Mr. Wymbs may not be up for sainthood, but it is run 10x better than it was prior to him running it.
    It is profitable.
    Remember Lou swore it was loseing money and wanted to sell it to outsade interests.
    He went nuts on the county CFO at the time for doing an analysis of it’s financial condition.
    Wonder how much he would have profited off that deal

  34. RIchard says:

    Deep Throat writes: “Mr. Wymbs may not be up for sainthood, but it is run 10x better than it was prior to him running it.
It is profitable.”

    I don’t know about that. Before Wymbs showed up, the landfill was voted the best in North America, which at the time probably meant the world. It’s kind of hard for him to improve upon that. In fact, he hasn’t. He inherited a first class operation, up and running, nationally recognized, and in full compliance with its permit. From that point, the NJDEP regs virtually guarantee a properly run operation. He didn’t have to do anything to make this happen. Wouldn’t you like to be in that situation?

    Here we go again with the idea that a profitable landfill is a great landfill. This depends on where you live. if you live in Deerfield Township the CCIA profit comes at the expense of Deerfield land and quality of life. Did you know that the township school, which is only about a mile from the landfill, if that, has to pay a hauler to take its trash to the landfill? Does that make sense?

    Profitability is Wymbs concoction. The quality was there long before he showed up in the form of the workers at the facility. Without them, CCIA would be nothing.

    The “limitless landfill life” idea sounds great. Who’s done it? In what climate zone? Was one of their cells built by County Sand and Stone?

    Can you imagine how landfill mining is going to smell? Do you know what leachate re-circulation could do to an old liner? Do we want to be guinea pigs for the waste industry? Was that part of the original bargain? (some bargain)

  35. DEEP THROAT says:

    Yes, I guess it is hard to improve on a facility that was caught illegaly burying newspaper.
    The market was tough for newsprint at the time. Does not make it OK to break the law.
    Do not wish to disparage the staff. They do a good job.
    That is Lou’s forte.

  36. RIchard says:

    Hey, I remember that! Recycling had just started and there was no market for newsprint. I think it was Barry Clark who decided to bury the newspaper. That became the episode Wymbs needed to seize control of the Authority. Even the prosecutor got involved. He saw no criminal intent and dropped the case. Man, good for you! Your memory works.

    Hey, do you remember at about that time Wymbs and Donato took their trip to California on the Authority’s nickel? One of them came home with an earring and hemorrhoids. That must have been one hell of a trip.

    Talking about the good old days is fun. Thanks for the memories.

  37. RIchard says:

    Folks, I apologize. My wife tells me I’m out of line for my last post.

    Since this thread no longer has anything to do with the Levoy restoration, I’ll desist and wait for another opportunity to bash Wymbs…err.. state my opinion.

    I told JC that there is danger in pitting Lou against Wymbs, and have since then fanned every flame. My bad.

    My apologies for being crass. I obviously have my own agenda. I think I’ll take it off forum, for now. Let’s get back to pounding on Lou.

    But for those of you who would like to understand the complexities of the NJ free market of trash, check out this document on the Dep site. It’s the 2006 solid waste management plan. Check out Section A on planning. You’ll see how other counties dealt with their waste after flow control was overturned. A provincial approach could have been taken. Debt could have been forgiven. It would have taken courage.

    Cumberland County never considered it.


  38. tryagain says:

    RIchard, you obviously seem to have very GOOG information regarding the Candyman aka Wymbs that needs to be brought out into the “public light”. Where did he come from? How did he get the job? Whatwere his credentials? What are his expense accounts like? Does he do outside work? Who decides who gets the gifts of our tax dollars? He has obviously given OUR tax dollars to numerous organizations to win their favor but shouldn’t that money be used to reduce taxes? Many groups will come to his defense because they depend upon his giving them OUR dollars. It seems to be an Authority that has grown out of control with little if any oversight!! Think it may be time for a REAL investigation into the inner workings of the CCIA! Seems Wymbs is and has been out of control with OUR tax dollars!!! Seems prior to the current Board previous Authority Boards have just been along for the ride! Thankfully some are now questioning the “doings” at the Authority. Thanks for the insight RIchard. There may be much much more to uncover at The Authority! Suggest full scale legal investigationa nd let the chips fall where they may! We, the taxpayers, deserve nothing less!!!!

  39. Carl says:

    Lou – I mean tryagain – it is interesting that you bring up the notion of “OUT tax dollars” when you refused to take Tom Sheppard’s advice last year to RETURN MILLIONS of those tax dollars from the obscene reserve.

    Of course, this year you are taking credit for someone else’s idea and promising to to use some of that reserve, which last year you said was not feasible.

    The only difference between this year and last was that last you your lied and said it could not be done because you were not running for office, and this year you lied by claiming the idea as your own and ARE running.

    Also – yes – EVERY county agency that receives tax money should be audited. However, it seems that you are treading on libelous ground by implying that anything illegal is happening and calling for an investigation, which is different from an audit.

    What grounds would you base this call for an investigation on, other than political retribution?

    Is this Lou’s Cumberland County – where anyone that disagrees with King Lou is subject to a full scale investigation with no basis other than Lou doesn’t like that person? Actually it is, I have been subject to Lou’s ire based only on the fact that I questioned one of his lies publicly.

    (I fully expect that Lou-again’s reply will be another personal attack on me rather than an answer to these questions that deserve an honest answer. Lou attacks others in his campaigns of personal destruction to take the focus off of his own many failings.)

    Now Tri-County has given the public reason to insist on a full investigation. We need to investigate Lou’s role with Al Kelly, Al Kelly’s failure as director to oversee and prevent fraud and theft, and to dig deeper to see just how many others are partaking in these criminal acts of misuse of public money.

  40. WaterLou says:

    …..and while we are auditing, let’s audit the expenditures of the individual freeholders – let’s start with Lou, since he is the Director. What process is in place for a freeholder to request and receive expense money? Does it have to be approved by the Board as a whole or can the freeholder just walk up to the “teller” and withdraw money for things like, say…..oh how about the NACO conference?

  41. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Carl, if you want to investigate Al Kelly and his role at Tri-county, how can yo not investigate CCIA and the EZ, where Al Kelly also plays a major role?

  42. Carl says:

    Hi Higgs. basically, the investigation would be of Tri-County – to determine if the recent thefts were an isolated instance. Possibly there are safeguards in place, and this abuse of position and tax money is just an anomoly.

    It is not an inestigation into Kelly, merely how these happened under his watch as director.

    Now if it is determined, sort of like what happened several years ago at one of Lou’s other favoroite organization, the Martin Luther King Academy, that the head was involved, then it would be reasonable to investigate every organization this person was involved in, in leadership capacity.

    The point is, you cannot just start investigations into any organization that you don’t like, (obviously for mere political revenge), as tryagain (Lou Magazzu) is suggesting.

    I don’t think there has been any evidence of wrongdoing involving the workings of the CEZ or CCIA. Hopefully the one case made public involving Tri-County is just that, one bad egg.

    The thing is, now is the time to dig into the situation, before the election, to make sure that Lou has been properly divvying out public money to deserving organizations.

  43. ignatz says:

    new here as a poster but felt compelled to chime in on this one. tryagain continues to write about the CCIA not contributing to the County to reduce our taxes. If memory serves me correct the CCIA has written checks to the Freeholder Board for MILLIONS in the last number of years. Has anybody checked the total? Tryagain/Knotu, or whatever he goes by, seems to know a lot about county government but doesn’t seem to want to offer this information. What happened to that money?

  44. tryagain says:

    Investigation? Audit? I don;t really care what you call it BUT sure seems to me that someone should at least be looking into the CCIA and how they spend OUR tax dollars and give grants to their “pet” projects!! It is high time a complete and thorough examination is needed into what Mr. Wymbs perceives to be his only little philantropic fund! Years and years of giving OUR money away based upon what criteria? May be more than just smoke at that Authority!!

  45. tryagain says:

    PS Have no problems with auditing or investigating any and all agencies that use OUR tax dollars! Just let’s start with the multi million dollar operation of the Improvement Authority! Let’s see whose lives are really being improved!

  46. WaterLou says:

    Let’s start with Lou’s expense account – NOW THAT would be INTERESTING

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