Lou Magazzu caught in another lie!

This was posted tonight on R D Owen’s blog:

About 20 minutes ago the Millville City Commission meeting let out. On my way out of the room, Lou Magazzu was in the doorway and then came back into the room. He shook Doug Ranier’s hand, and then someone else. I was right behind, third in line. He stuck his hand out. I shook it, introduced myself and asked him, “What is the name of your PAC?”

That got him to move us out of the doorway. He explained to me he doesn’t have a PAC. He mentioned he had a professional trade account. He emphasized that he was under no legal obligation to disclose anything about this. I reminded him he was an elected official. At that point Magazzu touched my right arm and reiterated he had no legal obligation.

I asked him if he had been misquoted in the paper. Magazzu responded:

I don’t remember.


As we walked away, he asked if I had a blog. I informed him I did and provided the url. Welcome, Freeholder Magazzu. Why did you lie to me?

He has a lot more to the story, but this was the key point. In the August 1, 2009 Daily Journal Louis claimed that his “PAC”, his words, not ours, was covering the NACo expenses. Now we discover, according to Owen’s report that Lou claims he does not have a PAC. So, which is it? When is Lou Magazzu going to come clean to the taxpayers and the voters?


One Response to Lou Magazzu caught in another lie!

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Why did he lie to you? Because liars lie. that’s what they do. Might as well ask why fish swim.

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