Sam Fiocchi calls for Freeholders to accomodate citizens

We received this from one of our sources tonight. It is a letter from Sam Fiocchi asking the Freeholders to hold Freeholder meetings at the scheduled times and locations, rather than changing the times, dates and locations at Lou Magazzu’s whim.

In a recent letter to the editor, Freeholder Joe Pepitone urged the people of Cumberland County to attend freeholder meetings.  I am in full support of his idea unfortunately; it is difficult to know when those meetings are.  They are supposed to be on the second and Fourth Thursday of the month yet the meeting schedules have changed not only dates but the times and locations as well.

Freeholder candidate Tom Sheppard and I were planning to attend a recent meeting but when we arrived along with some other citizens, we were informed that the meeting dates, time and location had been changed.  Pretty difficult to attend a meeting when you don’t know what the time, date and location is.  I now call the administrators office to find out when and if those meetings are taking place.

For example, there was only one meeting in August, yet three are scheduled for September. When I questioned a Freeholder why these changes occurred, his response was it was done to accommodate the schedules of the Freeholders.  What about the citizens of the county?   Part of the ethics reform for Cumberland County that myself, Freeholder candidates Tom Sheppard and Rick Tonetta released last week, the Freeholder agenda needs to be available on their website well in advance of the meeting so that any citizen of the county can at least see what it is but that has not happened either.  We also asked that the budget be available as well which is not available.  At least fourteen counties in New Jersey have their budgets available on their websites.

When we were able to finally find out the date, time and location, the meetings are usually spent on the Freeholders congratulating each other on past “accomplishments” not the pressing problems that presently pervade our county like the debacle of our $12 million courthouse that is draped with “diapers” to mask the waste and unresolved problem that still exists there.

I certainly do encourage the citizens of Cumberland to attend these meetings just to see how your money is being misspent.  When I was in business with my brother , we disagreed constantly but we resurrected and ran a successful business together for 35 years. Our motto was that, “If two partners always agree then one isn’t needed.”   What does that tell  you about a Freeholder board of seven that has voted without a single dissenting vote for all but two resolutions since January – and one of those was to adjourn?

Sam Fiocchi

Republican Freeholder Candidate


One Response to Sam Fiocchi calls for Freeholders to accomodate citizens

  1. SalarySam says:

    With the County’s website you think they would be able to at least keep the public informed with up to date information on the date, time and place of a meeting. While Fiocchi & Sheppard are running for office and will eventually track down the meeting, how about the regular citizens who had enough interest to try to go? Will they ever go back? Probably not.

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