Time’s Up!

Louis Magazzu Lied. Lou lied to the press. Lou lied to the taxpayers. It appears that Lou Magazzu cannot tell the truth even if his political career depends upon it.

August 1, 2009, we reported the discrepancies about Lou’s NACo trips. Lou wads campaigning for the position of 2nd Vice President on taxpayer money. He claimed that he paid all expenses, and promised the news media and the taxpayers that he would be forthcoming with the details of his trip in 30 days.

“Even though there is no legal responsibility to report the amounts, I will within the next 30 days report all expenditures and contributions related to the NACo campaign,” Magazzu said. “I’m still waiting for some outstanding bills.

It is September 1, and it is evident that Louis has no intention of coming forth with any report relating to his expenditures and contributions.

Lou campaigned last year, and the county picked up all expenses apparently. Lou has been silent about last years campaign, hoping the taxpayers will forget. As he rants almost daily in this forum demanding political retribution in the form of an unwarranted “investigation” into the CCIA despite no evidence of wrongdoing, we feel that the state attorney general needs to immediately commence with an investigation regarding Lou’s record keeping.

There is solid evidence indicating that Lou has used taxpayer money to campaign for personal gain, and the possibility that he has used county workers to assist in his campaign.

This issue is not going to go away until the local media addresses it properly, and holds Lou accountable to his word. He promised on many occasions to be forthcoming “in 30 days”. Lou, or should I say tryagain, you time is up. We demand that you keep your word. We demand an accounting of our tax dollars.


6 Responses to Time’s Up!

  1. Democrat from Millville says:

    Not at all surprised. Mr. Magazzu is know for his lies.

  2. WaterLou says:

    Lou Lie????? No! You have got to be kidding. He would NEVER lie, would he?

  3. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Doesn’t the county have a prosecutor’s office, complete with investigators? Is there something that keeps them from looking into possible wrong doing by elected county officials?

  4. vineland voter says:

    where’s tryagain / lous response? PAC or no PAC? prove to me you didn’t waste my tax dollars on your personal quest to be SOMEBODY?

  5. WaterLou says:

    Lou will NEVER disclose where his money comes from – to do so could place him in deep trouble – Ethically. But then again, he has NO ethics.

  6. Byelou says:

    You need to go back to previous years when Lou stayed in luxury suites at hotels away from the NACO convention. He should have reimbursed the taxpayers for those trips by now, and I will bet my last dollar that he didn’t. If you are going to do an investigation, do it. He rented a suite at the March ’09 NACO convention in DC. Who paid for that?

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