Interesting article on Lou’s buddy Al Kelly

This was in today’s Ben column. It is interesting, because Lou Magazzu wastes no energy in discovering new ways to funnel tax money to Tri-County. in 30 years, Tri-County has done nothing to fight the root cause of poverty, only increased its take of the government cake, with huge amounts of that cake going to Al Kelly’s salary, and the salaries of other personnel.  Just consider this: if Tri-County ever succeeded in its supposed mission to eliminate poverty, Al Kelly would be out of a job.

“Congratulations to Mr. Ross on his masterfully written letter to the editor regarding spray paint and graffiti.

“I wish him luck in his pursuits to rectify the proposed ordinance.

“Bridgeton is in a Catch-22 situation.

“They do not want the released prisoners, prisoners families, illegal aliens, gangs, and drug dealers/users.

“BUT, a very big BUT, where are all the services located for the social havoc this population brings to the county?


“Sen. Menendez promised the Atlantic County farmers a strong supply of farm laborers.

“To do this, he must know there is housing, child care and transportation for them.

“If you go to Hammonton, you will see the laborers lined up to get on a bus to return to Bridgeton at the end of the day.

“Bridgeton is where the free child care, free medical care, and cheap housing are.

“Menendez gets the grants and money to Bridgeton via the Tri-County Bank; oops, I mean Community Action Partnership.

“Many of these workers are legal, hard-working folks, and bless their souls for the task they do to put food on our tables.

“Others are trouble.

The violence, poverty, homelessness and sickness brought on by incarceration, gangs and drugs seek a government program to solve their problems.

“Off to Tri-County they go.

“There are some people that truly have come upon a hard time, use the services and move on.

“Then, again, there are the parasites sucking at the teat of Tri-County like a starving newborn.

“Graffiti is not keeping businesses and people away from Bridgeton.

“I cannot recall any town in New Jersey, even north, even Avalon, that does not have graffiti.

“Punishing Mr. Ross will not solve Bridgeton’s problems.

“I don’t know how someone who runs the largest Community Action Partnership in New Jersey could honestly run for mayor of Bridgeton.

“He had 30 years to eradicate poverty.

“Look at the level of social services in any Distressed City in New Jersey, and you will see a plethora of umbilical cords for people to latch on to.

“For most, there is no cutting of the cord.

“Even if the cords are cut, a new group grabs on quickly.

“Imagine what would happen in Bridgeton if, tomorrow, every lifetime freebie vanished.

“The best government plan ever written was the Welfare Reform by President Clinton.

“Five years and you’re out.

“I saw families of three and four generations of welfare change.

“They got jobs with benefits and went to work every day.

“Teenagers told me they did not want babies because the money isn’t there anymore forever.

“Imagine what the teen pregnancy rate would be if that change had not occurred.

“This all leads me to a question:

“Has Bridgeton ever had a female mayor?

“Maybe it is time. Time for the alpha woman.

– Nina Labrusciano-Tomasello

It’s true.

If you want to attract poverty, load up on social services.

And this county is loaded with social services.

More come every year.

One Response to Interesting article on Lou’s buddy Al Kelly

  1. gorgon says:

    Maybe Al Kelly is the candy man.

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