Jane Jannarone proves she doesn’t get it

The News will run this insipid letter from Jane Jannarone in the Saturday edition. We have to wonder if Lou wrote it for her.

To the Editor:

As a Republican candidate for public office, Sam Fiocchi should know that the time and place of ALL public meetings of ALL government boards and committees, including meetings for the Cumberland County Board of Freeholders, must be BY LAW advertised 48-hours in advance.

In Cumberland County, these notices are posted in three daily newspapers. That notice, required by the state Open Public Meetings Act, has been part of the public meeting process for decades.

During the past year, the time or place of the 24 or 25 freeholder meetings scheduled at the beginning of each year has changed less than five or six times.

Mr. Fiocchi, who is running for county freeholder with a former municipal solicitor and a current municipal committeeman, seems not to understand about the state’s Open Public Meetings Act.

Frankly, I find it rather troubling that Mr. Fiocchi and his Republican running mates are trying to make well-advertised changes to the time or place of a small fraction of county freeholder board meetings a major issue in this election.

Economic security, educational opportunities and government integrity are issues that the residents of this county deserve to be the centerpiece of the campaign for county freeholder.

The fact that a few county freeholder meetings are rescheduled each year is a non-issue that points to a lack of ideas or vision for the county’s future.

Jane Jannarone

First of all, one would have to be looking for the notice in the local newspapers several days prior to a Freeholder meeting to find the notice, which is usually buried and in fine print. Why not use the $40,000 web site to keep the citizens updated of the many date and location changes? Do you keep several days worth of old newspapers laying around your house? I don’t know about Jane, but I throw my old papers out after reading them.

Second, why are the Freeholders so inconsiderate of other people’s schedules that they believe they have the right to constantly change the date and times of the board meetings? They were elected to serve the people, something that Jannarone has forgotten and Lou Magazzu never believed in the first place.

The Millville City Commission has meetings twice monthly. The commissioners, businessmen and people with jobs somehow manage to arrange their schedule without arbitrarily changing meetings dates and locations, which would cause confusion for people that look at their calendar and know the commission meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday, EVERY MONTH, unless a holiday or election day is cause to move the date and time, at which time the change is announced at the prior commission meeting.

This minor consideration appears to be too much for Lou and Jane to offer their public.


5 Responses to Jane Jannarone proves she doesn’t get it

  1. I wander how Jane has time to write a letter?When she ran for Freeholder all she talked about was getting people to volunteer she knew how to get it done, did it ever happen.

  2. AMUSED says:

    Small fraction? Are you kidding Ms. Jannorone? Ummm 24 to 25 meetings,only 5 to 6 had to be changed (no doubt to accomodate Mr. Magazzu’s failed NACO schedule). That’s about 25% isn’t it? I challenge you to show any other municipality in this county that has ever come close to this percentage of meeting changes. This is absurd and so unfair to those of us who may want to attend these meetings. You were elected to serve the citizens of this county, not vice versa. If you truly believe this is O.K., then maybe you should reconsider your ability as a Freeholder!

  3. tryagain says:

    Good letter Jane. Maybe Fiocchi and Co. should start to do some READING! You would think between a businessman, elected public official Sheppard, and former City Solicitor Tonetta they could have figured this out by themselves. Guess not?

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Maybe if the current Freeholders can’t find time in their busy schedules for County business, it’s time to elect people who can.


  5. The print version of the News titled the letter “Republican candidates cannot come up with real issues?”

    Misleading at best. Both Republican and Independent candidates HAVE come up with the real issue, one of ethics and lies.

    Ms. Jannarone, why don’t you address that? Oh, that’s right. The whole purpose of your letter is to take attention off of Lou’s lie to release data “in thirty days”. The whole purpose is to avoid admitting that he lied about the time frame, that he lied about having a PAC, that he apparently diverted a lot of money from the Democratic campaign to his personal account for a personal campaign.

    If you want to save your political career, now is the time to distance yourself from Lou’s brand of corrupt politics. I see many legal issues in his future.

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