NACo-gate, Day 3

This on this morning:

Day 3 of Magazzu’s broken promise

Hopefully Magazzu has no problems with his short-term memory

Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Robert “Bob” Greco is eagerly awaiting Freeholder-Director Lou Magazzu’s release of all expenditures and contributions related to Magazzu’s failed candidacy for second vice president of NACo.

“Here we go again with Lou Magazzu twisting and bending the truth to meet his needs,” Republican Chairman Bob Greco said. “This morning I opened my Bridgeton News to find Magazzu claiming he made his promise to come clean on expenditures and contributions related to
his NACo trip on August 5th.”

“Maybe Magazzu has a long-term memory problem and simply forgot he made the 30 day promise to the Vineland Daily Journal
on August 1, 2009,” Greco stated. “Fortunately for Magazzu we’ve been paying attention so I’ll help him keep things straight.”

“Hopefully Magazzu doesn’t have any problems with his short-term memory because I am looking forward to his release of all the information today,” Greco said.

Bob, don’t hold your breath. Lou has proven unable to tell the truth throughout this campaign. He lied about having a PAC. Of course, Lou cannot come out and admit that he lied. Lou calls a “lie” an “unfortunate choice of words”. Lou’s description reeks of 1984 style Newspeak.

Lou also lied on the date. He was well aware of the real date, and had absolutely no intention of divulging the details or accounting of his NACo campaigns. The information he does provide, if he finally realizes that he has to be forthcoming for political expediency, will fall far short of a true accounting of his failed campaigning paid for by the taxpayers of Cumberland County.


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